It is one of the questions we receive most frequently: Which is the best to invest?

This is the first question that always arises when you want to start trading with financial instruments and invest. In order to give you a hand, we have decided to make a list of brokers that we consider to be very good.

After having analyzed hundreds and hundreds of financial companies, we saw which ones have gained ground in 2022 and we have made a brief review of each one. They are companies that in our opinion are a very good alternative and we explain in detail why we decided on each company.

Top Rated Brokers (2022):

To reach such a conclusion we have taken into account several characteristics, but punctually we look at prices, accessibility and security. All of them are simple and easy to understand platforms, and in case of complications, they have good online support available at all times.

Keep in mind that we have separated the brokers depending on where you are, that is, depending on whether you are in Latin America or Europe. Without further ado, take a look at the brokers mentioned below:

  1. Broker of the month: the safest (Latin America) ➜ 🏅 BDSwiss
  2. El cheapest broker (Latin America) ➜ 🏅 Invest Markets
  3. European broker: less commissions, better support and oldest (Europe and Latin America) ➜ 🏅 ActivTrades

1. BDSwiss (for Latin American traders)

BDSwiss website
Website of BDSwiss

BDSwiss is currently one of the most requested brokers to operate with Forex, Cryptos and CFDs by users in Latin America thanks to the good image it has left in recent years. Its low spreads and wide variety of instruments are some of the features that have made it very accessible to the general public.

It is recommended for those looking for good prices, liquidity and of course, security.

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With only positive reviews on the internet and an excellent image, BDSwiss It has earned a place among the safest brokers since, apart from the regulations and supervision to which it is subject, a good reputation is also a sign that it is dealing with a company that ensures the safety of its clients. BDSwiss is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

An interesting fact,BDSwiss helps new users by giving them a bonus of up to $500 to use on their first trades!! When you open your account, ask for your bonus.

In addition to this, BDSwiss has a support that is always available to help you solve all the doubts that arise along the way. Open your account with BDSwiss .

2.InvestMarkets (for Latin American traders)

Investmarkets website
InvestMarkets website

Invest Markets is currently one of the most prominent brokers in Latin America. It is a very popular broker and is considered the most accessible thanks to the availability of multiple accounts with great benefits, all of them.

It has been the winner of numerous awards for good performance and for the educational services it offers, Invest Markets is committed to educating the user by providing courses, webinars and available downloadable material.

It has earned the trust of new investors as it is a good option for those looking for a balance between security and accessibility. InvestMarkets enters the top of the safest brokers and is also a broker regulated by the IFSC.

In addition to this, they offer new clients possible bonuses with the opening of an account (ask for yours).

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For the rest, if you choose this broker you will be part of different promotional programs and various gifts that the company will have for you. Open your account with InvestMarkets.

3.ActivTrades (for traders from Europe and Latin America)

ActivTrades website
ActivTrades website

ActivTrades is an online broker regulated by the FCA and based in the United Kingdom. If we first focus on the security of the broker, it is worth noting that the FCA is currently considered one of the safest regulators in the world, so, at the security level, this broker gets a 10/10.

Another great point in favor of the broker: was founded in 2001, it is a broker with more than 20 years of experience.

If we now turn to focus on the financial products that the broker offers, let me tell you that it is one of the most complete brokers on the market; Forex (currency pairs), commodities, over 450 stock CFDs and 24 ETFs.

In addition to all the positive features mentioned, the ActivTrades broker offers excellent support and customer service, we have opened an account to check it out for ourselves and they have responded in an efficient and excellent manner. know the website.

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At the moment these are the brokers that, in our opinion, have stood out this year for their excellent level. It is clear that there are many brokers in the market, as important as they are and each one has its pros and cons, however on this occasion our intention was to classify them by accessibility (prices and minimum deposits) and by security.

To explore more brokers and possibilities, here you can also find our 🏆 Ranking of Best Brokers 🏆.

And you, have you had experiences with any of these brokers? Do you have any doubt? Leave us a comment in this section with your problems or doubts and we will gladly answer you as soon as possible!

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