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¿It is the Libertex broker (Forex Club) really reliable? Is it safe for you to invest your money with this company? In this section we will talk about this broker, its characteristics and information.

We invite anyone who has experience with this company, to leave a comment with their experience and to give the broker a score.

First of all, to avoid confusion, we clarify that Libertex is part of Forex Club, in case you have noticed the similarity in the logos. In some countries it operates as Forex Club, while in others as Libertex. As this website is focused on Spanish-speaking countries, we will focus on Libertex, which is what they use to target this type of market. Confusions can also exist since some time ago this broker was presented as Forex Club for Spanish-speaking countries as well.

Libertex website
Libertex website

Libertex is the platform of Indication Investments Ltd, and is part of the Forex Club group. Although on the Libertex website they mention that they have been actively working in the world of brokers since 1997, the Forex Club group began as such, in 2007. They are regulated by CYSEC (Regulatory body of Cyprus).

Clarification of the difference between and (note the difference in the domain, .com and .org) we explain it; the difference is that is a broker for Europe and is regulated by the CYSEC (Cyprus regulatory body) and is the Latin American broker and is “regulated” by the Financial Commission, and regulated in quotes because It is not really a regulation, but a mediation body between clients and brokers.

We will start by analyzing the account types that this broker offers. We notice that only offers one type of account, called Libertex Account. Some of the characteristics of this account are that it has MID prices to buy and sell, commissions that vary according to the market. Other characteristics of the Libertex Account is that they have a multiplier (maximum of 500), yes, it must be chosen before investing. Each instrument has a maximum possible multiplier, the maximum, as we mentioned before, is 500.


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It is possible to trade Forex, oil, gas, stocks, metals (yes, precious metals too), commodities and indices. Two more facts are, the minimum card deposit is € 10, and a minimum volume operation in the Libertex Account is also € 10.

Here we provide you with a PDF with the account type specifications, in case you want to go into more detail. PDF WITH DETAILS. This PDF was provided by one of Libertex's customer service operators.

claim money with mychargeback

Regarding the broker's website and the resources and help offered to the traderJust by entering we can see that it is basically a platform and offers us the price and quotation of shares, indices, currencies, metals, oil and gas, and commodities in real time. Although it also has a small section for market analysis and related news. Although the latter are in English, not in Spanish. But in general the resources are quite complete when compared with other broker websites.


Libertex broker features



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Additional information about the company


Phone number: +357 22 025 100

Email: [email protected]


Clarification: Note that Libertex works in different countries, so the information provided may not apply to your country.

* Bonuses or promotions: 1) Welcome bonus for deposits greater than or equal to € 100

Libertex valuation


With the information we have so far, the comments and reviews, evaluations and criticisms of users and traders, our opinion is that it is a reliable broker. Although we have read that some people talk about difficulties when wanting to withdraw money, our opinion of this broker is positive.

❗ March 2017 update: We have received many comments from clients with problems when making a withdrawal from their accounts, although we still consider it a reliable broker, we suggest to be careful with Libertex.

❗ August 2017 update: Due to repeated comments asking the difference between and (note the difference in the domain, .com and .org) we explained it; the difference is that is a European broker and is regulated by the CYSEC (Cyprus regulatory body) and is the Latin American broker and is “regulated” by the Financial Commission, and regulated in quotation marks because it is not it's really a regulation so for people in Latin America, it is a NON-REGULATED broker, caution. They are different companies but both are part of Forex Club. (Thanks to Gabriel for the information)

❗ August 2021 update: CYSEC, Cyprus financial regulator, his license was suspended in August, again for failing to comply with the regulations - protocols of the regulator. GREAT CARE.

🚫 Link to the warning 🚫 on the official CYSEC website.

❗ Attention: Libertex works with Christopher del Toro, a broker with a lousy reputation, with a lot of complaints and accused of committing a lot of scams.

Do you know this broker? Do you think our opinion is not correct? Have you operated with him? Leave a comment with your experience.


Are you part of Libertex? Are you a representative or worker of the company? Write to us here >> use this form << 


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  1. Eder Reply

    Well, I tried the chargeback services suggested here and it really worked out for me. He had taken 9.000 usd from my Libertex and I managed to recover almost all of them. Go ahead and give it a try

    • Reply

      Hello Eder, what fantastic news! We thank you for telling us, we know that sometimes people have doubts but we know that many times it is achieved. Our recommendation is that if you intend to invest again, first check the name on our website or if you want to ask us, we will be happy to help you.

      We recommend all those affected to try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT that we have on the web or in the following link: Get your money back, we are on your side

      Before making another investment decision, check out this link:


  2. Mauricio Gutierrez Reply

    If I have had a bad experience with Libertex, it is very difficult to withdraw funds by transfer and you are bombarded to operate and you end up losing your money.

    They are the worst thing I could have done. I lost 4500 usd here.

    I do not recommend putting your money here.

    • Reply

      Hello Mauricio, this broker called Libertex is a SCAM, many investors have denounced Libertex for fraudulent activities, it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker (or with low level regulation).
      We have received many messages from various clients expressing that THEY CANNOT WITHDRAW THEIR CAPITAL.
      ALL positive comments from this broker are FALSEThey are made by their own workers to confuse investors.
      We recommend all those affected to try recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT what we have on the web or in the following link:


  3. Alessandro Reply

    Hi. I have an account in libertex. On August 12 I asked for a refund of 5099 euros (they were 5100 but they keep 1 euro of commission). They did it. I continued trading with them and on 22/8 they entered my account without any permission and removed the 5099 euro refund made 10 days before. They emptied my account for no reason. I was trading and earning quite well for a month and a half, but suddenly, and I repeat without any authorization on my part, they entered my account and stole 5099 euros. The lady who talks to me doesn't find out about anything but she tells me that I can't talk to anyone else. In other words, outright robbery. My bank says that once they have the credit card details they can't do anything. The only thing I have left is to file a complaint with the police and wait for my bank insurance to give me back what Libertex stole from me. DISTRUST, THIEVES AND SCAMMERS.

    • Reply

      Hello Alessandro, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the Libertex broker. What you say sounds very, very bad, and above all, it speaks very badly of the Libertex broker.

      Do you have any other information about the broker (such as names of advisers, emails, phone numbers)?

      a greeting

  4. ceisc Reply

    I contacted them for an advertisement, then I spoke through WhatsApp, I told them that the Libertex platform worked, they sent me a link, which I entered and sent me to the platform where I entered it seemed strange since I opened directly to make the deposit, I closed it, then they tell me that I am not on the student list, that I create another account and make the deposit, so they monitor me, I did it, when I returned to the previous account, which I hardly get, I realize that I have no balance, I only had 2,50 but they were gone, now I don't know how to protect my smartphone to do quiet trading and I lost confidence in the Libertex why it seems to me that it is very easy to hack, now I don't know what to do and Libertex does not answer me

    • Reply

      Hello Ceisc, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the Libertex broker. What you say sounds very, very bad, and above all, it speaks very badly of Libertex.

      Do you have any other information about the broker (such as names of advisers, phone numbers, emails)?

      a greeting

  5. maldana Reply

    What I still do not understand is how Mexico or the cyber police allows this type of scam ??? And how do they block this type of fake companies that only reward some and that may even be paleros and you still ask how they do it ???
    And the worst thing is that I read and read their comments and still see that they continue to risk losing trying to believe scammers!
    Oh my God!!! Or for whoever you want, stop being silly and don't even download a pure scam app !!!

    • Reply

      Hello Maldana, make no mistake, we have only done a review on Libertex, but we are not part of Libertex. Regarding justice, it is apparently very difficult to reach unregulated brokers such as Libertex, this is why we recommend working only with regulated brokers.

      a greeting

  6. Felipe Reply

    Colleagues deceived by this company, it would be good to duplicate their experiences in the Play Store and Apple Store so that people find out and see if Libertex is responsible since there they respond, but blaming the users and do not return the stolen money . Libertex is such a shameless company that it positions its victims as irresponsible or liars. I urge the author of this forum to share all this information on the Libertex Facebook page and in the Download Stores. We must eliminate this type of scourge from Latin America at least, enough of robbing us!

    • Reply

      Hello Felipe, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the Libertex broker, in principle, how did you decide to invest with them? Maybe they called you or did you leave your information in an advertisement?

      Do you have any other information about the broker? Relevant data or information about your experience with them. A good idea is to report them to the financial regulators of each country where the clients affected by Libertex are from.

      a greeting

  7. Mireya Reply

    Hello from Colombia! Be careful with Libertex they are scam, especially Mr. Ruben Sanchez, if that Spanish calls them and offers them help, then they know that he is a great thief. I stole 300 dollars from me last year ...

    • Reply

      Hello Mireya, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the Libertex broker, in principle, how did you decide to invest with them? Maybe they called you or did you leave your information in an advertisement?

      Do you have any other information about the broker? Relevant data or information about your experience with them.

      a greeting

  8. Jesus Reply

    Hello! They called me from Libertex, but I already knew it was a scam and I told them. The girl who called me told me that they were not a scam that it was a European company regulated by CYSEC and the Financial Commission and offered me some training courses and deposit bonuses. But when I asked if they had margin call and how much was the Stop Out. The girl didn't know what I was talking about, she just laughed at my nerves and told me that she didn't have that information and then she sent me an email. I told him to study at least well what he sells before calling and offering financial advice, just as I already knew that they were thieves.

    • Reply

      Hello Jesus, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the Libertex broker, in principle, how did you decide to invest with them? Maybe they called you or did you leave your information in an advertisement?

      Do you have any other information about the broker? Relevant data or information about your experience with them.

      a greeting

  9. Cuauhtemo Reply

    Hello everyone from Mexico! I thought I was the only one who had problems with Libertex. Well my experience was 3 months, I saw a James advertisement and I opened an account in December of last year with a thousand dollars. They gave me a welcome bonus that I never received, my name is Andres, if I'm wrong, Nacimba or something like that, he seemed like a good person at the beginning, he was very kind and helped me with some things, for example I lost my first A thousand for not knowing how to use the application and well the guy told me to watch the tutorial videos and he told me that if I deposited more money I could get better signals and well I decided to throw another 500, I was lucky and won with the Mexican peso dollar and managed to win about 1200, I was happy because I recovered the 1000 that I lost at the beginning and won 200 more, so I wanted to withdraw my money in total 1700 and that is where the problems began. They always denied me the withdrawal, I sent them everything they asked for, my passport, statement of my bank account, photos of my card on both sides and a selfie with my card and passport. They told me I was fine and then they asked me the same thing again, until they stopped answering my messages, I decided to complain to Profeco and they told me that this company does not exist in Mexico and that they have received many complaints, but they cannot do anything . I started looking on the internet and I complained to the Financial Commission and they didn't even bother to help me, I have read in forums that this is not a regulator but an independent club created by the members themselves to create an image of trust. Well, there I decided to forget about the problem and accept that they robbed me, but a few months later by chance on a friend's Facebook I saw this guy Andres while my friend showed me his photos of his trip to Russia for the World Cup, it turns out that in one of the parties where my friend was the DJ of the Latin disco was Andres. I was shocked and it gave me a lot of courage since I felt very foolish, when I spoke with the guy he told me that he was an investment guru and had worked in the stock market, now I am more than sure that that guy has no financial education and I doubt much that you have knowledge of the bag. Libertex cradle of thieves!

    • Reply

      Hello Cuahtemoc, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the Libertex broker, in principle, how did you decide to invest with them? Maybe they called you or did you leave your information in an advertisement?

      Do you have any other information about the broker? Relevant data or information about your experience with them.

      a greeting

  10. Fernando Reply

    I had problems with this company a month ago. I made a deposit of 500 USD and they gave me a welcome bonus of another 500, but it turns out that it is not money but I had a very strange scheme where you had to operate with my deposited money and only then a part of the bonus was released, something as well as a return of all the commissions that he paid to operate in other words there is no bonus. That was what I understood, since as soon as I deposited I received a call from a certain Natalia Martinez who told me that she was my account advisor, because of her way of speaking I realized that she was Colombian. After operating I made a profit, but I could not withdraw my money or the profit or my invested capital, I had already sent all the documents and this girl had confirmed that everything was in order, I was waiting for weeks and then oh surprise there was a problem with Libertex server connection and it turns out that I no longer had money in the account. I contacted this girl who was very silly to speak since every time she did not know how to answer my answers she laughed and told me to wait for an answer to my email. However, they never contacted me again and I lost all my money, to date I don't know what happened to my money ... Libertex are thieves

    • Reply

      Hello Fernando, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the Libertex broker, in principle, how did you decide to invest with them? Maybe they called you or did you leave your information in an advertisement?

      Do you have any other information about the broker? Relevant data or information about your experience with them.

      a greeting

  11. Julian Reply

    Libertex is a fraudulent company, its real name is Forex Club, but they changed it due to the bad reputation they already had. The license they use for Latin America is from an island in the carible Saint Vincent and the grenadines. The CYSEC license is only used for European clients, otherwise they could not work in that region and they use it for Image advertising purposes, if it is true that it has an office in Cyprus, but registered under another name "Indication Invesments Ltd", they do so to avoid lawsuits in Europe. They spend millions in sponsorship with JAMES RODRIGUES, VALENCIA & GETAFE. And they pay to write good reviews of them, on YouTube you will find videos with Libertex complaints. But the reality is that they are a Broker Market Maker, that is, they earn the money that clients lose, that is why they use their own app, the customer service is disgusting and all because they hire people without experience and knowledge, most of them students who They pay a pittance and they always rotate them. Even your account managers do not have a stock certificate, just ask them technical questions such as how is the pip calculated in your app? They won't know how to answer them because most of them are rappi and glovo messengers who work remotely part-time with Libertex. The headquarters of this company is in Montenegro registered with the name RedCat, again to avoid lawsuits and the funny thing is that it is in a horse stable in the town of Podgorica !!! They do not have offices in Latin America and they are not even registered. They also offer fraudulent bonuses and signals to operate which for a period of time serve you until you put in more money and start losing. The withdrawal of money is very difficult to even impossible, they always have problems to return it and especially they do it so that the client continues to operate in their app until they lose all their money ... In other words, be very careful with these thieves, they can find more bad reviews about them in english.

    • Reply

      Hello Julian, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the Libertex broker, in principle, how did you decide to invest with them? Maybe they called you or did you leave your information in an advertisement?

      Do you have any other information about the broker? Relevant data or information about your experience with them.

      a greeting

  12. jose Reply

    do not approach libertex, I say this to all traders in Latin America, they work with misleading advertising. They promise you a bonus that they don't give you, the disbursements are all chaos. They seem like a serious company for putting JAMES RODRIGUEZ on their cover but they are another company of scammers, opportunists

    The worst broker I have ever operated with, they do not comply with the premise

    • Reply

      Hi José, thank you for sharing your experience with Libertex, do you remember how you came to find them in the first place? We are very sorry for your situation. Any information you have about your experience with the company would be helpful to us. Totally true what you say about James Rodríguez, not having a famous person working with them does not mean that they are a safe broker.


      • Alexander John Lincoln Salinas Reply


        • Reply

          Hi Alejandro, exactly, he only allows his image to be used, but apparently he doesn't care if it is used by a disreputable broker like Libertex.

  13. TOM Reply

    Libertex is a scam, be careful, they won't let you withdraw the funds, they are full-fledged thieves, I'm going to report them.

    • Reply

      Hi TOM, thank you for sharing your experience with Libertes, do you remember how you came across this company in the first place? Do you have data such as names or emails of company advisers with whom you had contact?

      If you have more information about the company or about your experience, we ask you to share it.


  14. Javier Reply

    Libertex is a real crap, they even ask for money to open a demo. Scammers I will never invest a cent in

    • Reply

      Hello Javier, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Libertex with us ...

      A greeting.

  15. Alan Reply

    Someone knows how to inform me how to close minha conta na, hair that I am reading they charge taxa per conta inative.

  16. Alan Reply

    Someone knows they told me how to cancel minha conta na Libertex, hair that is reading them they charge taxes for conta inative.

  17. Alan Reply

    Someone knows how to cancel conta na Libertex, hair that I saw charges tax by conta inative.

  18. Juan Reply

    The truth is that the app caught my attention, but since every profit has a lower cost, I did not put money. I read among you that some charged. The truth is, they are liars. Because it is an app with a platform to collect, it doesn't pay, I work in a bank. Tell me when I create the account for whoever asked for a cbu. Therefore go to collect the bank in the country where they deposited money to a ghost account based on air. And half the garbage here lies. Do not be idiots, as you think that through an app you are going to generate money. Travajen is safer.

    • Daniela Reply

      Before sending people to “work” (work is written), first go study, I don't understand how working in a bank you write so badly, by the way, before sending an answer to insult someone, at least check that everything is well written, greetings!

  19. Alexander Carvajal Reply

    Has anyone in Colombia been able to collect? I wanted to invest but I have heard many negative comments, if they have managed to collect in Colombia I would appreciate to know how, and if they did not manage to collect it is also important to know, I like their platform and interface but very bad vibes if they do not allow charging, thank you, I comment in January 2018

    • Andrew Reply

      They blocked my account, for not uploading the documents (I do not ensure that it works by uploading the documents since the options are always out of service), I tried to withdraw funds and they charge 17 dollars as a commission, for which I am only trying to unlock the account and don't waste money. The truth, based on the experience I had, I do not recommend it. Better look for other certified brokers

      • claudia Reply

        I had the same problem, on the 3rd day they blocked my account but I already sent the documents to see if they unblock it but I'm still waiting. It is worth mentioning that, I may not be an analyst or anything like that, but (in my case, Mexico) I opened the account with 10 dollars and after being there for a week I had already had a certain profit when they blocked my account. I have been 2 days since I sent the documents and I still do not know about them and the weekend is over. I also contacted the support and I still do not have an answer.

        • susu Reply

          It happened to me exactly the same until I sent them the bank's swift code, personalized bank card (with my full name) and everything was that with the passing of the days they reimbursed me the money that I had invested (obviously already converted to Mexican peso x my bank) but they kept the profits ... I kept looking and currently if you don't have much capital to invest I recommend teletrade or if you go for the minimum 500 dollars with the xtb ones; both brokers have excellent customer service

          • Rachelle

            How could you get your funds back, I'm new to this, I tried to experiment with libertex but I don't know what happened, they don't want to refund the money deposited.

    • Jhoanna Rendon Reply

      Alejandro, I have been operating with them for 1 year and I have never had problems with withdrawals by Skrill, I think the commission is less than the bank transfer, additional from Libertex to Skrill is instantaneous. When you receive it in Skrill you transfer it to your bank in Colombia and voila!

      Many successes,

      • Eduardo houses Reply

        Hello, my name is Eduardo, I am thinking of entering libertex, as I see you have no problems, could you explain a little more how the withdrawal and the skrill work.
        Thanks greetings from Peru.

        • Ross Orihuela Reply

          Please I would like to know if you got an answer

      • Aniledis Reply

        Hello me Jonathan, do you think you could help me with something, I am new to using libertex.

        • Jose Esteban Reply

          Eduardo Write me via Whatsapp to explain everything + 1849 330-6207-XNUMX

          • Maria Albenis Rojas Castillo, Jennifer Vasquez

            hello jose can you explain to me how to withdraw the funds i miss it more than once at different times and nothing
            my wsap 3213965583

      • jose Reply

        How can I do that? Could you explain me thanks, since I want to try to operate

      • diego Reply

        Jhoanna, is it just me or did you disable skrill payments?

      • Diego Reply

        Hi Jhoanna, I wish I could talk to you. IM from Cali. I am starting an account with Libertex and I have some doubts. You could help me with it. You find me in BF, under my full name: Diego Fernando Gómez Etayo. Or by Whastapp at 3146198610. Thank you very much.

        • Axel Reply

          Hello, good night, I would like to know about your experience, it is already 2020, and everything I have read is very unfortunate, the page to operate is very friendly, the demo account is doing excellent, I am about to receive money and this has generated a tremendous disappointment (all read), I would like to know at this point if yours ended in scam or not, Libertex is located in Chile and has a physical office and if I remember correctly it is regulated by the superintendency of banks and financial institutions and here to circumvent that It is not easy, with all this the only thing you see on the net is the concept of scam ... I would appreciate a prompt response.


            Hi Axel, this broker named Libertex is a SCAM, many investors have denounced Libertex for fraudulent activities, it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker (or with low level regulation).
            We have received many messages from various clients expressing that THEY CANNOT WITHDRAW THEIR CAPITAL.
            We recommend all those affected to try recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT what we have on the web or in the following link:

            A greeting.

      • Geovanny Reply

        Hello, jhon atan, can you help me, I'm geovanny and I want to learn thanks

      • Gabriel v. Reply

        I want to start operating with libertex but I have heard negative comments and you say that and you already have a year with them and you are doing well as you do to withdraw the money you get as a profit and if you know if it works in Venezuela

    • Oscar Reply

      How about Alejandro, did you receive any information or are you already on the platform? I am also interested in sending him

  20. sergio Reply

    Hello I have usd4000 dollars 1 week ago that does not let me withdraw the probe every day at different times with different browsers and on different computers, it is a crude strategy of scammers, I am going to end up getting a lawyer who is going to get me part of the money that Deposit not recommended in the least, do not join this unpresentable scam

    • David Reply

      Could you get it out? If you want I can help you get it out by neteller or skrill

  21. Neva hampel Reply

    Ok, thanks for writing it, good to know! I like to see the variety of comments on this.

  22. Uriel Reply

    Hello, I wanted to tell you about my positive experience regarding the collection with from Argentina. I wanted to withdraw funds a couple of weeks ago and never have. When I wanted to do it, I encountered a difficulty due to ignorance and not understanding what data I should enter in the "correspondent bank" request. It was then that while researching I came across their comments and I was very concerned that I could not withdraw my money. I contacted libertex by warsapp and they responded quickly. They told me that the details of the correspondent bank should give me my bank, I have an account in the French bbva. On the page of my bank I found the data I was looking for and "the correspondent bank account" which was my biggest doubt, it turns out that it is the cbu number of my savings bank at bbva.
    I was able to withdraw without problems and after a few days I had the money in my savings bank.
    An important fact is that the savings bank must be in dollars, I luckily had it.
    They charged me 17 dollars in libertex for this and another 23 that I am not sure if it was the bank, but in total it was 40 dollars what it cost me to get my money.
    This was two weeks ago.
    I hope my experience helps, greetings!

    • Rodrigo Reply

      Sorry for asking you this!
      But how many days does it take, since you asked for the withdrawal until it reached your savings account?
      Because I've been waiting for more than a week, and as the saying goes "he who waits despairs"
      From already thank you very much.

      • Anyelo Alexander Walteros Reply

        And how was it if they paid you?

    • Elena Cristina Gardi Reply

      Hello, I cannot say the same as Uriel, I am still trying to withdraw funds from my account, since the first days of December last year. I was charged 17 dollars for each of the withdrawals that I wanted to make plus a commission of more than 230 dollars, which nobody could explain to me how they disappeared from the total amount of my account. I asked to withdraw 1770 dollars which was what I had and now they have returned to my account only 1400 and a bit of dollars. I still try to withdraw my money since I need it but according to the suggestion of Libertex advisers, I have to first make a deposit to a Skrill firm of a minimum amount of dollars, which I have to transfer to Libertex, in order, according to them, to be able to withdraw what was left in my account after charging the commission for a transfer that was not made ... The instructions from the Skrill firm are in English, so since I only speak in Spanish, I cannot even know how to continue with the new procedure . So if anyone can make something clear to me, I would appreciate it. Disappointing experience.

    • Rachelle Reply

      girl what is the number to contact them. What advice can you give me to withdraw all my balance. Well, I did not get to do anything in the application. thanks in advance

  23. Carlo Reply

    Chance Libertex only lets you operate with a minimum of 10 dollars in bitcoin, it sends you promotions so that you can invest 100 and it turns out that everything is closed in the app !! I choose the crypto currencies that in most you have to invest 100 as a minimum !!! It turns out that I have 6 dollars to play and they won't let me because they want me to invest more !!! Other thieves like so many !!

  24. Alejandro Reply

    Everything on this platform is crap the take profit limits are absurdly small do not limit stop loss they are ridiculously small I made a deposit of $ 100 and they gave me a bonus that I can only redeem if I win another $ 100 so I do not recommend this at all app is scam


    In my case, I have not been able to withdraw my fund for the simple fact that it never loads; however to deposit cargo instantly which is a bit frustrating; does anyone else have that problem?

    • blas Reply

      I have the same problem, I cannot remove anything, it does not load and it says an error has occurred. the same and nothing could not be withdrawn ...

    • Eduardo Reply

      Several topics to say: 1) Getting the 100% bonus is impossible, they use it to encourage you to screw up
      2) Commissions charge you from the start so you start losing
      3) The famous news and recommendations to invest never arrive and if luckily the trend appears changed, and you end up losing
      4) Finally I have a strong suspicion that I will lose with this "UNREGULATED" Broquer, that is, without the possibility of claiming and those who still decide to stay, be careful with the multipliers, limit the loss.

      • Axel Reply

        Hello Eduardo, I would like to know what was your final experience with this broker in Chile, it is regulated by the SUPERINTENDENCY OF BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, with everything I have read I do not encourage myself to invest it is a real shame since it has been going very well for me In my trading plan, the technique has been improving day by day.

        • Reply

          Hi Axel, this broker named Libertex is a SCAM, many investors have denounced Libertex for fraudulent activities, it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker (or with low level regulation).
          We have received many messages from various clients expressing that THEY CANNOT WITHDRAW THEIR CAPITAL.
          We recommend all those affected to try recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT what we have on the web or in the following link:

          A greeting.

    • Stephen G. Reply

      I calmly withdraw the funds I had read that they had problems withdrawing them. I did not have a nymphun drama, I put 200, I got 430 usd and they entered my bank account in Argentina 395 usd

    • Jose Maria Cifuentes Ordaz Reply

      I've been trying to withdraw funds for months and I'm not getting help or answers, it's a complete fraud.

  26. Diego pedraza Reply

    I have an account for a long time with this broker. Today they just charged me an absurd swap commission for open operations in cryptocurrencies, which canceled my profits immediately and left me a huge balance in the red. They assure that the contract says so, but openly it is a robbery, it is not logical that a swap commission exceeds the profits of two full days of investment with an evident growth trend.

  27. salomon Reply

    I invested 10 dollars, they will say that it is a true pull, but it does not allow me to do operations! He tells me that I have to send my card details and I don't know, and I try and each time he tells me that operations are prohibited, that I have to contact customer service.

  28. Lady Reply

    It's a scam you never get your money back they don't let you take out

  29. Isaac Reply

    Hello, I had 30 dollars invested but unfortunately I had to close it for a while and they have been discounting me 5 dollars for the little use, some of you know how to close the session and cancel the contract so that yanno stop charging me. It is very difficult for me to communicate with them.

    • ANONIMO Reply

      Hi Isaac, why can't you communicate with them? Have you tried through their website?

    • claudia Reply

      What I can recommend is that you ask your bank to replace your debit or credit card that you have used, they have the data of the plastic so, when that plastic is canceled because you lost it, they will no longer have a way to charge you because yes, any trading platform is going to charge you for disuse, I suppose that is the way they have to avoid the abandonment of accounts

  30. Ismael Reply

    Hello everyone. I have been in Libertex for 3 months, I am from Mexico. I invested $ 500. I started very well, unfortunately my emotions got the better of me and I was left with only 30 dollars. After that I was scared to invest. But thanks to that, I don't let my emotions force me to invest where I don't see an opportunity to win. Thanks to this I already have about 400 dollars starting from the 30 that I stay.
    But something that worries me is the retreats. I don't see any successful comments here for their retreats and that worries me.
    Could some person assure me of a successful withdrawal case ???

    I hope not to bother anyone but I would like to invite you and create a WhatsApp group in order to help us regarding this issue. I wanted to add some people to my whatsapp who left their numbers but I could not because of the codes of international numbers (excuse my ignorance)
    chat.whatsapp .com / 2cOe3S2snuEKNeMkjBRkoJ

    My idea is to reach $ 1,000 in total and test the cash withdrawal.

    I hope it doesn't take long and I'll tell you how it went


    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Ismael, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, I hope you can keep us informed about the capital withdrawal, greetings.

      • Edgar Reply

        Could you answer the concerns about withdrawals? Investors will be withdrawing and ceasing to invest due to poor communication.

    • Francisco Reply

      hello good afternoon, were you able to get your money back? 52-5576109742

  31. christian m Reply

    Hello, how are you? My name is Chris, I am from Mexico, and beware, personally it is impossible to make withdrawals
    secure.fxclub .org/fx/login?flashId=383eda4ef9ddcba53574afd16a692b83-46d5d301417080ae6e5996749bdd346b:1
    This is the official page, it only allows withdrawals by wire transfer and charges a fixed commission of 17 usd for any withdrawal, personally I have tried to withdraw 2 times with my hundred swif through Santander (my registered account) and nothing, they argue that my bank rejects the transfers ??? I have spoken with my bank and they do not have any record of transfers to my account, so be careful with this platform.

    After each attempt they charge me the commission of 17 usd and after 5 days they credit it to my libertex account

    100 usd - 17 usd commission = 83 usd that is credited to my account
    83 usd - 17 usd of commission = 66 usd that is credited to my account
    and so they continue so watch out, my personal advice look for another platform

    Create a skrill account since it allows you to withdraw for them on the condition that you make a payment and that they create nothing, the account is not recognized so with this I know that I am screwed I have 119 usd that I cannot withdraw.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Christian, thank you very much for sharing your experience, greetings.

    • Edgar O Reply

      Hi Cristian M
      I have not made a deposit in Libertex, I am still doing the test, I was thinking of investing there, but when reading your comment I gave up
      I comment that in your FAQ, they have published that you can charge with a credit card, do you mean that it is a lie? Is it false information? or have updated it now .. i.imgur .com / oPMM3CQ.png

      libertex .org / education / => FAQ
      How do I deposit / withdraw my winnings?
      You can use a credit card or make a bank transfer to either deposit funds or withdraw earnings.

    • Edgar O Reply

      I have also found this site that also provides information
      facebook .com / LibertexMe Scam /

      • Reliable forex broker Reply

        Hello Edgar, thank you very much for sharing this information with us, greetings.

    • Andrew Reply

      Hello Cristian, I would like to know if you were able to make the withdrawal, since they told me in the first attempt that the transfer was not achieved due to internal problems of them, and now they credit me money to my account with 17 dollars less, the same thing that happened to him I appreciate any response to you

  32. gonzalo Reply

    Argentina is forbidden to choose, and they tell you when you are going to withdraw your funds …… it is a scam

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Gonzalo, thank you very much for sharing this information with us, did this happen to you? Weren't you allowed to choose? a greeting

  33. Felipe Reply

    Hello good, I am new and I want to start well.
    I read everything that the broker explained how the system works, and I understood that the difference between both pages (either .com or .org), which I did not understand is that (in my opinion) the .com site is more reliable (by the regulatory body) one can enter from Latin America and work on the site .com ???

    First of all, Thanks. Cheers

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Felipe, we believe that if you are in Latin America you will not be able to work with the .com, but the truth is that we are not 100% sure of this, it would be great if you can confirm if this is possible ... Greetings

      • Samuel Reply

        It cannot be done, since at the time of registration the page asks for the information of the country in which it is located, and it only has a few European countries

        • Reliable forex broker Reply

          Hi Samuel, thank you very much for sharing this with us.

      • jaime andres Reply

        Hello, you cannot at least in Colombia work with .com

        • Reply

          Good information Jaime, because then we suggest caution because it is an unregulated broker ... Greetings

          • Luis Peralta Palacios

            Good night, I was working with them, the truth is, the platform is easy to operate, the signals are bad, and the advisor is not completely personalized, although he gave me his wsap, I was with someone called Iván Marchena, And the signals were by periscope and email, in the morning, sometimes they send signals through the app, with the withdrawals I never had problems, the truth is, if they charge you 17 usd per withdrawal house, the amount does not matter, and I It came to my bank account, what if you have to do to withdraw is send your personal documents. But maximum in 3 days I always get retirement. Panama.

    • Hugo Reply

      Felipe, try to work with a broker that has a physical location in your country.

  34. Felipe Reply

    Is there any limitation if you are enrolled in Liberté.com, since you are from Latin America?
    I ask to be (finally) in contact or to be more calm that they are regulated by someone who is using the money.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Felipe, could you check if the web is really liberté.com, and you haven't gotten confused about the web address? Since we have arrived that seems to have little to do with Libertex, greetings.

  35. Paul Reply

    Hello, I give you a chat with attention to the libertex customer, Aleksandr M: Good morning Perez Pablo! What I can help?
    Aleksandr M: I am going to transfer the chat to a specialist from the finance department, who will give you a detailed answer to your question.
    Me: Hi, how do I want to try how to withdraw funds to the same card?
    Me: and it won't let me
    Giancarlo Alfredo L is your new agent for the chat session.
    Me: I want to be able to withdraw without problem
    Me: otherwise I will not use the platform anymore
    Giancarlo Alfredo L: Good morning!
    Me: Good morning, how are you?
    Giancarlo Alfredo L: The withdrawal of funds can be made by international bank transfer. You must open a bank account in the bank of your choice where you receive international transfers and where you can withdraw your future earnings from our company. We recommend that you open an account in dollars to avoid problems with currency exchange.
    The estimated period of a bank transaction is up to 5 business days, the commission for the transfer is $ 17, the minimum amount to be received is $ 20, giving us a minimum withdrawal amount of $ 37 ($ 20 + $ 17 commission) to be charged from your business account. The commission is always the same $ 17, with no maximum amount, as long as the transfer rules are met to the country where the funds will be sent.

    You can also make requests through skrill, but for this you must first make deposits through this payment system and make the withdrawal request through the following link
    The commission is 1% of the amount you want to withdraw, minimum withdrawal $ 1.

    • Cidouble Reply

      I invested 10 dollars to continue analyzing the strategies but for a moment it takes me out of the application and when I log in, it marks a password error, I restore the
      Password and the link to do it has never reached my email, it does not inspire confidence with large amounts.
      PS: It is difficult to get in touch with them.

    • Diego Fernando Parra Reply

      Hello, do you know how I can make a withdrawal? I am in Colombia and my account is Bancolombia, in my bank they tell me that they do not manage a correspondent account, but in Libertex they require a correspondent bank, do you know what I should do?

      • angel Reply

        Bancolombia banking correspondent is useful in the country since it is something cheap, I recommend davivienda but it generates charges for international movements

  36. Marita Reply

    Hello, I no longer know who to trust ... I have been scammed so many times that it already looks bad. Among them is 53OPTION, TRADEXTRA, some bloody scammers, STOXMARKET OTRO, BFOREX. among others. They left me with a very large debt ... Be careful sirs ... investigate well. don't get carried away by the thrill of making easy money. Look for information from the regulators. call these regulators if necessary. I could not say so much about Libertex since I have an account there but with parallel work it is difficult to dedicate myself and it did not go well.

    Well I hope my comment serves something.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Marita, your advice on investigating and investigating before investing is very successful, thank you very much for sharing it with us, greetings.

  37. Alonso Reply

    That is rubbish, it does not let you withdraw anything, the app fails and stays loading, it is a scam for forex trading.
    Not counting the 17 dollars it costs to withdraw money fraud

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Alonso, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.

    • sebastian cole Reply

      Contact the support area, they should have previously asked you for your identification to validate your account, in this case they will ask you again once said account is validated, the option to withdraw funds will load normally.


      AT&T Sebastian Col.

    • admin Reply

      Hi Paul, etoro, in our opinion you are a reliable broker, greetings.

      • christian mtz Reply

        In the last week it does not allow withdrawals, the app goes crazy when you try to make a withdrawal, and on its page when the option is selected it simply does not load the option, there is no way to contact them except the voicemail, the chat in line is no longer enabled.

        • sebastiancol Reply

          Christian good afternoon, is your withdrawal problem solved? I ask you because to date I have not been able to withdraw either, today I made the query to libertex support even without an answer.

          Thank you

  38. Joseph Hill Reply

    Good morning;

    With regard to withdrawals, can the funds be withdrawn to another bank account other than that of the Libertex account holder? And another question; Any broker that works for Venezuela?

    • louis angle Reply

      Greetings José, I am interested in knowing about brokers in Venezuela. ..

  39. julian Reply

    good night everyone ! I have some questions that I would like to help me
    I am from Colombia and I am using my demo account.

    1. Why use the stop loss when buying?
    2. If I invest in a stock and it falls too low, somehow I not only lose in what I invested but also in what the stock falls?
    3. at the time of purchase, what does the multiplier mean?

    Thank you

    • ronald leander Reply

      1. The [stop loss] helps you if the option you choose goes against you then you put a limit on what you want to lose.
      2. the operation closes up to the amount you have invested.
      3. You can also use it when selling and it is a leverage. 1: 500

  40. Joshua Barragan Reply

    I am from Ecuador, two questions.
    What reliable platform do you recommend for my country?
    What is your review of IQ Options?

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Josue in case you are looking for a broker we recommend you read our section to choose a reliable brokerAs for IQ Options, it is a binary options broker, we specialize in Forex or CFDs, not in binary, so in this case we cannot help you, greetings.

  41. Christina Giraldo Reply

    Good. I am from Colombia and I want to invest in Libertex.
    I know that I can deposit with my credit card.
    But how do I return the money to my account or card? The question of withdrawals I do not understand.
    Someone could explain to me how it is withdrawn in Colombia. Thank you

    • chris Reply

      Hello, as I understand to withdraw money from the platform to any account of yours they charge a commission of 17 dollars.

    • Alain Rosales Reply

      I have difficulty withdrawing they charge me a commission of 17 dollars I have an investment of us100 plus 30 profit and they only allow me to withdraw 5

    • Tairymar Gutierrez Ramos Reply

      Hello Cristina, could you invest? have you withdrawn?

  42. Christian buitrago Reply

    Hello, I am from Colombia, I am new to the application and I would like to know where I can find information to trade different from the one found in the libertex application. I've been with a $ 50 real account for two days.
    I appreciate the help.

  43. sergio Reply

    Hello, it is clear to me that to withdraw money from this broker I need to have 40 dollars in my account, but my question is the following. My invested capital plus my earnings, can I withdraw it whenever I want? I would appreciate the answer.

    Blessings from the Dominican Republic.


      Hi Sergio, I'm Jose from the Dominican Republic, send me your email and facebook to contact you, my email is
      jose [email protected]

      • Joseph Reply

        I'm Jose, also from the Dominican Republic
        Have you been able to withdraw?
        I am thinking of investing

  44. Samuel Moreno Reply

    Hello, how are you? I have been in libertex for 5 days, I have managed to increase from 5 to more than 17 in what is the demo account, is it possible to achieve that with real money? oh is there some control by libertex to get excited and deposit real money ?? thank you and I wait for an answer

    • Javier Reply

      Friend, I have operated on other platforms, and of course it can be achieved, the difference is that when there is real money, emotions play an important role, in demo everything is peace of mind, but with real to start you will not start with the high amount of a demo if not much lower, and the leverage is different, if you want my council, train first and train in demo for several months, there are many factors when it comes to operating how to be up to date on an eco-economic calendar, for example the first Friday of each month the unemployment rate of the United States is given, and there the prices move enormously at the time of the announcement, if you do not take this into account, your capital can go away in a second, or if you have Good luck to double it, but if you don't want to train just go to a casino.

      • Fernando Trivino Reply

        I totally agree with Javier ... I think it is "safer" and faster to go to the casino and bet on red or black on roulette, there if they pay right away

    • ismael fontealba Reply

      If possible, but remember that the greater the investment, the greater the gain, as well as the loss.

  45. EFdeAM Reply

    Someone in Spain is Merida in this and if I can decorate some of the retired to beneficial? Thank you

  46. Juan Reply

    Hi, I'm Juan from Puerto Rico and I've been trading Libertex (Forex Club) for three months on a demo account and I've learned a lot. I would like to know if someone in PR has already operated a real account with them before making the change.

    • Lady Reply

      It is a robbery, it does not allow you to get money, I lost 200….



      • Axel Reply

        It is really important to know how your story ended, were you able to withdraw the money ?, I would be grateful for your complete testimony, greetings.

        • Reply

          Hi Axel, this broker named Libertex is a SCAM, many investors have denounced Libertex for fraudulent activities, it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker (or with low level regulation).
          We have received many messages from various clients expressing that THEY CANNOT WITHDRAW THEIR CAPITAL.
          We recommend all those affected to try recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT what we have on the web or in the following link:

          A greeting.

  47. MIguel Reply

    The world of the stock market seduces us all; But we should be better informed about safe trading methods.
    Being Latin Americans it will always be safer to trade on the New York Stock Exchange.
    Libertex is a platform with dark financial purposes, rather a random betting system since on its platform there is no volume graph or histogram by which it is impossible to make any technical prediction of the movement of the stock market. there are extremely rare things such as that an asset remains active despite closing the movement in the stock market where it is traded. In addition, infinite complaints of non-refund of money and no response to requests apart from the fact that the methods to contact them never work.
    I feel sorry for my friend James Rodriguez but after opening a real account with a 10 dollar trial of I came to the conclusion that this is a real scam. If the capital we have does not allow us to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, I consider that the best and probably only serious option is PLUS 500.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Miguel, thank you for your comment, although in one thing we differ, there is not only one option as you mention, there are many brokers that are worth it, in our homepage you can learn to select a reliable one, a greeting.

      • RENATO SOURCES Reply


        • Oscar Reply

          no that of the correspondent bank does not go, only the data of your bank and the swift code

    • Gabriel Reply

      Hi Miguel,

      I disagree with you, I've been with Libertex for 6 months and they pay. I don't think James Rodriguez would have agreed to give his image for a scam. If it is true that there are bad comments, but nowhere do I see that they are argued. My experience was as follows, I started with $ 100 and earned $ 300 in 10 operations when I made the withdrawal request, they told me to verify my account first, at first I did not like that, but then I understood. They ask for your national identity document and information about your card with which you made the deposit if you prove to be the holder, they accept the withdrawal and pay you. The withdrawal takes 2-5 business days and they charge you a one-time commission of $ 17. Keep in mind that the minimum withdrawal is $ 37 if you want to withdraw less, you will have to request a refund to the card and that takes a month. They explained to me that there are many card thieves and that is why the verification filter, which is understandable, on the other hand I heard many stories about PLUS 500 that do not pay and have several complaints.

      • Reliable forex broker Reply

        Hello Gabriel, that James Rodriguez represents the broker does not guarantee absolutely anything, in our opinion on our home page you can find tips to see for yourself whether or not it is recommended, added to the comments about the broker in this section, we recommend that each one judge for yourself, greetings.

        • carlos jimenez Reply

          I have been using the application for a while, at the time of withdrawing it asks for an account and I could not find that? How can I withdraw ????

      • Lady Reply

        But as they state all the information you mention if they can't even be contacted, what's more, not even the online chat works …….

      • Diego Fernando Parra Reply

        Hello Gabriel
        Maybe you can help me, I have an account in Bancolombia and my bank tells me that it does not handle a correspondent account, that they do it directly only with the swift code, but libertex asks me for the correspondent's code, and for that reason I have not been able to do the retirement. I plan to invest stronger but if I do not confirm that I can make the withdrawals better, I do not risk

        • cesar contreras Reply

          Hi Diego, were you able to solve the problem? how did you do it?

      • tamara Reply

        very good I would like very much that you could help me I am from Spain and I earn a significant amount in libertex and I would like to know if it is really charged is that I read very bad comments as you say

      • Axel Reply

        It is one of the few testimonies, and it is understood that they ask you to validate the card, my question about this is to know if they ask you for the CVV code on the back, because in this sense that is an excess that has no justification, you would be so kindly comment on this, greetings from CHile.

        • Reply

          Hi Axel, this broker named Libertex is a SCAM, many investors have denounced Libertex for fraudulent activities, it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker (or with low level regulation).
          We have received many messages from various clients expressing that THEY CANNOT WITHDRAW THEIR CAPITAL.
          We recommend all those affected to try recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT what we have on the web or in the following link:

          A greeting.

  48. Jose Luis Alarcon Medina Reply

    very good evening my name is josel uis alarcon medina and I am from PERU ,, I am already registered in LIBERTEX, 2 days ago, exactly since Tuesday July 18, 2'017, I am looking for the DEMO ACCOUNT of libertex ,, but no I located it ;; gentlemen of LIBERTEX ,, would be so kind to send me a DEMO ACCOUNT ,, please? I will thank you with all my heart. Thank you PERU July 20, 2017.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Jose, we are not Libertex, we are Reliable Forex Brokers, a website with reviews and opinions on different brokers, in this case, Libertex. In this same section you can find the contact email and the telephone number of Libertex to communicate with them. A greeting.

  49. Francis Bello Reply

    Greetings, referring to your appointment:
    “The libertex .org website is owned by our partner, Forex Club. We (Libertex .com) are Indication Investments Ltd and we have the libertex .com site. A cordial greeting,"
    My query is regarding the difference between these. Between 1. libertex .org and 2. libertex .com, what are the characteristics that make them not the same platform?

    • Gabriel Reply

      Hello Francisco,

      The difference is that is the European broker “Indication Investments Ltd” - the platform is in euros and is regulated by CYSEC. It is the Latin American broker that has the same name as "Libertex" - the platform is in dollars and is regulated by the Financial Commission. In other words, they are different companies, but both belong to the same consortium called Forex Club!


      • Reliable forex broker Reply

        Gabriel thank you very much for the information, we were also a bit confused, greetings.

  50. Ronni Reply

    Greetings when one grabs his first deposit does the broker appear? I'm new

  51. Edward Lindao Reply

    A question when you have the demo account if you have earnings you can make the withdrawal or it is only a guideline on how to use the money when you will have your real account

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Edward, the money in the demo account is not real, that's why the name is a fictitious account with fictitious money, to withdraw money you must use a (usually called) real account.

  52. Fernando Vega Reply

    Good morning, I have been reading comments for and against libertex, I would like to start working on these platforms, I am from Colombia and new to the subject, what do you advise me? Thanks a lot.

    • George Murcia Reply

      Hello, friend, I am from Colombia, I have been practicing on a demo account for a year and I have learned a lot, the platform is friendly, the only thing is that it is not clear to me how to withdraw funds to my account in Colombia and justify them.

  53. Arturo Torres placeholder image Reply

    It seems to me that the broker is good, it has excellent attention, they send you alerts on Facebook which I consider to be very good, in addition to the daily signal on Facebook and also by mail this at no additional cost. Only when entering always set your stop loss and if they are winning, withdraw with what they have earned or raise their stop loss positively so that if the market turns the same they come out with profits.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Arturo, thank you very much for your opinion and advice, greetings.

  54. Victor Llamosas Reply

    Hello I tell you my experience. I started with the real account in libertex- Forex with 300 dollars. I tried to make withdrawals and it did not proceed, the advisers told me to register with my Facebook in which a variant of name appears with respect to my savings account number. Suggestion do not register with Facebook.

    Well after this problem I made a withdrawal of funds of 50 dollars to test, however it did not go well. Only $ 11 was paid. What happened? Forex charged me a commission of $ 17 and my bank (BBVA Continental de Peru) charged me a commission of $ 22.

    A little discouraged by such high registrations, I contacted Forex and my bank and both told me that they would always charge these commissions regardless of the amounts withdrawn. That is, you withdraw $ 1,000.00 and they will continue to charge you $ 17 and $ 22 respectively. That is, when you invest in Forex (libertex) keep in mind that you are already losing 40 dollars

    • Arturo Torres placeholder image Reply

      What you indicate is correct friend, I am also from Peru, I recommend that you use another local bank, working with the traditional ones is more expensive, for example Bcp, continental, interbank, their commissions are very high, I use the GNB bank and the commission is a lot minor, for them to deposit you, they will only validate that the account belongs to the account holder.
      Good luck and success in your investments

      • tomo Reply

        Good afternoon, Arturo, is it necessary to fill in the transit account number?

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Victor, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Libertex with us, greetings.

  55. Jorge Hernan Murcia Perez Reply

    Hello friends, I am from Colombia, I have already been practicing in Libertex for about a year and in a demo I have managed to double the 5000 Us, at the moment I am doing operations with a real account and it has been going well, I would like to know if someone has withdrawn profits in Colombia ?

    • ismael fontealba Reply

      Hi Jorge, I am also a Libertex user
      I'm from chile. I wanted to see if it is possible for us to create a WhatsApp group and incorporate more people. I don't know if you are interested and we can share opinions and where to invest.
      my whatsapp you have to add it in this way


      • Harold Reply

        Hello, very interesting proposal, Harold from Peru

        • Anderson Valencia Reply

          I think it's a very good idea, have you already organized a group?

      • Tairymar Gutierrez Ramos Reply

        hello have you formed the group? my number is +573008633331 Colombia

      • Axel Reply

        Hello, good evening, I would like to get in touch with you, as of the date of publication, years have passed, LIBERTEX.ORG would be under the supervision of the SVS, which is good, they also have physical offices here in CHile at this point, but the attention of the chat Uruguay is somewhat disgusting, the web page platform does not use the same values ​​as the meta trader (watch out for that), I use the page to invest for the option to use the leverage to your liking, but I analyze with the meta trader 4 and 5 in parallel. In the software it is a bit more complex to change the leverage, even though I understand that it can be changed, but reading all this does not make you want to invest it is tremendously disappointing, I have time already in demo, I have polished myself a lot, yesterday I started operations with 20.000 USD in demo account I ended up with 160.000 USD with about 400% in one of the 3 operations that I made, now I am waiting to receive money to invest, I would like to know what background do you have about withdrawals, unfortunately there are some clear things at this point, is a Market Maker and that is irrefutable, I beg a good comment I look for it with enthusiasm and nothing, the page is super friendly to operate 🙁 I am also from Chile, I hope we can be in contact, greetings. .

        • Reply

          Hi Axel, this broker named Libertex is a SCAM, many investors have denounced Libertex for fraudulent activities, it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker (or with low level regulation).
          We have received many messages from various clients expressing that THEY CANNOT WITHDRAW THEIR CAPITAL.
          ALL positive comments from this broker are FALSEThey are made by their own workers to confuse investors.
          We recommend all those affected to try recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT what we have on the web or in the following link:


  56. pee Reply

    Best regards.
    I have this doubt
    the portals and are the same, is one of them false, or is it for the countries?
    It turns out that I tried to enter with the account from the second to the first and the mail was not registered, which generated a lot of suspicion, just when I wanted to invest real money.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Pipian, as we are informed by Libertex, I will quote you verbatim so it is better understood

      "The website It is from our partner, Forex Club. We ( are Indication Investments Ltd and we have the site . A cordial greeting,"

      In this case, Pipian, we recommend you go to the website where you first registered. a greeting

      • Joel Reply

        Hello, good afternoon, consult and why you can not withdraw by paypal since you can deposit by it, thank you good morning

      • valeria jariana Reply

        fraudesforex .com / libertex-forex-club /

  57. Alexander Reply

    Hello, in 2 days of use I have been able to double the demo account, that is, the 5.000 that give a test, I already have 10.000, it seems that I have done very well so I would like to invest but I have doubts about how to withdraw the money, how do I know? What is the procedure, how long does it take, what requirements and what is needed.

  58. Ariel Reply

    Hi, I'm from Argentina and it has been several months since I operated in libertex, although my balance is not good because I am at -3600 usd but the personalized attention is very good, they call me to help me, or if I need something ... but my losses they are due to poor risk management ... I really like the broker. Cheers!

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Ariel, thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us.

    • Pablo Reply

      Hello Ariel, do you know if having a bank account in dollars you can withdraw without problems and if there is any tax or something to take into account?

    • Mariano Reply

      Ariel I am also from Argentina, are you operating with the demo account or the real account, how long have you been operating with libertex? I have been operating for about 1 month.
      Tell me if you withdrew money from Argentina, thank you.

  59. carlos escobar Reply

    I would like to have more accessories on this platform

  60. brian arismendi Reply

    Hello everyone, today I come here to tell my experience in libertex I am new to trading I started in the demo account 4 weeks ago and a week later in the real account starting with an amount of $ 20 since like many of you I have doubts about how reliable it is and how to make a withdrawal (I advise you to do the same) and in a week I managed to double to $ 40 and I was ready to make a withdrawal but my greed cut me off and I made a bad investment which went down at 5 $ obviously I was scared and this loss resulted in a profit because thanks to that I learned many things and now I feel like an expert (I just feel, I don't say I am) also at that time they accepted all my documentation, but to do a withdrawal I need $ 40 since libertex charges a commission of $ 17 + $ 20 that I invested and to have a profit of $ 3 this alone I do. To see if it really reaches my account, some will wonder where I am from because I am from (Bolivia) and today June 10 I have $ 21.4 of the $ 5 that is to say I quadruple, when I achieve the $ 40 I will retire and I will tell them How did it go? That would be all for now, greetings from (La Paz - Bolivia)

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Brayan, thank you very much for sharing your experience, we thank you, surely you will help many traders who are in doubt, greetings.

      • MILLER Reply




        THANK YOU

    • Caesar Salad Reply

      Hello friend, I still want to invest and it is not that I am afraid but that I have doubts about the withdrawal, if it arrives or not, I would appreciate a little information

    • lone Reply

      Hello friend, could you help me, I need advice, I'm from peace too

    • Joseph Reply

      Hello, I'm also from Bolivia, call me whatsapp 78046320

  61. Dani Reply

    Ok, I have already seen the PDF on commissions, so in a practical example where I open a transaction with 20 euros that they would charge me? When I close the operation in the simulator and it tells me that I have won 10, I understand that the commissions have already been charged because I always leave something less when I open them, right?

    • Manual Reply

      Manuel, good morning. I opened an account € 10 I sent the documents… I am waiting for the validation…

      • Reliable forex broker Reply

        Hello Manuel, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Dani, it is usual for brokers to charge a certain commission when opening a trade, we recommend you clarify it with Libertex support.

    • brian arismendi Reply

      The libertex commission is $ 17 for each withdrawal, but each operation you carry out will charge you a small percentage but that is not a libertex commission that is a commission from the companies you invest in or something like that

  62. Dani Reply

    Thanks, in my case I intend to start with a small account since I am learning. As I am new and I am training I do not know if it would be too much to ask you to enlighten me a little on the subject of commissions and "forks" and if you recommend any book I also thank you, I have the one on "Day training and trading for dummies "So if it is a great complement, thank you very much in advance, I do not want to abuse, but the doubts assail me

    • Aaron Reply

      Hello mate… That book that mentions where you got it ??? I'm Aaron from here in Mexico. And I have not seen it in common bookstores.

  63. Dani Reply

    Are you kidding me, what do you hit to withdraw your money?

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Dani, apparently, yes, some traders have had problems when withdrawing money. A greeting.

  64. Carlos Daniel Gine Herrera Reply

    Hello, I have a small account in libertex, I started with 10 and lost until 10 in 10 I reached the 100 that would be the last and with those last ten I am about to recover the 100, I hope to get to that and a little more and try With the retirement (I'll tell you how I'm doing with that) (it's to know that I enter this page) about the documentation I sent it wrong at the beginning and they answer that it is wrong and how you have to send it and now I know Suppose I'm fine
    Another issue, I would like an opinion about the money recovered and the one I plan to earn has been thanks to the fact that I discovered that they send a daily investment suggestion and most of the time it has paid off.

    PS: I don't work for the Broker (I'd like to) hehe

    • Orlando Raphael Reply

      I am still practicing with Libertex with the demo, so I am about to invest with real money, but I am a little concerned about the withdrawal issue so Carlos Daniel Giné Herrera when you make the withdrawal please comment on your experience

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Carlos, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, we would like, if possible, for you to expand your experience, especially about withdrawing money. A greeting.

      • CRISTIAN Reply


        • Reply

          Hi Cristian, we only write a review / opinion of the company, we are not Libertex, but in this same section you can find the contact information or website of Libertex. A greeting.

  65. antonio Reply

    I already have time with my Demo account in Libertex and I would like to invest a little amount to start ...,

    Has anyone from Mexico had good results or a problem with deposits?

    How much does the withdrawal charge commission?

    and I would also like to know if you can only withdraw the benefits of the investment or you have to close the entire operation to collect and collect them

  66. OSCAR Reply

    thanks for the info.
    My question is, can I get into debt if I invest badly? Or would I just lose my money and my bank account would be $ 0?

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Oscar, in theory you can't get in debt, just lose your account balance, greetings.

  67. Emilio Reply

    I am from El Salvador, do you know if I can withdraw the money?

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Emilio, in theory you should be able to withdraw without problems, although some traders have spoken of having problems with withdrawal, what you can do is try starting with a small amount of money. a greeting

  68. OrlandoM Reply

    Hi, how are you? I have worked with the same broker for a few months, at some point I wanted to withdraw 100 dollars but I was not sure if the account I was asking for is the key account or account number, does someone help me with that question?

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello OrlandoM, we recommend you ask Libertex for these types of questions, we do not think they have a problem answering you, greetings.

  69. CA Reply


    In the characteristics table, the last line where it says if they have a withdrawal fee, it says No but if they charge you US $ 17 per withdrawal and the minimum amount is US $ 20. and they last from 5 to 10 days to deposit you.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Perfect CA, then we will modify the table with characteristics, greetings.

  70. Palmira Reply

    Hello, I would like to know how to work in libertex, I am interested in working online, do you need capital to start? Any account ... I need details of how to handle this, for someone to guide me

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Palmira, for this type of question we recommend you contact the broker, in this section you can find how to contact the broker.

  71. Alex Reply

    I would like someone to help me with information about withdrawals in Colombia, I am with, if it is possible to make withdrawals? someone in Colombia who has done this process? Thanks for your help….

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Alex, we recommend you try trying to make a withdrawal… Greetings.

    • Nicolas Reply

      Hi Alex, tell us if you managed to make the withdrawal? I am also in Colombia and I have been working demo accounts with them for 6 months and I already want to deposit real money but I am concerned about the withdrawal issue.

      • Tairymar Gutierrez Ramos Reply

        good could you pick up in Colombia?

      • mateo Reply

        NICOLAS HELLO ...
        have you already withdrawn money?
        I'm also from Colombia

  72. Ximena Reply

    Hello, I have been using the libertex demo account for about 2 weeks.
    I have $ 100 to invest, but I don't have any means of payment to do so.
    I just went out of business and I have nothing.
    Some time ago I invested in another platform and it was relatively good for me.
    Due to lack of time I left her.
    But now I have plenty of time.
    But I'm only counting on $ 100.
    For the bank they charge me a very high commission.
    I do not know how to do it.
    If someone from Chile could help me

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Ximena, we do not know so much about the means of payment from Chile, so we can wait for the comment of a client from Chile to see if they can help you, greetings.

      • Ricardo Reply

        Hi Ximena, I am also from Chile, I am interested in investing but I also have my doubts when it comes to withdrawing my funds. You have some information.

    • Bastian Rivera placeholder image Reply

      Good morning,
      I am a Chilean native. You can pay through Cta. Rut to PayPal, it is like a deposit that you do to PayPal. I believe that it is the most effective method to deposit in dollars (usd).

    • Santiago Reply

      Hello, look, just yesterday I downloaded the libertex app and I saw that there is a bank transfer option, where you could make a kind of money transfer to this broker's account.


      take out a debit card that are free and deposit the amount you want. in my country Dominican Republic they are free.

  73. Humberto Reply

    How about I am a newbie in trading, but I would like to know what the process to withdraw funds from libertex in Mexico is. I currently use a demo account but I plan to invest in a real account, but first I would like to clarify that question. Cheers!

    • pedro Reply

      Hi Humberto, I want to tell you about my experience with libertex inverti and when I wanted to withdraw my money, it did not reach my bank account, and I requested help and they do not give me an answer, I do not recommend that you invest with libertex is not safe.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Humberto, in theory when one asks for a withdrawal in a broker, the broker must make it, even if it takes a few days, but apparently many people are having problems with withdrawals in Libertex, so we recommend in any case, start with a small amount, and try a withdrawal.

    • Obed fernandez Reply

      Currently I knew a platform to start trading forex safely and with profits from the first month, if you are interested you can contact me, greetings

      • Alexios Reply

        Hello, I would like to know what platform you use, I want to invest but I am very concerned about the issue of withdrawals, I am from Mexico

  74. Darwin Andres Tangarife Avendaño Reply

    Hello, I am from Colombia and I want to start operating with libertex but I do not know what the withdrawal of the profits is like, if I have to accredit that to the government entities here, how much do they charge to withdraw the profits, anyway all that ... Greetings

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Darwin, in theory you should be able to withdraw your funds whenever you want, the withdrawal charge depends on each broker, and you should ask Libertex support, although according to the messages and comments of other Libertex clients, they are having problems with it. withdrawal of money, so we advise you to be careful.

  75. Betto Reply

    Hello, how are you, do you consider Libertex reliable? Which broker would be the most reliable? thank you.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Betto, there is no perfect broker, but here are tips for choosing a good one you can also see each broker on our website and read comments and ratings to give you an idea, I hope it is useful ...

  76. royer Reply

    I want to know how to cancel my account, can someone help me?

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Royer, we recommend you contact Libertex support, you can try on their website, or in their contact email [email protected] .


  77. Eduard Reply

    Hello, I have the same doubts regarding the withdrawal of funds from libertex regardless of the currency exchange USD to MXN. Entering a capital that achieves a return by wanting to withdraw it gives you excuses it would no longer be ethical.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Eduard, as we recommend to other people, you can try with a small amount a withdrawal, to see if they make many excuses, greetings.

      • Juan Perez Reply

        Hello, why do you continue to recommend this application and start with little money, if the comments are that they do not make payments or withdrawals?

  78. EDUARDO Reply


    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Eduardo, we understand that if you can work with Libertex in Mexico, regarding withdrawals, we have read positive and negative comments, so we recommend you start with a small amount and try withdrawal ...

  79. Henry talavera Reply

    Hi, I'm from Latin America, Peru.
    I have been practicing and training for more than 6 months, it is more I already invested 2 times in libertex and it was working well for me but in the end I lost due to technical problems with my internet and I could not close my operations, which were actually small. My query is about the withdrawal of my benefits or earnings. I have read some negative comments in the playstore that they did not deposit what you requested and things like that. Someone who can clear my doubts since I plan to invest a considerable amount. Thanks a lot

    • Oscar Reply

      Don't make friends, the same thing happened to me, I wanted to withdraw a part of my funds and they put a lot of obstacles on me under the pretext of requirements, I've been making requests for two weeks and sending photos of all my documents and nothing. Regards.

      • Reliable forex broker Reply

        Thank you very much for sharing your experience Oscar.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Henry, when we used the platform we were able to withdraw money, although we have also found comments from traders who have not been able to, we recommend you start with a small amount and try ...

        • Reliable forex broker Reply

          Hello Paulina, a small amount can range from 100 to 500 dollars, (just to say a number, since it depends on the type of client and the type of broker) as to how much that is equivalent in pesos, it depends on what weight you mean. Argentine, Uruguayan, Chilean, Mexican peso? etc. a greeting

    • pedro Reply

      Hello Henry, I invested in libertex and I wanted to withdraw my money, but nothing came. It is not safe. I feel scammed with libertex, I do not recommend that you continue investing, it is a scam.

    • Marco Antonio Reply

      Hi Henry, I'm from Peru .. we can get in touch to talk about libertex
      look for me on facebook like marco antonio alvarado pera

  80. Matias Reply

    I have already made a demo account in Libertex and I have been operating in it, it seems very simple for people like me who are just starting in this type of business. and I started browsing looking for more about the reliability of this broker and there I came across this page. In the online advisory chat, ask among other things if there is a withdrawal commission and if there is one. There are 17 with a minimum of 20 (37 including the commission).
    Now knowing that the withdrawal is made yes or yes to a bank account, my interest is that living in Argentina how can I know if the bank would accept this transfer ... that is, where does this money come from? How do I ask the bank? And if this money should I launder and how do I do it?

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Matías, the truth is that we do not know the situation in Argentina, but we would recommend that you ask Libertex for another means to be able to withdraw your money such as Neteller or credit card. If it is not possible, then I see it difficult.

  81. Antonio Reply

    Good afternoon, thanks for the article, a few days ago I opened an account with libertex because its graphics are very comfortable, easy to interpret and operations are opened very easily, the only drawback I see is the withdrawals of money since they are a pasture While it is true that I have seen that they plan to add the skrill method as a withdrawal of funds apart from the bank transfer option, would you know when it is planned to add this option? Another question, do you know any other platform that uses the same graphics as libertex ?Thank you very much for your work

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Antonio, we like that our article helps you. We go by parts, in terms of the graphics, it should be said that at the moment we have not found many other brokers with Libertex-type graphics, that the truth, if they are very comfortable, I think it is a matter of getting used to, we have always liked them the popular MetaTrader4. As for Skrill, we have communicated with Libertex through different means, and they have mentioned that it is false that they will add it, or that they do not know if they will.

  82. David Silva Reply

    I want to start investing money, because I want to earn and no longer live like this depending on a salary, I want information on how much is the minimum investment amount and how long it takes to obtain profits

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello DAVID, as we mentioned in this section of the web, the minimum amount to invest is € 10, and to know the time in which you will obtain profits you must contact the broker, in this same section you will find the broker's email and their website, so you can contact them.

    • Jaime Avalos Reply

      Hello david. Here you got my number. +526642665644

    • Arnau Planas Gomez Reply

      Good David, I'm a little late .. I think.
      I am a trader at Libertex, I have been trading for two years and have made a lot of money.
      If you start trading with € 10 it will take a long time to make money, and you will not receive the welcome bonus, I started with € 200.
      Think that in each operation (if you do it well and under normal circumstances) you earn between 10% and 25% of the initial volume of the operation. (If you open an operation with € 100, you will win (if you do it well and have a previous analysis) between 10 and 25 euros.

      Giving you my honest opinion, I would not launch myself into the markets if I first had a basis on how the stock market works. I recommend that you visit "" and learn to invest and understand financial markets, otherwise, you will lose your money in 0 ′.

      See you in the market 😉

      • Reliable forex broker Reply

        Hello Arnau, thank you very much for your opinion.

      • Raul Reply

        Hello Arnau, like you I am a trader in libertex and I have been around 6 months in which I have been doing well. My question is about the taxation of the profits obtained. As you have done, you have more experience. Greetings and thank you.

      • pedro Reply

        Hello Arnau, how do you do to withdraw your funds, I have problems, I made a withdrawal and I did not reach my origin account, I appreciate your help

      • Luis Angel Gamarra Reply

        Hello Goodnight !
        I think your comment is very good, I want to know how you have gone with the issue of withdrawals, it is quite complex as you say I wanted to take it as a game and consequently it left me losses of 2500usd but from that you learn. Today I deposited more money to continue with that topic I found quite interesting.

      • ricardo Reply

        Hello, I also want about the withdrawal of funds .. I am from Chile and my doubts are how the withdrawal of dollars to pesos is generated to my account. thanks

      • pedro Reply

        hello lizeth
        Could you help me withdraw my money to my bank account in Colombia and I did not receive anything, if you know how the process of withdrawing the funds is, I would appreciate it very much

        • johan valencia Reply

          Good Mr. Hernandez, can you give me advice on that other platform?

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