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FxPro (FXPRO UK Limited, United Kingdom; FxPro Financial Services Ltd.) is a forex broker specialized in CFDs (contracts for difference), futures, stocks, metals and obviously, FX. The company was founded in 2006, and its headquarters are in London, England (like so many other forex brokers) although they also have headquarters in Cyprus and other offices in more than 150 different countries.

FxPro website
FxPro website

When it comes to being regulated, IronFX is regulated in different countries, but generally okay, it is regulated by various regulatory authorities. The most important are the FCA and CySEC.

If we look at the types of account that the broker offers, we notice that they offer 3 types of account (without taking into account the type of account DEMO of course). The first is the Investment Account, it is the most basic account, and the one we recommend if you are a trader who is just starting out and does not have everything very clear. You can operate on different platforms and with different currencies, so for a basic account, it is quite good. Super Trader Account is the second type of account that we will describe. With this type of account, FxPro offers traders access to the forex market without operating manually. Then there is the VIP account or they just call it VIP Services. Obviously this type of account is for traders who have a lot of experience, but above all, who have money, since this type of account is operated with large volumes. By obtaining this type of account you will also get benefits such as a VPS, no commission for deposit, and a VIP manager.

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If we look at the functionalities that FxPro offers us on its website, we can find some such as forex calculators, economic calendar, and most of all analysis and comments on the financial world and the stock market in general.

Another point to note about this broker is customer service. Obviously they have customer service in Spanish, but they also have 24/5 hours, that is, 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, including direct chat on the page, which is quite comfortable and efficient.


Features of the FxPro broker



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Additional information about the company


Telephone number (Spain): +44 (0) 203 023 1773

Telephone number (International): +44 (0) 203 151 5550

E-mail: [email protected]


Clarification: Note that FxPro works in different countries, so the information provided may not apply to your country.

* Bonuses or promotions: not currently.


FxPro valuation


With the information we have so far, the comments and reviews of users and traders, our opinion is that FxPro is a broker that can be trusted.

Do you know this broker? Have you operated with him? Leave a comment with your experience.


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24 comments on «FxPro»

  1. Victor Reply

    In my case it was difficult to trust again after being scammed by them, but I decided to do it and try to recover my capital from the fxpro scammers whatever. And yes I was able to get it back. They don't play games, they know what they're doing, they know how to chargeback and get the money back. I'm talking about mychargeback, which is what they propose here to get the money back. 

    • Reliable Forex Brokers Post AuthorReply

      Hello Victor, what a fantastic news! We thank you for telling us, we know that sometimes people have doubts but we also know that it is almost always achieved. Our recommendation is that if you intend to invest again, first check the name of the broker on our website or you can also ask us, we will be happy to help you.

      We recommend that all those affected try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT that we have on the web or in the following link:

      Before making another investment decision, check out this link:


  2. Cristian Vazquez Reply

    Good afternoon, I made a withdrawal with fxpro 60 days ago and the money does not reach my account, the deposit method was with my debit card, the dollars were in my bank account, and at the time of withdrawing they told me that they did not They make a transfer but they make a refund to the card, but I never arrive, they gave me STAN and ARN code but my bank cannot find the refund. Can someone help me to know what other options I have?

    • Reliable Forex Brokers Post AuthorReply

      Hi Cristian, thanks for sharing your experience with FXPRO, do you remember how you came to find them in the first place?

      About withdrawals, because in a normal broker you ask for the withdrawal, or rather, you do not ask for it, you do it and the money reaches your account, instead we would contact the financial regulator of your country.


  3. Lucy Terrazas Reply

    Trading on fxpro for a long time and without a headache. Maybe somewhere I can find conditions and better. But I'm used to it and as they say: "they don't look good and good", so I won't change anything. The benefit for me has never been canceled.

    • Reliable Forex Brokers Post AuthorReply

      Hello Lucy, thank you very much for sharing your experience on FxPro with us ...

      A greeting.

  4. Adriana Yazmin Javier de Lozada Reply

    A stable middle farmer is only pleased that there is FCA regulation, but at the same time, what prevents the company from making a liquidity provider one with subsidiaries in the Bahamas or Cyprus? I think the answer is obvious). Friends watch out and do not see that scammers work with Swiss banks and you will be happy).

  5. Nancy estrada Reply

    Good company Most negatives are unsubstantiated. The benefit is always paid, delays, if any, are very rare and for objective reasons. A good set of tools, quite fast execution. In general, the broker can be evaluated on a solid 4.

    • Cristian Vazquez Reply

      Good afternoon, I have been waiting for my withdrawal money for 60 days, they say they sent it but they cannot provide me with a document, and the bank of my country tells me that there is no deposit or payment to my account, I no longer know What to do to get my money back, they gave me a stan code and an arn code, but my bank can't find anything in my name, I don't know who else to turn to.

      • Reliable Forex Brokers Post AuthorReply

        Hi Cristian, thank you for sharing your experience with FxPro, do you remember how you came to find them in the first place?

        If you have more information about the company or about your experience, we ask you to share it.


  6. Maria Fernanda Reply

    In general, I am satisfied, during six months of work there were no problems. I work at Ctrader, there is practically no slippage. Other advantages: the lack of requotes and the possibility of using advisors. Now I work in small volumes, I withdraw without much difficulty and quite quickly. I'm thinking of starting with a little more.

    • Reliable Forex Brokers Post AuthorReply

      Hello Maria, thank you very much for sharing your opinion about FxPro with us, greetings.

  7. Andrew Reply

    I currently use FxPro ctrader because it is an ECN platform. The usability and execution are excellent. Deposits and withdrawals through credit cards work without problems. I think it is one of the best brokers

    • Reliable Forex Brokers Post AuthorReply

      Hi Andres, thank you very much for sharing your opinion about FxPro with us, greetings.


    The hedge works with buy / sell positions if they are of different pairs.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Roberto, we really have not understood your comment, greetings.

  9. zhian Reply

    I have a question, is FXPRO a market, STP or ECN? …… .y. Is FXPRO UK (regulated by FCA) different from FxPro Financial Services Limited: (regulated by CySEC) .. ???????????…. And what about customer service in Spanish ??

  10. Eduardo feluix Reply

    Hello friends, I have a very good opinion in all senses of the FXPRO broker, the truth is that I recommend it, it has very good customer service, free signals, good leverage, income and withdrawals without commissions. I also recommend Pluss 500 to them, I invested with them, the only thing I didn't like was the small graphic and not having more choice of platforms but great

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Eduardo, thank you very much for sharing your opinion.

  11. Esther Reply

    I have contacted the chat for a consultation on signals, and the individual who has attended me, first opened us to read, because he responded to topics that I was not asking him about, and then it has been an impressive rudeness. Not only did he have no idea what I was asking, but he was offended, he replied that he did not have to answer me and he hung up the chat. That says nothing in favor of this broker. I'll find another one.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Esther, thank you very much for giving us your opinion, it will surely help many traders to decide or not for this broker.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Jose, we will gladly make our next review about kuspit 😉. We will send you an email to your email account when our review is finished.

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