How to recover scammed money

Here we will explain how you can recover money from a fraudulent broker or investment company. We work with companies dedicated and specialized in chargebacks or chargebacks.

The chargeback or chargeback is a process through which you can claim your money, through a dispute, and for this you must prove to the bank, card issuer, payment processor or any entity through which you sent your money that you were scammed.

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If the chargeback is successful, the money sent can be recovered.

In our experience, it is best to carry out the chargeback with a professional company dedicated to carrying out this process, We invite you to carry out the chargeback with Mychargeback, a leading company in the sector, which has great professionals who will guide you and help you in the process of recovering money.

What steps to follow to recover money from a scam

We will explain (in summary) how to recover the money step by step:

1) Gather evidence to prove to your bank or payment institution that you have been scammed, that you want your money and the company does not want to return it to you - that you have been tricked into sending your money to the company. This evidence is what will prove that you were scammed, so it is very important.

With the help of the capital recovery service (SEE HERE), you will be able to carry out the chargeback with the support of experts in money recovery.

2) The next step is to start your chargeback or money recovery process.

3) Once you start it, the money you have sent will be blocked o frozen, while the bank or card issuer, or the means by which you have sent your money, decides what to do with it. It is in this part where it will be verified that YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED, OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT RECOVER YOUR MONEY.

4) If you manage to convince the bank or card issuer that you have been scammed, they will return your money, if you do not succeed, unfortunately they will not return your money.

How do I recover money from a broker?

This is where we will start our chargeback or money recovery.We must dispute our money with the bank or card issuer, depending on how we sent the capital. If we start the money dispute correctly, the money will be blocked.

We must understand that we must prove to the bank or card issuer that we have been scammed and that the investment company or broker to which we sent the money has deceived us. If it cannot be verified, we will not be able to recover the money.

If we prove that we were deceived by the company or broker, the money will be returned to us, if we cannot prove it, for whatever reason, unfortunately we will not be able to recover our capital

AnyDesk or TeamViewer: remote access programs, frequently used by brokers or SCAM investment companies.

Remote access programs such as AnyDesk and TeamViewer: They have become popular among companies that are dedicated to fraud: with these programs you give access to your computer and any sensitive information you may have there:


⮞ How to recover money from an unregulated broker

To start the recovery process, we have to gather as much evidence that we have truly been deceived. Messages, chats, everything we can gather that proves that we sent the money under false pretences, or that the broker did not keep his word. All of this will be used in our dispute to get our money back.

Then we must prove that we were scammed, that they lied to us and that we sent the money having being deceived and/or that the broker company did not comply with what was agreed. Consider that, at this point, in the eyes of the payment institution, it is you against the broker or scamming company.

The funds will be frozen until we prove to the “eyes” of the bank or card issuer or payment processor (depending on how we sent our money) that we were scammed. If we succeed, they will return our funds to us.

In the case of brokers without regulation, the recovery procedure becomes more complicated. Keep in mind that these brokers do not follow any law, they are not under the supervision of any financial authority and they will usually do everything in their power not to return your money. The money you get back is money lost for them.

Cryptocurrency scams
Cryptocurrencies: their popularity, (at times) great profitability, and anonymity have made them one of the favourite means of payment for companies dedicated to online fraud.

⮞ How to recover money from a regulated broker

In the case of regulated brokers, we must distinguish, is it regulation from a country like Spain or Chile or Colombia, or is it regulation from a country like Vanuatu or the British Virgin Islands or Mauritius?

If the regulation is from a tax haven, it becomes more complicated, although it is still a better situation than with a broker that does not have any regulation. The first thing we must do is look for the regulation or license number, the name of the regulated or licensed company, and all the information that the regulator provides about the broker.

After this, the process is just like the process of a chargeback with an unregulated broker: prove that we were scammed, the funds will be frozen, show that we were really scammed and get our money back.

Here we have described the process in a very summarized and simple way. We work with Mychargeback we believe they are one of the best capital recovery companies – chargebacks.

It is a company that has been in the sector for many years and with very professional people, dedicated to recovering money for years. Here you can try their services.

You should know that if you decide to chargeback on your own, without help, you may not get your money backand generally you will not be able to attempt a chargeback more than once. For this reason, we recommend doing it with professionals like Mychargeback, you will greatly increase your chances of your chargeback being successful.

Normally these types of scam companies will pressure you over the phone to deposit money, they will call you many times. Do not deposit money under pressure!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is Chargeback?

It is the process by which you can recover the money lost to a broker or investment company that has defrauded you. It usually starts with a claim to the bank, card issuer or entity through which you sent your money to the broker or the scammer company.

What's the regulation of a broker?

It is one of the most important features at the security level: the regulation of a broker will determine if it is a broker that must follow a series of rules and guidelines that protect its clients, or if it is a broker that does not follow any type of rule or law and usually abuses their clients.

What is an unregulated broker?

In the case of unregulated brokers, there is no financial authority that controls or monitors them. Therefore, if the broker decides to defraud their clients and keep their money, they can easily do so. With this type of broker, you find yourself (and your money) totally unprotected.

How to know if a broker is regulated in Mexico?

You can verify this on the broker's website. If you cannot find it, contact the broker and ask for their regulation number, tell them that it is to verify that it is a real regulation. Then check it yourself on the official website of the Mexican regulator, the CNBV (National Banking and Securities Commission)

What is a scam broker or boiler room?

It is a broker or investment company dedicated to defrauding its clients. They have regulation or authorization to do business or carry out operations. It is an illegal company.

What does "pirate broker" mean?

A broker dedicated to stealing from their clients is called a pirate broker, usually encouraging their clients to invest as much money as possible through lies such as promises of high returns and/or safe profits.

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