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FXGIM (GIM Invests Ltd) is a forex broker based in Scotland, although when we dig a little deeper we note that it really is based in the Marshall Islands. Now they mention being based in Cyprus.

The broker "opened its doors" in 2016, although we are not sure, since it does not specify it on its website.

If you look at the broker regulationWell, we really couldn't find it on their website, which is already a bad sign, since most brokers mention their regulation, in this case we believe that it is a NON-REGULATED broker.

FXGIM website
FXGIM website

Now we will analyze the broker's website in search of the types of account it offers to its clients. The broker offers 5 different account types: the Emprender, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and VIP account.


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We will start by giving some characteristics of the Emprender account: minimum initial deposit of $ 250, leverage of up to 1: 200, support, account manager, analysis and training also available.

This is followed by the Gold account - $ 1.000 minimum initial deposit, up to 1: 200 leverage, support, account manager, analysis and training also available.

The next type of account is the Platinum account: minimum initial deposit of $ 5.000, leverage of up to 1: 200, support, account manager, analysis and training also available.

This is followed by the Diamond account - $ 15.000 minimum initial deposit, up to 1: 200 leverage, support, account manager, analytics and training also available.

The last type of account is the VIP account - the minimum initial deposit is $ 25.000.

Regarding the platforms supported, when trading with FXGIM it is possible both the popular MT4 and the MT5.
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Now we will analyze the broker's website in search of resources and tools for the trader. The broker has, for example, an explanation of basic concepts to start trading (such as, for example, what is leverage, margin, and related terms), it also has a forex ebook and online videos and webinars. In addition to this, they have resources for the trader such as the trading calculator, real-time charts, economic calendar and real-time signals. In this sense the broker is very complete.


FXGIM broker features



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Additional information about the company


Phone number: +44 (0) 20 3807 1535, +34 9102 20785 and +34 9324 22687

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.fxgim.com/en/

Clarification: Note that FXGIM works in different countries, so the information provided may not apply to your country.

*Bonuses or promotions: Bonus up to 100%: Deposit of $ 500 up to $ 999 25% bonus, deposit of $ 1.000 up to $ 4.999 50% bonus, deposit of $ 5.000 up to $ 9.999 75% bonus, and deposit greater than $ 10.000 100% bonus.


FXGIM valuation


Caution: unregulated broker

Caution, scam broker

With the information we have so far, the comments and reviews of users and traders, our opinion is that FXGIM is a broker that should not be trusted. We have read numerous recent comments about clients having trouble withdrawing their money and the broker lacks regulation, which is never a good sign.

Do you know this broker? Have you operated with him? Do you think that our opinion is not correct? Leave a comment with your experience.


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64 comments on «FXGIM»

  1. Luisa Reply

    Good morning, I tried mychargeback services to get the money back and I have done very well with them, they gave me almost everything, if you read this comment, try it. Thank you and blessings to all.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Luisa, what a fantastic news! We thank you for telling us, we know that sometimes people have doubts but we know that it is almost always achieved. Our recommendation is that if you intend to invest again, first check the name of the broker on our website or you can also ask us, we will be happy to help you.

      We recommend all those affected to try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT that we have on the web or in the following link: Get your money back, we are on your side

      Before making another investment decision, check out this link: https://zuverlassigerforexbroker.com/beste-Makler-2021/


  2. Inco Reply

    anyone know any current information on FXGIM?
    By what means are they being denounced?

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Inco, if you think that FXGIM has not had good practices with you, you should consider seeking legal advice, you can also contact the financial regulator of your country, where are you from?


  3. Luis Reply

    Terrible..lost 2800 dollars net
    I put in 3 opportunities of a thousand and a fourth 300 more
    I asked for 500 usd and they did it but when I asked again for withdrawal of earnings, THE SILENCE was sepulchral.
    I would like to establish legal measures but I see that it is practically impossible because there is no one to sue.
    They contacted me by phone, I don't know how they got the phone ... but this Pedro Mujica pretended to be Chilean (I live here) and very kindly he explained the advantages to me and answered all the doubts, he explained that they operated from London but then nothing you're welcome.
    Lost silver conclusion.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hi Luis, thank you very much for sharing your experience with FXGIM with us, it's a shame what you mention. If you have any other information that you think is useful, please share it with us.


  4. David gutierrez fernandez Reply

    Hello, I am the friend who recommended David, in my particular case it was also through another friend, about a month ago I want to withdraw funds and the only answer that he tells me is that I have to enter 1000 euros, which are the maintenance costs to be done use of my account. My account is still active and operations are seen. At the beginning everything goes well but when you want to withdraw your money there are no signs of life from this Pedro Mugica from Fxgim.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello David, thank you very much for sharing your experience with FXGIM with us, surely you will help many people who are looking for information about the company ... What you mention to withdraw and then they do not respond, because for scam brokers it is the normal procedure. It would be very interesting if your friend (the one who started with FXGIM) can tell us how he came to find FXGIM.

      A greeting.

    • Pedro Reply

      Hi David, forget about your money. What I do not understand is how these bastards continue with the open web, I was scammed a year ago and since then I have flooded the network of messages against them. In this same forum for example. I do not know what the messages in this forum are for, if from what I see this rabble continues to operate in the same way and nothing happens.

      • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

        Hello Pedro, this forum is to alert people who are looking for information about companies, if you never look for information and you get carried away by everything people tell you on the phone, it is difficult to help. We do agree that in many cases, the authorities apparently do not know what to do with these types of financial bars, it is really a shame ...

        A greeting.

  5. David Reply

    They are scammers. Pedro Múgica has kept my money and no longer responds to my emails or my calls. He scammed 5 people. At first everything is very good and you see your money rise quickly, but little by little the account begins to stop and, when you try to withdraw the money, it stops responding.

    I have already reported the scam through various means. This is not going to end like this.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hi David, it's really a shame what you mention about FXGIM, do you remember how you came to find this company?

      A greeting.

      • David Reply

        I met them through a friend who did it through another friend, but I don't know the initial source.

        Pedro has not answered me for exactly 1 month now.

        Is it known if the offices in England are the ones they use to operate or are they also a cover?

        a greeting

        • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

          Hi David, why do you think they are based in England? In their contact section we now notice that they mention being based in Cyprus ...

    • Aldo Reply

      by what means can they be reported? Treasury, police? ... Greetings AD

  6. PEDRO Reply

    Decidedly these are some hp, it turns out that a person with whom I am in contact with wassap and who also has an account in fxgim has requested a withdrawal of the money from his account and see where a certain Jorge Sepulveda has answered that they will do it in 3,4 ,XNUMX weeks. So someone at this broker keeps responding. I have tried to contact them again and again I have not received any responses. The phone already gives a message that it is locked. The most outrageous thing is knowing that someone is still around and that they are taking people's money. I repeat those that are in case someone is not clear, hp and scammers.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hi Pedro, thank you very much for sharing your comments about FXGIM with us, do you remember how you came to find them?

      a greeting

  7. Maria. Reply

    Hello I put a deposit in universemarkets of 250 and I have not opened any account yet I am waiting for a call from a broker to explain to me how it goes….
    I do not plan to open any account of course I have already spoken with my bank in case I can withdraw the money ...
    Someone in my situation who has finally been able to withdraw it ???
    I'm hallucinating how much these people scam !!

  8. Pedro Reply

    The most outrageous thing is that these people continue working and surely cheating more unsuspecting people, I know from another client of these sausages that they continue to make movements, that is, this Antonio Rivera has already started the process and according to what they tell him is traveling the next thing is to stop operating and then stop answering. That really is following a system and the rest is nonsense. Q hp Thieves.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hi Pedro, thank you very much for sharing your opinion about FXGIM, greetings.


    I still have an active account in mt4 and I can make movements, but can someone tell me if the mt4 can be falsified and that my money is really no longer there, that it is all fictitious? Thank you.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hi Pedro, of course the platform can be manipulated, basically you see a demo platform all the time, where the market can be manipulated so the advisors seem to know everything about the market, they will have the money. That is why we always recommend REGULATED brokers with good reputation and experience, greetings.

  10. chaski Reply

    By the way, you asked for a name: Bruno Roma was the one who attended to me. I came from working for a perfectly regulated broker (FX Global, I think it was) and that inspired me a certain confidence. As I said before, I saw my account grow with your help (your 10% commission was charged on time, which we had agreed upon and it seemed reasonable to me) and as of October 2017, there is no more contact.
    A first withdrawal may work for you, and even a second one, but the third ...

  11. chaski Reply

    Goodnight. I see that I am not the only scammed (I already assumed it).
    What annoys me is that for a year and after a couple of partial withdrawals (successful, of € 1000 and € 2000) I have seen my account double and now, after requesting another withdrawal: silence. They have kept € 10.000 of me.
    Please don't let anyone put their money back into an unregulated broker. They call me every two weeks about a new one, promising the same: investments from € 500 or less, we help you recover from your bad experiences and your debts with your credit card, a personal account manager, etc ...
    I repeat: nobody put their money in any unregulated broker. Learning to trade on your own with many demo accounts, a 10% maximum global risk, and 1-2% targets per trade is more than enough.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Chaski, it would be interesting if you send us the links of the web pages of these brokers that you say call you, so we make a review and fewer people drop, greetings and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  12. Eduardo Reply

    Hello, I have been investing 4 months in this broker with Antonio and he has a great operation, earning 15% per month. Request a partial withdrawal and I get to the bank in 2 days. For my part no problem with it.

    Although the broker is not reliable, bad customer service and everything quite suspicious.

    If I lose my money I will inform you.


    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Eduardo, thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us, I hope you can keep us informed of your situation with FXGIM, greetings.

      • Eduardo Reply

        Well, at the moment the expectations of Antonio Rivera are being met and he does not want to pay me the second partial withdrawal that I asked him. Which confirms that this is a full-blown SCAM.

        • Reliable forex broker Reply

          Hello Eduardo, thank you very much for sharing your comments about FXGIM with us, greetings.

        • Pedro Reply

          Hello Eduardo, from now on you will probably no longer have an answer of any kind, neither by phone nor by email. It is like many other scam brokers, they only call you to ask for money, as soon as you want to withdraw some important amount, it's over. I have been trying for almost three months to get the money I invested back, I have even given them the possibility of making partial transfers but the answer is "I do not answer." Next month marks a year since I made my investment and I am going to give you until then to see if I can get my money back, if not, I will start a campaign throughout the network to prevent anyone else from falling for your scam . You will have communication from me in case you want to join it. A greeting.

          • Joseph m

            Hello Pedro, I completely agree with you, the same thing is happening to me, they do not pick up the phone, they do not answer emails, FXGIM is a scam in capital letters, be careful with these characters, Antonio Rivera, Pedro Mujica, Ricardo del Valle, Bruno Roma,

    • Pedro Reply

      Hello Eduardo, I see that your comment is from 26/10. I have been trying to contact Antonio for a month and a half and there is no way. I started with him in July and the movements that I liked, I risked the correct percentage to the account, which increased from 5000 to 6200. The problem comes when I try to contact him and there is no way. The chat always says that all agents are busy, the emails I send are not answered. In September I received an email from a certain Bruno Roma who sent it to Eduardo Ramos and me with the change of telephone number 910382812. They don't answer here either. I am desperate because I see that my account is still active, I can make movements from MT4, but I have been trying to get the money for almost a month and I can not contact anyone. If what you say is true, could you tell me why do you contact someone from the company? A greeting and thanks for your help.

      • Reliable forex broker Reply

        Hello Pedro, what you are telling us is very suspicious, does that mean that neither email nor telephones respond? a greeting

        • Pedro Reply

          They don't respond to anything. One day I got by chance that they answered me on the online chat that they have on the web and the answer was that they would pass my request to the relevant department. I imagine the departments that these people have, it will be two sausages who cook it and eat it all. It is probably impossible for me to get the money back. I know that this Antonio Rivera still carries out operations on accounts because I am in contact with another client of his who by mistake sent me his email in a communication they sent me, and he keeps me up to date. In other words, the problem is not people who have already scammed but that they continue to scam more people. So I will start a campaign on the network to try not to let anyone else fall.

          • reliableforexbroker.com

            Hello Pedro, it is a shame to see that the broker acts in this way, that is why we always recommend investigating before investing with a broker, I hope you keep us informed of the situation of your withdrawals, greetings

  13. Santiago Reply

    Scammers !!!! Pedro Múgica and Antonio Rivera. Fake names, fake company. More than 200.000 euros have been stolen from me and the international fraud crime police are looking for them. They will shut down their website fxgim .com / es / in the next few days and they will go to jail as soon as they are caught. The agents told me their phones and emails are being tapped and the arrests are imminent.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Santiago, we are very sorry to read about your situation and experience with FXGIM, do you by any chance remember how you came to find them? a greeting

    • Pedro Reply

      Hello Santiago. Do you know if they are their real names? I contacted Antonio Rivera and made movements on my account. The account is still active because I can open positions from mt4 but I have tried to contact them and there is no way. If they are going to be arrested, I imagine that there will be some way of being able to report and try to recover the money? A greeting.

    • Angel Reply

      I repeat it again in case it is not clear: 100% SCAM
      From what I have been able to investigate, this Antonio Rivera is a Colombian who lives today in Israel and has been an employee of the Bforex broker.
      Apparently it has also been the broker FXGIM.
      Watch out!!!!
      Money that comes in does not go out anymore and leaving will only be a part because they know you have more!

      If these people think that they will keep my money they are very wrong!
      I am waiting for real names, photos and documents.

      • Reliable forex broker Reply

        Hello Angel, thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us.

    • GABRIEL Reply

      Fuck man, see if they catch them. where are they? who are they and what are their real names-?

      • anonymous Reply

        Well, are you stupid or what? of course they are not going to use their real names or their real location, who knows where the fuck are these scammers, to see if anyone has been able to find out something, please share the information

        • GABRIEL Reply

          I'm not fucking stupid, if you know who they are because the hell you don't say the real names. what are you afraid of.

          • ANONIMO

            No, you fucking misunderstood me, I tell you that these scammers are never going to use their real names to communicate with customers, they have to use others, and other phones that do not link them, for when they must disappear, they will disappear without a trace. If someone has more information please share it, there are several of us already affected.


      Hello Santiago, I see that you made this comment on the 4th of 10. I don't know what you used to say that they are going to close the web and that they are behind them. I by information of another client that until recently they were doing operations in their account, they continue operating and tried to deceive more people. The web continues to function without problems. For this reason my question where do you get the information, greetings and thanks.

  14. Angel Reply

    Unregulated broker with a classic market maker job policy.
    They will refund you money as long as you continue to deposit more until your account is at 0 or they disappear with your money.
    Colombian and Argentine with virtual names resident in Israel.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Angel, it's a shame to read your comments about FXGIM, we hope you can tell us more about your experience, greetings.

    • Manual Reply

      Good afternoon Angel:
      Fuck man, it seems that all the regulated and unregulated brokers in Cyprus are in Israel, can you talk in private? my email is [email protected]

  15. David Reply

    Hello, I have been trying for 5 months to get my money back, and all excuses, that if they had changed offices and had trouble, that I had to make a minimum of movements, that the switchboards were broken and they could not etc etc, total no They give it back to me, I have spoken with a certain Pedro Mujica and a certain Antonio Riviero or something like that, for my part we are clearly a scam, I hope nobody puts money there

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello David, we are very sorry that you have gone through that experience, if you can expand your experience a little more it would be very helpful ... although 5 months without being able to withdraw profits or money does not sound very good. A greeting.

    • Pedro Reply

      Hello David, shortly I am going to start a campaign against this mob so that at least they have to change the name of the website and all the infrastructure they have mounted, Emails, phones, websites, that at least they have to set up everything else time from scratch, since I think is the only thing we can do. I will pass you information so that if you want you can join her. A greeting.

  16. Joseph Reply

    I have an account with them and I have not had any problems requesting a refund. I will be attentive to what you comment.
    Thank you!

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Jose, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, you have requested the withdrawal, but has the money already reached your account? If you could provide us with this information it would be very helpful.

      A greeting.

      • Joseph Reply

        Hello, I requested a refund last month and I did. If I have something to comment on I will tell you.

        • Pedro Reply

          Hi Jose, can you tell me by what means have you communicated with them? I have been trying to talk to them for more than a month and I have no response. Thank you.

    • Pedro Reply

      Hello Jose, how much is the withdrawal you have received?

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