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Doesn't your broker pick up the phone anymore? Doesn't answer your messages? Did it leave your account in the red? Did your advisor carry out operations in the market without your consent?

Hello to all our readers! Well, in this section we will focus on complaints and reports to brokers, be it a forex broker, CFDs, binary options or whatever.

The investment world is full of companies that pretend to be a trustworthy and high-level company, but that really is the opposite of this, it is a fraudulent company that only seeks to scam people and take all the money possible in the least possible time. We know that this, unfortunately, happens every day, so we have created this same section, with open comments, so you can report or comment on the problems you have with your broker, and / or investment company.

It does not matter if it has happened to you months or weeks ago, equally, sharing your experience with us is extremely helpful.

We give you some tips if you plan to share your experience with us:

  • Always remember to name the website and company name
  • Explain the situation in as much detail as possible
  • If you remember, mention how you came to find this company
  • Tell us when it all happened
  • It is fine to use a nickname or pseudonym when leaving your comment, it is not necessary that you use a real name, but it is necessary that the email you use does exist, in case we want to contact you later for any reason (remember that your email will not be seen by anyone but us, and we will never share it with anyone). If you don't want to use your email either, you can create one very easily on web pages like Gmail or Yahoo!


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Remember, sharing your experience will help many people. Understand that you are not the only one affected, imagine if you had read an experience mentioning that such a broker is not trusted and you would have saved all your money, would it have been very good right? Well, that is precisely the purpose for you to leave your comment, to prevent people who have been contacted by this company, who are thinking of investing.

Remember that for any other questions or problems you have, you can always contact us through our contact section, and also remember that in our Opinion list, you can find a list with all the reviews of companies that we have made to date.


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64 comments on “Report to my broker”

  1. Hello. My name is Berta and I was scammed by the go4rex broker. Some time ago they called me to invest with them and I did it and they managed to take $ 250.00 from me and now I don't know how to get it back. Thanks

    1. Hello Berta, try to reverse the payment of the bank or card so that they return it to you, GO4REX is a SCAM.


  2. Hello, I am talking about Meinfxpro, I have been scammed 1250 Euros, the person I was talking to is called Camila Rossi, the company is located in London, I suppose it will be false, like everything there is, they promise you a lot of money without you having to lift a finger, and then they ask you for more and more, they even asked me for up to 10.000 euros, and since I didn't give it to them (it's not like I had them either) then they delete the page to make withdrawals and they abandon you until you lose everything and of course how to hire a lawyer is more expensive because you have to let it run ,,, meinfxpro and zaaria holding MT4 Terminal that are the same, they are one swindler thieves and they work with Lithuanian banks to make it more complicated , and that's it, I hope I have helped future investors ...

  3. Beware of UrusTrade scammers. They make you earn small amounts at the beginning, then they offer you to earn a lot in managed operations, in exchange for a loan, after you deposit a larger amount, the big losses come, they change your analyst, they offer you the gold and the moro, that you give them An opportunity, they make you win a couple of times and then another big loss comes, but they swear that they can save your account if they give you a loan and then pay it back, it's a downward spiral, they don't stop until they leave you broke. Analysts Herculano Ruiz and Iker Valdez are a pair of vile cheats disguised as traders. Their names must be false. If they call you from that company from London hang up, do not waste your time, or your money with these criminals. The whole organization is a sham.

    1. Hi Mario, this broker called UrusTrade is a SCAM, many clients have reported UrusTrade for fraudulent activities, it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker (or with very low quality regulation) and that does not return the money to its customers.
      Do not be fooled, they just want you to send money whatever it is and they will keep it, they are SCAMMERS. Do not answer them, do not sign anything or send them your documentation.
      ALL positive comments from this broker are FALSEThey are made by their own workers to confuse investors.
      We recommend all those affected to try recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from chat that we have on the web or in the following link:

      A greeting.

  4. Good morning, I have been working with broker Naga ( for a long time. He has always had trouble with graphics. Technical things that could be real mistakes.
    But more and more they seem more deliberate than anything else: tics do not appear between according to what hours (with open markets) or suddenly an instrument with a value of 0 appears, when it obviously does not have that value.
    Certain instruments stop working for days.
    Specifically today, the DAX on this platform has not worked since 8:16, preventing me from closing operations despite the fact that its value has been rising. Today the DAX has reached 11650 points but on the platform it is still stagnant at 11558.3. I have contacted by chat and they do not respond. I called and the answering machine jumps.
    I imagine that there is little to do but I search online and this broker always gets a good rating, which I do not understand.

    1. Hi Rreina, we are already working on a review for that will be prepared soon. But at first glance I would tell you to be alert, it is very little transparent, I have seen several negative comments about them.

      a greeting

  5. Gentlemen, I want to report so that no one else falls down and whoever knows to open a legal process please inform me. At the moment I have an advisor from tradeprincipal .com / home.php telling me that I must deposit 11.7% of my capital in order to withdraw it. that my money is but that they need more to be able to withdraw. I want you to know that this broker is a scam and that someone who can help or knows where they can help me I would like to recover part or something of my capital. $ 2588 I invested. I thank in advance those who can help and take great care when choosing a broker.

    1. Hello Pedro, thank you very much for all this information, to tell you that we are working on a review about this broker that will be ready soon.

      a greeting

  6. Good evening to my tb the same thing happened to me on MT4 an advisor contacted me to start trading with 500 dollars then he told me if I wanted to invest more and he convinced me that after getting the 5000 dollars and having my profits I could withdraw a little from me money because it turns out that it was not so I processed my money and began to stop closing my operations I told him I close them because he already has a profit and he said no then he made an operation and his swap charged me a commission of 4430 dollars for a purchase of oil where I won only 360 dollars I told him that the commission charged me higher than the profit and after 3 minutes he made an operation and I said that everything was in loss and he could not return anything

  7. Hi. Good day! Yesterday I made a deposit to the Brokerz company; the phone number is +1 (786) 427-4489, the amount is $ 1.366.
    A “financial advisor” spoke to me, in theory he called me on Monday, he wanted to know if there is a way to report this operation through the bank, I made the transfer through the bank's application.
    I am in Peru.
    I hope your help!
    Thank you very much!

  8. I saw the Glad2Trade ad on Facebook and asked for information, they are “supposed brokers”. They called me some time ago indicating that to enter I had to invest $ 250, I said no. After a while they called me saying that there was a promotion and that due to the pandemic I could enter with $ 50, so the idea tempted me. I accepted and made the deposit, they push you to pay by credit card, because of mistrust I did not accept and in the end they accepted a transfer.
    After a couple of weeks they began to tell me that I should deposit more money, that the capital was very little and that I had to increase it, so I told them to give me my money back and that I no longer wanted to participate. Then magically 30,000 more dollars appeared in my account, what a miracle. They called me and told me that I was asking for a refund, that they were going to give me back 11000 but that my money continued to grow and to wait until the month of the month to be able to withdraw it, which would surely grow to 25 thousand a month.
    Two days before the end of the month they told me that I already had more than 16 thousand, but that I had to pay a 10% tax to an entity in England, I told them to deduct from the amount, they told me no, that I had to pay it to release the capital.
    They insisted that I pay 10% otherwise all my money would go to the account of the government of England ...

    1. Hello Ximena, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the Glad2Trade broker. What you say sounds very, very bad, and above all, it speaks very badly of the Glad2Trad broker. Really the bank of England and taxes don't make sense, be very careful.

      a greeting

  9. I have deposited 250 dollars in 2 markets and I have an emergency, in my work we have many infected, I need to get out of here but I do not have money, I requested the withdrawal of my money to mobilize and they do not contact each other at all. Now I know that many people have been scammed by this company, be very careful to invest in regulated operators.

  10. Hello everyone. I invested € 250 three months ago there was no problem when I started this week. They called me and let me ask questions and I have seen that my capital was actually going up, but by one euro every day. So I was trying to do how I wanted to leave so they start selling more, and I was right. When I did that and when I return I always saw that they made me earn € 50. My capital went up to € 409 so I decided to leave. When I started the withdrawal they called me and told me why did I want to leave? And I answered that I had another company that sells more, they replied that a withdrawal could not be made now that we had to wait for May 10 and this day we were on April 27. After 3 days I went back into my account to see the changes and I see that they have made me lose more than € 115 and on top that was one day after the call on April 28. I'm going to tell him something big, so you know that I'm going to report it after the confinement and I'll post this comment everywhere I can.

    1. Hello Boris, if your experience refers to Grandefex, we recommend you to help other investors and for visibility reasons that you leave it in the section on Grandefex.

      a greeting

    2. I am scammed by First Financial Banc, but I am in contact with another person who was scammed by Grandefex and his case is already in court. It doesn't matter what their names are. With the € 250 you earn in all operations, they convince you to invest more (transfers through payment gateways so that everything is more opaque). When you want to withdraw they disappear, they have already left you open operations so that in 1 week you have lost everything.

  11. I initially invested € 1000 euros in Maximus Trade, they contacted me on Facebook, after 20 to 30 days they told me that my account had to go up to another level and that for that we had to enter into a negotiation of a purchase of 90 barrels of Black gold (oil), either for the purchase or sale, from this supposed investment I was going to obtain 30% of the investment, but I had to make an investment of € 5000 euros, which the practipay entity was going to lend, I told him no since I did not have the resources to pay that debt, and the term they gave me to pay was 5 days, the advisor agreed to me since he had said that by that time he knew that I was not going to be able to pay But he was looking for a way to help me to extend the time, after he convinced me, he had surgery and a profit of 30% was obtained but now the platform has me blocked and will not let me withdraw a peso until I pay the € 5000 credit euros, and they are entertaining me that if I do not pay in time it is They will refer me to the legal department and there it will be much worse for me, since I would have to pay interest on the loan and legal expenses, and they will report me internationally. The truth is I don't know if this is entirely true. I need if someone has made a deal with Maximus Trade tell me if, having paid that credit, they managed to make a withdrawal of their profits. Thanks a lot

  12. Be very careful with a supposed BROKER called MAXIMUS TRADE. They call you many times and different people and brainwash you into investing in their broker. They are scammers. I lost 40 eu and they had almost convinced me to invest 1000 eu with them. Don't fall into the scam trap.

    1. Good day friend, I am with this Maximus Trade platform but they are asking me to consign € 5000 euros that they lent me that if I do not pay they will refer me to the legal department and there according to them it will be much worse, how true is it That and if it is true that this supposed credit exists? What do you advise me to do about it? I'm afraid that it will suddenly have legal consequences. Thank you

      1. Hello again John, we recommend you go through this section on Maximus Trade and leave your experience there. Being asked for money to withdraw is a very bad sign, especially from an unregulated broker.

        a greeting

  13. Hi good afternoon,

    Are you aware of Financika trade? I saw too many negative comments after my partner deposited 400 usd, he told them that he did not want to sign the contract they sent and they told him that without signing it they could not return the money because it was money laundering, and apart from where the beneficiary is signed, it They made it sign it blank again because it had been put on, this smells like a scam, or it is normal that first they persuade you to invest and then they send you a contract, which does not favor you at all, and on top of that they make you sign the sheet of the blank beneficiary ?, please your help if you know of cases of scam of this broker, and what could I do in this case, thank you very much.

  14. I wish to report, to the broker (PROFIT BUSINESS), Page (, with whatsapp number (+1 705-482-1589) of Canada, since investing the minimum amount of $ 250, the next day of the investment, they called me daily just to get more money, the investment of $ 250 is put to earn according to capture one and encourage him to put more money, when I try to get my money and profits, ZAZ, they disappeared, they took me out of the Whatsapp list, they do not answer me, and the emails do not respond, in other words, they are SCAMMERS

  15. The broker mbroker .trade, be careful it is a SCAM. I had the terrible idea of ​​investing with them and I have never been able to get my money, there it is trapped without being able to get it, moreover, nobody answers the emails, and those that appear on the page do not exist. they are scammers ..

  16. Hello, I want to make visible, they contacted me on Instagram, the manager says his name is larry, I signed up for his platform and invested $ 300us, I saw how the profits grew in my account in quotes, it is supposed that on the 7th day I could withdraw the funds but now they ask a maintenance for # 970us I told him that they will discount it from the profit but they do not admit it according to the changes in the company. The truth is I am not going to make any deposit since this smells like a scam they say that if I do not pay I cannot make the withdrawal. I will leave you the Instagram profile and hopefully you can do something so that you do not continue to cheat. instagram .com / tithoswalson? igshid = 1efoduf8g2s9i

  17. Good afternoon my name is Nilo, I have been working with I think his real name is "Maxi Services Ltd". First they assigned me a business advisor who recommended that I open a position for sale
    To which I told him that I should put a stop loss because in order not to lose too much he told me not to put it because many kisses the market opens against but ends up agreeing with the open position in the end he made me lose about 170 dollars more or less I will close the position and I told him that I want to get the money that I had left because his advice was bad, to which he told me that it is fine
    however he sent me a form to sign which was in English but when I translated it it said in one of its paragraphs
    All of this caught my attention, since the following paragraph said "THE CLIENT UNDERSTANDS THE RISKS OF OPERATING IN THE FINANCIAL MARKETS"
    at no point did he say anything about withdrawing my money so I did not sign the agreement
    someone advise me please
    by the way it seems strange to me that no one has complained about this company which is certainly a scam

  18. Hello, look at my case is the following.
    I have traded with Plus500 since 2017 more or less, always looking at another broker in demo mode to follow up.
    A week ago I left open a Call XX.X oil purchase position for the weekend. My not pleasant surprise was that on Sunday afternoon that position closed with significant losses for me. When I look at the price of oil, I did not see great variation in it so that my position would close.
    That same thing led to another position that I had in Forex being closed.
    On 13/09/2019 he opened a purchase position for the Call 58 | Nov | Oil option, the price of oil was around 54,70 dollars.
    Today Sunday 15/09/2019 I see that the price of oil rose to 60,5 dollars, which obviously should generate a good profit on the position, but to my surprise ... it has not been like that.
    My position is in the same condition as it was on Friday when the market closed, and it has not changed.
    The strange thing is that a Put operation 53,50 | Nov | Oil, in the graph and the value it is clearly seen that the price of the option changed as the price of oil changed.
    I already made the claim to the broker by chat regarding the closing of the position that he made me in the past although the price of oil had not varied considerably to close the position.
    To which they have not yet given me an answer to the claim that I made, and today I find this other reality. Which makes me suppose that this whole issue is not transparent.
    I don't want to talk about fraud or scam yet ... but everything indicates that it is ...
    I would appreciate if someone can guide me or give me some information to make a claim about it.
    I'm from Uruguay.
    From already thank you very much.

  19. Hello, I want to report an ombre broker KontoFX (kontofx .com /), I do not know how they have obtained my phone number, but they have convinced me to make an income to operate with cryptocurrencies, I made profits with my own operations and then when I made my first withdrawal attempt and I would not be able to withdraw everything because the amounts allowed will be multiples of 50, eg: 50, 100, 150 ...
    My withdrawal would be 280 but they will not allow me to withdraw everything, in addition, they will not allow me to withdraw anything, they will call me by phone asking about the withdrawal motive, they have not allowed me to withdraw and they will change my assistant, this one who in a week opened operations without me permission and broke my bank.

    KONTO FX are scammers, liars, deceivers and fraudulent.

    1. Hello J, for greater visibility of your message, we recommend you leave it in the section that specifically speaks about KontoFX.


  20. Good morning, I want to report FXGM (Depaho, Ltd). Once my first investment was made and it was lost entirely due to the advice of the advisor who forced me to operate a lot and with a lot of volume, not stop calling me every day with a cocky and arrogant tone so that I deposited more money, and seeing that I had lost a large sum I wrongly decided to re-invest to recoup the initial investment. Well, in this second attempt I realized that the decisions that the advisers led me to had the sole objective of losing again. So I decided to close all operations and withdraw my money. This is when they start giving me excuses, but in the end they tell me that in 72 hours you will enter it. 2 weeks have passed and there is no movement, they have not returned my money or answered the mail or the phone.
    Can someone advise me please? Claim at the CNMV or through the courts?

  21. Hi. Good morning I invested in a3trading last year but I realized that they manipulated the accounts. As I did not want to invest more but to return what I earned or the investment because they supposedly made me lose. But I not only want to tell you this but I have a concern. A month ago I contacted a man, he calls himself Lic. Jhoan Hernandez (Executive Agent of Secure Recover). Which told me that they would make a claim to this platform to recover the money, that if it came out in favor they charge 10% of what was recovered. they had to be given proof that I had invested there. On Friday, June 14, the lawyer sent me a form that is registered with the Secirities and Exchange Commission, giving in my favor an amount of money and where he asks that in order for the money to be reimbursed, I must first pay the 10% agreed by the lawyers. My question is Another form of scam? And how would I report if this is so?

    1. Hello Maria, do you have the web page of these supposed money collectors? If it could be another scam, how did you find this supposed lawyer? We would not pay any attorney that we do not see in person.


  22. Like others I invested in Capital 88, I hope one day these scammers will pay for what they steal. While I read an article about investments and others, I entered my data and they called me first, I paid 250.00 and then 1000 more, thank God I did not continue investing because they asked me that in less than a week I would recover. One nice morning I woke up and I didn't have a penny.

  23. I want to report PTbanc, I was contacted by them via Facebook, and they convinced me to start investing in the stock market with an initial capital of 250 dollars and so I continued investing until I reached a profit of 00, today it turns out that I requested withdrawal of My earnings and they have asked me for a series of exaggerated money and I began to send them but to date they have not sent anything, if I call them they answer me but they keep asking me for money to be able to send me my earnings, I don't know what to do?

    1. Hello Juan Pablo, thank you for sharing your experience with PTBanc, do you remember how you came to find them in the first place? We recommend you leave your experience in the section on PTBanc.

      If you have more information about the company or about your experience, we ask you to share it.


  24. The worst decision of my life ... they contacted me by email and said it was from FOREX, when I gave it a clip ... after a few minutes they contacted me and they were from Capital88, they congratulated me, they asked me for information, to fill out some forms, scan the card and everything That, then came the investment of US $ 250.00 for the membership. Later my name was Victor Antonio, I was the assigned advisor, and I fell into their networks, after 250, I started investing and he took me to the Capital88 page to make the movements and I saw how my money grew, he coaxed me to continue investing, I reached 5000.00, then he went on a trip, he left me with his assistant, who asked me to enter the page to make the movements, a few hours later I received alerts to flee investing so that the margin was not lost, I invested 1000.00 more because they asked me to do so and that by March 30 I could get my money back, I was going to be able to make use of my profit. End of the story, everything was zero because I no longer had more to invest. And from there forward, no one answers my emails, calls. I DO NOT know what to do, generate an unpayable debt with the bank. They scammed me, they stole my money. DO NOT get a single dollar back.

  25. Good afternoon, this time I want to denounce the company MARRET MANAGEMENT LIMITED (MarretInvest) since they are scam brokers, like everyone here we have been scammed with a good amount of dollars. Together with them I have carried out 35 operations in which profits have been obtained, but with well strategic ways of them to make you make capital increases telling you that you can make withdrawals immediately after the injection which in my case has not happened. I am faithfully sure that the brokers are scammers and I want to find a way to get my money back, and that they should be punished, someone can help me, they know some way.

    1. Hello Felher, we recommend you leave your experience in the section on Marret Invest, for greater visibility and to be able to interact with other people | Marret Invest clients.

      Greetings. L

  26. Hello

    18 months ago I invested an important amount for me with YFXCapital. I was generally informed about this world of Forex without specifically looking for them until one day I received a call from them. I invested my first 250.- Euros, which over time became an important sum for me. When I asked for the invested money to be returned to me, he asked me for a last transfer to pay some taxes. Of course it was of no use. I have had countless Brokers who have called me promising that they would help me free the money to give it back. For about 1-2 months I have been contacted again that the account has no movement and if there is no movement they cancel it. To which I replied that for months I have been trying to get my money back but that they ignore me. They have kept calling until this week they told me that they would send me a "plastic" card so that I could either buy in a store or directly withdraw a maximum of 1600.- in an ATM every 24/48 hours until I get all the money invested with your benefit. This all smacks of another way to get more money from me. I have received some "[email protected]"Emails that begin as follows:
    Dear User!
    You have an unpaid bill ac330 ………

    My question. What can you tell me about this "new" way of wanting to send me money.
    It smells like they have opened an account at and a card in my name anyway and want to charge me more money.

    Please tell me something as soon as possible since I am in contact with them these days. Thanks for your answer.


  28. Hello, my name is Wilson, I decided to invest with a Fxlatam broker when they are contacting him, they are very kind and gentle until when you deposit the money, they told me that they placed me a stockbroker on the first day, supposedly I had already earned 52 dollars the second day I deposited more money because the quarterly Apple company came out I refused and cogrucion they did not call me again they do not answer the messages they are rats

  29. Buenas tardes: hace un mes abri una cuenta con un broker llamado TRADOVEST .COM, ofrecia muy buenas condiciones y formacion que era lo que yo buscaba , pues soy nuevo en esto, me hiceron hacer un ingreso a traves de tarjeta de credito de 250€, en ese dia con la primera clase ya el mismo asesor me hizo ganar 25€, me dijo que me llamaria al dia siguente , en efecto puntual a la hora que yo le dije llamo, me comento que no podia seguir enseñandome porque mi cuenta era muy pequeña y me propuso ingresar 1000€, a lo cual accedi, en ese momento me propuso hacer una operacion en la cual gane 250€, y una segunda en la cual gane 180€, me dijo de llamar al dia siguiente para seguir con las clases, puntual volvio a llamar, me dijo que me podia dar informacion para en un solo movimiento doblar la cuenta, en efecto lo hizo y la doblo, este señor un genio me dije para mi, me propuso ingresar mas dinero para que la cuenta no se apalancara en exceso y no tuviera riesgo alguno, ingrese 7500€, y me dijo de hablar en unos dias , me dio su wassap y asi se comunicaria conmigo, me llamo por wassap a los dos dias me propuso abrir una operacion lo hice y gane 2500€ , la cuenta crecio me dijo que podia hacer crecer la cuenta al maximo pero que deberia de tener mas capital pues si no se expondria mucho el apalancamiento, ( hasta ese punto genial , amable educado y correcto, ) a los dias me llamo y me dijo que habia una operacion con una accion nueva que doblaria mi capital rapido, me convencio explicandome cosas de esa accion y me propuso crecer la cuenta le hice un ingreso de 10000€ compre las acciones delante de el y me dijo que prestara atencion en el dia siguiente, pero tambien me propuso comprar petroleo , no tenia ni idea de eso el me explico que ganaria dinero , en efecto en un momento 4000€ al dia siguiente las accines subieron y gane 8500€ me llamo y me dijo que si estaba contento con los resultados , yo asenti , me dijo que deberia de poner dinero en la cuenta porque venia un evento importante, ingrese 10000€, a los dos dias me llamo me propuso darle la contraseña de la cuenta pero no accedi el decia que era para el evento y para que yo me descuidara, pero segui negandome , me volvio a llamar para el evento, me dijo de abrir una operacion lo hice, y me dio a los pocos minutos la orden de cierre y la cuenta subio en 10300€ en esos momnetos habia un saldo de 46000€, se despidio y me dijo de llamarme la semana proxima, llamo como siempre puntual me dijo que me enviaria por skype la orden de abrir, hice justo lo que me dijo, me dijo que en dos horas me avisaria para cerrar que era posible doblar el capital, me fui a unos recados volvi me puse delante de la pantalla y mi sorpresa que la cuenta se quedo en 1500€, me dio un ataque de nervios le hable me dijo que iba a mirar no me volvio a hablar yo le llame no contesto, al rato me hablo por skype que no me preocupase que el repondria todo el dinero y hasta hoy me bloqueo el wassp el skype los tl no se los puede llamar , en fin ; CARLOS SANTOS ,de TRADOVEST.COM , compañia, celestial trading LTD con sede en Londres, unos ESTAFADORES, para que nadie caiga en esa trampa de ambicion como yo cai. It all happened in one month from September 14 to October 16, 2018.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi jama, it is a real shame what you mention about this broker, we signed up the name of the company to make a review as soon as possible and that you can leave your experience ...

      A greeting.

  30. Elena Olson, Irina Martin are scammers, they cheat, they make you enter capital and when they see that they are not going to get more they disappear, in addition Irina Martin threatened me and tried to trick me into getting more money by telling me that I owed them more than a thousand euros when the reality was that they they owe 450 to me.

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