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¿It is the really reliable YFX Capital broker? Is it safe for you to invest your money with this company? In this section we will analyze the broker and its reputation as such on the internet.

We invite anyone who has experience with this company, to leave a comment with their experience and to give the broker a score.

YFXCapital broker is a Forex and CFD broker and is owned by TW capital LTD. The broker is based in the Marshall Islands. When analyzing the broker's website, we noticed that it is not regulated, it is an unregulated broker.


YFX Capital website
YFX Capital website

Now we will go on to analyze the different types of broker account, in this case, 3: the Silver Account, the Gold Account, and the Platinum Account.

We will start with the Silver Account: the minimum initial deposit is $ 2.500, fixed spread from 1 pip and variable from 5, maximum leverage of 1: 400, minimum operation in lots of 0,1 lot.


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It is followed by the Gold Account: the minimum initial deposit is $ 10.000, fixed spread from 0,7 pips and variable from 0,5, it is possible to trade Forex, CFDs, commodities and indices.

The last type of account is the Platinum Account: the minimum initial deposit is $ 25.000, fixed spread from 0,4 pips and variable from 0,5, it is possible to trade with all instruments: Forex, indices, CFDs and commodities.
The platform for trading is the popular MetaTrader 4.

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Now, yes, we will go on to analyze the different resources and aids that the broker provides to traders on its website: the broker, in this case, provides resources such as an explanation of different instruments to operate, an explanation of technical analysis and fundamental analysis ( although both explanations are in English), an economic calendar that at the time of writing the review does not work and a section with educational videos that does not work either.


YFXCapital broker features



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Additional information about the company


Phone number: 34935504852 (Spain), 442080684238 (UK)

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.yfxcapital.com/en/

Clarification: YFX Capital works in different countries, so the information provided may not apply to your country, this review is directed to Latin America and / or Spain.
* Bonuses or promotions: None by the moment

YFXCapital valuation


Caution: unregulated broker

Caution, scam broker

With the information we have so far, the comments and reviews of users and traders, our opinion is negativeDue to the information that the broker provides on its website, it does not mention its regulation anywhere, we believe that it is an unregulated broker. We have also found mostly negative comments on the internet. 

Actualización: We recently noticed that the CNMV (Spanish regulatory body) issued a warning against YFX Capital, for providing services in Spain without authorization.

Warning from the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission)
Warning from the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission)

Do you know this broker? Do you think our opinion is not correct? Have you operated with him? Leave a comment with your experience.


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98 comments on «YFXCapital - yfxcapital.com»

  1. Andres Garcia Reply

    Thanks friends for the information, thanks to you and mychargeback I recovered a large part of the investment. It was the only solution I found after so long.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Andres, what a fantastic news! We appreciate that you have told us, we know that sometimes people have doubts but we know that many times it is achieved. Our recommendation is that if you intend to invest again, first check the name of the broker on our website or you can also ask us and we will be happy to help you.

      We recommend all those affected to try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT that we have on the web or in the following link: Get your money back, we are on your side

      Before making another investment decision, check out this link: https://zuverlassigerforexbroker.com/beste-Makler-2021/


  2. They're thieves Reply

    Hello I was also scammed and Y FXCapital, they were calling me from the UK England. A few chantas and at first they called me all the time. When I asked to close my account and have my assets reimbursed, they asked me for a credit card to make the deposit. I gave them the prepayment, which is the same one for which I turned their deposits. The one who called me told me that that one did not work. I never passed the credit card. They never refunded me a single penny. The names on the emails say Bianca Gil and another is Chris Dickson. I am enclosing what is in the email.
    Generating server: MW2NAM12HT119.mail.protection.outlook.com
    Receiving server: MW2NAM12HT119.eop-nam12.prod.protection.outlook.com
    [email protected]
    5/22/2020 10:16:56 PM - Server at MW2NAM12HT119.eop-nam12.prod.protection.outlook.com returned '550 5.4.312 Message expired, DNS query failed (ServerFailure)'
    5/22/2020 10:06:43 PM - Server at yfxcapital.com ( returned '450 4.4.312 DNS query failed [Message = ServerFailure] [LastAttemptedServerName = yfxcapital.com] [MW2NAM12FT068.eop-nam12. prod.protection.outlook.com] (ServerFailure) '

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello They Are Thieves, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the YFXCapital broker. What you say sounds very, very bad, and above all, it speaks very badly of YFXCapital.

      Do you have any other information about the broker (such as phone numbers)?

      a greeting

  3. Manuel Antonio Solís Escalante Reply



    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Manuel, well we have already witnessed cases of people who offer to get your money back and end up scamming again, such as the case of Back Capital Do you have this company's website or any other information?

      A greeting.

    • Carlos R Reply

      Hello Manuel, could you inform me if you contacted that law firm, I am also interested in having a lawyer help me recover the money I invested in VFX Capital, as of today I have not been able to contact them, after they called me every day .

      I would appreciate all the help you can give me.

      • santiago Reply

        Hi Carlos, there are law firms that are serious and can help you, in my case, I have sought help and so far we are making progress

        • Scammed Reply

          Good afternoon
          I would like if it is possible for you to give us information about that law firm that you mention, in my case I was scammed by Obsbit, although I suspect that they could be the same people who are behind Lionsbit and YFXCapital. Thanks a lot

    • Redhead Reply

      Please don't trust whoever says they will help you get your money back, they are scams too!

      • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

        Hello "Redhead", if you were scammed in this way, please give us more details.


    • santiago Reply

      Hello Manuel, my name is Santiago, also like you I was scammed by those bastards, but seek help and so far we are close to them, we have located their location and my lawyers are proceeding to be able to track them. you have to be persistent, at some point they will fall

      • Nicolas Reply

        Hi Im Nicolas. I was also scammed by the capital yfx. Where do they come from?


    I have more than a week that they have communicated with me, I have invested a large amount, with the promise that bonuses and withdrawals will return, the last one reazalizado has been credited to my account it takes more than 15 days, I am desperate because I owe the bank part of the invested I do not have the resources to face it or to pay the expenses of a lawyer for a lawsuit

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Adriana, thank you very much for sharing your experience with YFXCAPITAL with us… It is really a shame what you mention… Recovering the money with this type of companies (not regulated) is very difficult since knowing the real location, or who is behind it really is very difficult, as you will see you are not the only person who has been deceived.


        Thanks for the answer, can you advise me

        • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

          Hello Adriana, it is difficult, usually we would tell you to report them to the financial regulatory body of your country, but YFXCapital has already been reported ... Try to contact others affected to see what they are doing. This is why we always recommend working with regulated brokers.

          A greeting.

    • santiago Reply

      hi adrianna

      Like you, I was scammed by these people, but they are taking my case and we are approaching them, you have to report them

  5. HDP Reply

    Dear, I regret to tell you that you have already lost your money, but you have to face them these scoundrels are carrying out the same scam from another number. ! They are the same
    +44 20 3868 5663 and 034911793118

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello "HDP" thank you very much for sharing your experience with YFXCapital with us.

      A greeting.

  6. Bernard Reply

    Good afternoon or morning to all those affected by YFXcapital.

    Being one of them, I want to communicate my intention to sue you legally. Now, since the office that can take charge of the litigation entails expenses that I alone and today, I cannot afford, I make a call from here, to all, to make a class action lawsuit.

    The more we are, the stronger we will be.

    The law firm is Martínez Echevarria

    I am Spanish I live in Granada and my email is [email protected]

    • jjosep Reply

      I too have been scammed. I want to sue them, but they are from Lionsbit, who seem to be the same phonies. I want to inform myself to report and sue

      my email [email protected]

  7. greivin Reply

    How can you report these people if one is from another country in my case Costa Rica ???

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Greivin, answering your question, we recommend that you read this article Bolsacr .com / investors / entities-of-the-financial-system-of-costa-rica

    • santiago Reply

      hi greivin

      You can report them or seek help, so that you can as those who have been affected by these cursed, in the end we are following the track

  8. BBB Reply

    They are scammers. I gave an income for the first time of 250euros, and after endless calls by these individuals, they managed through a guy who calls himself a broker, (who is nothing more than a bible seller, without any academic training and with cool tints) and whose name is Williams González (at least that's how he introduced me) sell me an investment, in which I transferred 4100 euros more and where he would put 5000 euros as a capital contribution. At this point, everything became muddy and full of contradictions. He tells me that I have a profit of 6.680 euros, when I ask him to reimburse the supposed benefit he begins to ask me to be patient and that the income will already appear in my account reflected. Days and weeks go by and the income from the benefits still does not appear in my account. So, I decide to send them an email asking them to close the account and return the capital, plus, the supposed benefits, the answer was a call from this Williams González !! ASKING ME 5000EUROS MORE, to which I refused and he decided to cut the call. I have an email from them that you may find useful: Chris Dickson[email protected] and a phone number: +442038685663

    How is it possible that chiringuitos of this nature continue to campaign for their respect without any body being able to get their hands on them?

    Is there someone who is familiar with these matters, to take action against you?

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello BBB, it is really a shame what you mention, we are talking about a large amount of money, as you will see we have rated YFX Capital in a negative way ... As for the beach bars, they have everything set up so that it is very difficult to reach them, or at least it seems so, it's a shame.

      Greetings and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    • greivin Reply

      Hello, we are in a very similar case, this Willian and I am attended by a woman who calls herself Ana Maria Mars, she is also on the capital vfx platform

  9. veralice mancia Reply

    Hello, I am a new victim of yfxcapital and the most painful thing for me is that I believed all the lies that they left me. I am a pencionista due to illness and I have free time and I thought that with that imberion I could get some money to make ends meet and I asked for a credit to the bank of 3000 eur which I am paying without obtaining any profit, they have been cheating me for 6 months and I could never make a withdrawal, on the contrary, my last broker deceived me to take away the money that I had for my expenses for the month and left me with nothing and now on the platform I only have 66 euros left, I'm desperate, I don't know what to do, they innovate my emails and they don't call me, I just have to report them to the police, see what happens

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Veralice, it is a pity to see that the list of those affected by YFX Capital continues to grow, thank you very much for sharing your experience, you will surely help prevent possible dupes, greetings.

      • greivin Reply

        Before they were yfxcapital, now they are with another platform called there I was attended by a certain willian gonzales VFX CAPITAL and another called jessy and ana maria

    • Bernard Reply

      Good afternoon or morning to all those affected by YFXcapital.

      Being one of them, I want to communicate my intention to sue you legally. Now, since the office that can take charge of the litigation entails expenses that I alone and today, I cannot afford, I make a call from here, to all, to make a class action lawsuit.

      The more we are, the stronger we will be.

      The law firm is Martínez Echevarria

      I am Spanish I live in Granada and my email is [email protected]

    • santiago Reply

      hello veralice

      You have to report them and seek help, I too was scammed and sought him out

  10. anonymous Reply

    Hello to all those who, like me, have been scammed, my case is identical to yours since these people have that modus operandis, but I reported them to the Civil Guard and they told me that there will be a trial but of course I don't know when that will be. From here I invite you to make a complaint to the police, because against more complaints there are more cases they will make to us.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello "anonymous" thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, greetings.

      • william porras Reply

        Hello, I am also a victim of these guys, think I can get my money back, it was 700 dollars.

        • santiago Reply

          hello Guillermo

          you just have to report them and seek help, you can do it, every day more complaints are accumulating against these crooks.

    • Bernard Reply

      Good afternoon or morning to all those affected by YFXcapital.

      Being one of them, I want to communicate my intention to sue you legally. Now, since the office that can take charge of the litigation entails expenses that I alone and today, I cannot afford, I make a call from here, to all, to make a class action lawsuit.

      The more we are, the stronger we will be.

      The law firm is Martínez Echevarria

      I am Spanish I live in Granada and my email is [email protected]

  11. RACHID Reply

    Hello everyone, I am surprised at the similarity of the situations that are discussed here, since most of us agree on that, what this indicates is that it is a subtle mode of operation, and that these "Brokers" or advisers are trained for this. Central America and so you can see that they have already spread here. Looking for naive terrain and people in need.
    They started calling me from London in April 2017 with an advisor who was very insistent up to five calls a day. I had my doubts but the insistence for three months was so great that I came to believe to register with $ 200.00; that at the time of doing so they ask you to add 50.00 more.
    I deposited those 250.00 on June 5 and after that the first person who called me stopped doing it (because they forbid it, she only gets the hook almost that makes you fall in love).
    And I assigned myself to the one who would be my Broker (Alan Biccini) or (Bichini), he began to insist that the amount I had would not generate profits and that I should have at least $ 1800.00 if I wanted to see good profits. As I did not agree to this, he was upset and told me that I would always be an employed slave, that I would not emerge and that I would never have a nice big house with many cars like he has, after this I asked by e-mail that the first advisor call me and they gave her the message, she called me and I told her about the experience with her partner to which she said “that he intends for the clients to improve themselves” and that she would excuse him…
    In short, I have not had a profit with that investment and more than eight advisers have called me who say my account is assigned to them, telling me that I have profits there. But I must invest more than the amount I started with has generated 400.00 - 800.00 - 900.00 and up to 1200.00 and that my account is frozen and without movement until I deposit more.
    When I ask who I believe in the different amounts that they mention that I have won, they do not know how to answer, and how and when I have those funds, they do not clarify. The last one they put me told me that when I was in front of a computer, he would send me $ 200.00.
    But to validate my account I gave him my card details and I gave it to him the same as when I made the deposit. (This time I did it because my card has no funds).
    He told me it was to confirm if the plastic was mine, (bone); After this he asked me for my online banking username and password, and I immediately closed the call, he called me again and I told him that I could not give him that information, apparently something I tried to do with my card because then he told me to call my bank and asked for the (Security Code) of my card that in addition to the three digits on the back was asking for the system.
    He called me yesterday and he asked me if I already had them and I told him that the bank recommended that I never give them (in fact I am not going to ask the bank for that, I have not consulted or will not consult that).
    Today he called me and I did not answer him, I appreciate all your comments and well I also feel that I will not recover my investment and I will give it up for loss, I hope that if someone sees this and is on time they will be free to fall into this situation.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Rachid, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, hopefully that way some people do not fall for YFX Capital, and of course they are in Central America, we also know affected in different parts of South America and Spain.

      A greeting.

      • anonymous Reply

        Hello, we are in a very similar case, this Willian and I am attended by a woman who calls herself Ana Maria Mars, she is also on the capital vfx platform

    • Javier Rios Reply

      I was also scammed with U $ 200, luckily it was not enough, and I spent a long time without being contacted, until today a lady named Cristina contacted me and that I had a total of U $ 2400 in my account plus the U $ 200 with which I started, I mean $ U2600, I lost my username a long time ago and when I accessed my account with the help of Cristina with AnyDesk, I realized that they closed my account, this Cristina told me that to recover it I had to open my bank page and that there I would receive a message from the bank indicating that YFX Capital would pay me the money through the bank, also through this validation they would enable my account, I opened my bank's page but before I closed AnyDesk for my safety, she realized of this and he told me that I was doing it wrong, in the end he told me that later he would call me when I had no problems with my bank page, I think I was waiting to access to get money, I no longer trust them, THEY ARE SCAMMERS!

      • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

        Hello Javier, WOW what you mention is incredible, we do not recommend these applications since you are giving them full access to your computer, less entering your bank account with this program, NEVER, CAUTION. Do you have data such as names or emails of company advisers with whom you had contact?

        If you have more information about the company or about your experience, we ask you to share it.


  12. AMM Reply

    At first they call you almost every weekday and they are very cordial, but when you want to withdraw the money you earned or deposited, it is impossible and they never call you again. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT AND THE ADVICE IS AWFUL.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello AMM, thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us, do you remember how you came to find YFX Capital?

      A greeting.

  13. Even Reply

    elconfidencial .com / companies / 2017-05-01 / scam-brokers-market-foreign-forex-yfx-capital_1375401 /

    Stay away from this Broker please, (SEE THIS LINK ABOVE)

    and if someone knows how to withdraw their money, tell me how,

    The same employer calls you for B / .200.00 (from Spain) Then one from London calls you asking for B /. 1000.00 or B /. 3000.00 as I did not agree they have not called me anymore. and for more than a week I have been withdrawing my B /. 200.00 and nothing.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello "Aunonimo", thank you very much for sharing these links with interesting information, we recommend reading to expand on YFX Capital, a greeting.

    • Even Reply

      and please see this Other Link,

      elpais .com/economia/2017/07/10/actualidad/1499683642_877428.html

  14. Daniel Reply

    Be careful that the scammer YFX Capital has now changed its name to XFX Capital to continue scamming, they have not even changed their website, they are the same, copy and paste ... very strong!

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hi Daniel, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, can you tell us the XFX Capital website that you mention? We couldn't find it. And if you can also expand your experience a bit, it would be very helpful. A greeting.

  15. George S. Reply

    It all started when a person called me on my cell phone, saying that he had gotten my number from a list of people interested in investing in the stock market (a situation that I doubt how they really have achieved it), day after day my contact with " The Stock Market ”would call me and tell me about investments in Bitcoin and how they had risen, sweetening the ears of a potential buyer in need. The day came when he asked what day and what time he was in front of a computer, to which I told him the day and he called me (after verifying my way of doing transactions online, with the classic question: “Have you made purchases before on the internet? How? ”) That day (a couple of days ago), he connected through Team Viewer with my computer (with my authorization), and gave me a guided tour through the investment platforms and others (www .investing.com) and others, however after a somewhat long explanation, he directs me to his website Broker (yfxcapital.com) and after a little tour of the website, apparently he uses templates from a page builder websites, and invited me to make my 1st deposit of $ 200 and they doubled it. Thank God he did not have money on the card at that time, the transaction was declined and he told me that he would call me in a couple of days (situation which I hope will happen tomorrow). Then I started to check the website (yfxcapital.com) to which they only told me their name when I had a visa in hand, due to the poor quality of the website's structure. Which is registered in ICANN under "domainsbyproxy.com" an ultra-secure site for identity protection of the people who administer web pages. They do not have any social network, or mobile application (as it says on their website) they all have a redirect to the same website. Completely illegitimate and used to trick people little by little, until reaching incredible numbers. I hope no one continues to happen and people know about this situation before being "duped" so to speak. Regards.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Jorge, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, and we believe that your observations are very accurate. Do you remember how you came to find YFX Capital?

      a greeting

      • George S. Reply

        Thanks for the question, one day they contacted me by phone and told me that they had received a report that I posted my information on a site in relation to investing in the stock market. (Situation that never occurred). These portals are very useful for this type of situation, thanks for that!

        • Reliable forex broker Reply

          Very good Jorge, thank you very much for sharing this information with us, greetings.

  16. Hhhh Reply


    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello “HHHH”, thank you very much for sharing your comments with us, is it possible for you to expand your experience with YFX a bit? a greeting

      • Carmen Reply

        Hello, can someone give me a phone number because they have changed their number and they don't show their face. Please I need to talk to them, my number is 617773709

        • Reliable forex broker Reply

          Hello Carmen, thank you for writing to us, have you already tried to contact them through the “official” number, the one they publish on their website? It's this: 34 935 504 852

          a greeting

        • Hyginius Reply

          Here I share one of which they called me today (55) 1168 9651

  17. Andis Reply

    They called me to make a deposit of 200 dollars and they gave me a 100% bonus, but it seemed very strange that the advisor connected through TeamViewer and took me to where the deposit was made and gave me my card number and the Other information including the verification number and the 3 digits behind the card, he did not give me confidence and I told him that I was going to investigate its regulation and read some comments from users who were already using his platform; The truth is that I do not know if it is a scam or not, but after reading the previous comments, this Broker no longer inspires me at all.

    Many Thanks

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Andis, thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us. The TeamViewer thing is incredible, we had never heard of it, can we know how you came to find YFX Capital? a greeting

    • George S. Reply

      The exact same thing happened to me, without any joke.

  18. Antonio Manuel Vera Ruiz Reply

    I signed up on their website and then they contacted me so I said I wanted to make withdrawals whenever I wanted and they told me if I wanted so I won't use the bonus they give! And I did it! Even though the profit is not much because I only invested 400 avaces I withdraw something! I've been with them for 2 months and I see everything normal so far!

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Antonio, thank you very much for sharing your experience with YFXCapital with us, best regards.

    • jennifer Reply

      Antonio I would like to contact you, I also enter the yfxcapital platform and I have a little nervous I want to ask you some questions

      • santiago Reply

        Hi Jennifer

        I see that you need advice, we have had a bad experience, you must be careful

    • anonymous Reply

      Ami at the beginning I managed to get $ 700 reimbursed but I told them that to know that they were safe I had to receive profits, because if that money did not reach my account, for me it was not safe but they thought that I was going to deposit them $ 30000, they gave me those but when they realized that I would never give them that money they got mad at me

  19. quetzal Reply

    Hello everyone, this is very simple, for those who continue to invest with these EMBAUCATORS, first everything will be fine, and you will earn capital in the investment platform, but this is so that you have more confidence in them, you will not really be winning Nothing, once they see that they can't get another penny out of you, or that you want to withdraw, THE EXCUSES WILL BEGIN.


    a greeting

    (I change my name for security reasons)

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello "quetzalito" we are very sorry to read about your experience with YFXCapital, thank you very much for sharing it with us, greetings.

  20. eduardo Reply

    Well, my initial investment was 250 and so far I have recovered a little investment every week, it seems to me that it is not bad

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Eduardo, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, greetings.

  21. kikhkjh Reply

    Can someone call forex that is, if you call, will they answer?
    please answer me that it will be a great help for me

  22. joel cost Reply

    Well, I really can't say that my experience with yfxcapital has been bad since I started with 500us and so far I am getting very good profits in the past I had a bad experience with 53opcion but not everything in life is winning, sometimes you have to lose to win luck and thank you I hope this can be of help to some

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Joel, thank you very much for your comments, greetings.

    • kikhkjh Reply

      Please if you can talk to them tell them to call me my number is +34631321334

    • Mamadou Reply

      Good afternoon ma'am, please can you contact me because I invested 200 dollars but I don't know how I can get some profit
      I almost want to withdraw my normally invested money my sponsor has not taught me very well
      My whatssap is 0034671119052

  23. arismendy of the orb Reply

    Hello, I only invested 250 and they asked me to deposit more and I told them that I wanted to make a withdrawal of fifty to validate the transactions and they could not solve me ... .. they are scammers ..

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Arismendy, thank you very much for sharing your experience with YFX Capital with us, greetings.

      • Carmen Reply

        Hello to me they also made me invest with so much verbiage when I realized I had already invested, they told me to give them the credit card number to solve an investment that I had made on another platform and when I realized it I had lived a thousand euros and from then on it has been hell because I want to withdraw earnings and they have not been able to communicate with them for almost three weeks, the music always comes out, please I need them to contact me, tell them to call me

        • Reliable forex broker Reply

          Hello Carmen, it is a shame to read about your situation with YFX Capital, we recommend that you insist on trying to communicate with them. Do you remember how I came to find YFX Capital?

          a greeting

          • carmen

            Well, I can't get in touch with it for some days since I told Carlos that I wanted to withdraw money and the first thing they told me was that I had to have positive operations, but whether I have them or not, I don't even know They put in contact with me, nor I can contact them because the music is always on and the auction this afternoon comes out a locution that says to contact me later, it sounds like a scam to me.

          • Reliable forex broker

            Sure, you will request a withdrawal and the contact begins to cut, curious, right?

  24. Santiago Moreno Reply

    there are many people who lose on the subject of investments and once they go to a blog ah to defame the platform, however those who win say nothing! I have won more than I have lost and I would never publish it! Let's accept when we lose and we are not around talking about scam like that out of spite

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Santiago, thank you very much for sharing your comments about YFX Capital with us, greetings.

  25. Julio Reply

    Hello, they told me about YFX CAPITAL, the truth is, I do not know how they got my phone number. I understand that they are not registered to carry out operations by the CNMV, of Spain, a situation that I comment on, however they told me that they are by the NFA of the The United Kingdom, in fact, they showed me the regulations that they did have and that they are up to date to operate, they even showed me the means of payment and some companies like OXXO to deposit them if I decided to invest with them. They also told me that they could help me from a fraud I had with TITAN TRADE, where they scammed me $ 20,000, according to them, they can investigate the financial entity for which they operated and that they could recover part of the lost investment. As a condition they told me that in case of recovering said amount that they would keep 50% of said recovered amount, according to them reinvesting them in my account and that to carry out the entire process I would have to be registered with YFX CAPITAL with a minimum amount of investment of $ 200 dollars. How reliable is this platform? Is it possible that the CNMV has a bulletin warning the public not to invest because it is not authorized and on the other hand if it is by the NFA of the United Kingdom? What comments can you make about it? I would appreciate it if you would comment on this situation, which I find particularly suspicious and risky. Thanks a lot

    • Santiago Moreno Reply

      but brother then if they work with oxxo as oxxo would lend itself to such a thing as you say! What would oxxo earn with 200 dollars of yours?

      • Julio Reply

        It is not that OXXO lends itself to participate in any fraud with them, if you read correctly, it is only a means of payment to deposit them, that is, if you do not do it with credit or debit cards you can use this means of payment. It is provided only as a service payment, Oxxo would only charge a small commission as when you pay for other services by this means such as payment for electricity, water, telephone services, etc.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Julio, thank you very much for sharing your experience with this broker with us, because the truth is that what they have offered you with TitanTrade sounds very, very strange to us, if the CNMV has it classified as a financial bar, it is not positive, and on the UK NFA, we assume you mean the FCA, which is the regulator, and we have looked for YFXCapital, and TW capital LTD (which owns YFX Capital), but we have not found either company in the database ... weirder still.

    • Gener Reply

      Good, I saw your comment about yfx capital, in your comment you indicate that that company offered to recover $ 20000 dollars that you had already lost and that they would leave 50% of the amount to work, in exchange they asked you for a $ 200 deposit!, Me The question is? Did you deposit the $ 200 dollars, and they helped you! Or didn't you? I'm asking you this, because they contacted me and told me that they could recover a lost account, but they made it easy for me, they told me that the They recovered without the need for a deposit, but it turns out that when it comes time to manage to help them, they come out asking me for card information and asking for a deposit of $ 200 dollars, I ask them why they told me that I had to make deposits, and I They responded that it is to register in the system and be able to carry out the recovery of the account!, you could do something!, or they did not help you!, are they reliable or not?, I would like to know an answer, thank you

      • carmen Reply

        The same thing happened to me that happened to you and I still have a solution

  26. Luis Martinez Reply

    I have 2 months waiting for them to solve my case to return the 11 thousand dollars that I already had in the account; however they no longer give me reason, the advisor no longer responds to my messages. I think I have been scammed !!

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Luis, we are very sorry that you have to go through this, and thank you very much for sharing your experience with YFX Capital with us, greetings.

  27. men em Reply

    it's scam, proven, they won't let you withdraw a penny from your accounts, BEWARE

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Men Em, thank you very much for sharing your opinion on YFX Capital, it will surely help other traders who are looking for information about this company, greetings.

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