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¿It is the truly reliable EverFX broker (aka everfx.com)? Is it safe for you to invest your money with this company? In this section we will analyze the company and its reputation as such on the internet.

Do you want to give us a hand and help inform about this company? We invite anyone who has experience with this company, to leave a comment with their experience and to rate the company according to their experience with it.

The EverFX broker is a broker of: Forex and CFDs.

The broker mentions to be part of: ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd, Fiscus Capital Seychelles Limited, GAAM Digital Progressus Ltd and Digital Age Solutions Limited.

EverFX is based in: Cyprus, Cayman Islands and Seychelles, although we consider them to be very unsafe regulations.

If we talk about regulation, EverFX is regulated in Cyprus, Cayman Islands and Seychelles.

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We will continue to analyze the different account types that EverFX offers. In the case of EverFX, we note that they have 4 different plans or types of account: Entry Account, Standard Account, Premium Account and VIP Account.

Entry Account: Minimum extension from 1,5 points, maximum level up to 1: 500, bonus up to 30%, customer support 24 hours 5 days a week, welcome call by a personal account advisor. Minimum initial deposit of $ 250.

Standard Account: Minimum extension from 1,5 points, maximum level up to 1: 500, bonus up to 50%, customer support 24 hours 5 days a week, personal manager for your account, investment studies and analysis from Trading Central. Minimum initial deposit of $ 2.500.

Premium account: Minimum extension from 0,8 points, maximum level up to 1: 400, bonus up to 100%, customer support 24 hours 5 days a week, personal manager for your account, a monthly session with a specialized market analyst, support permanent from Skype, study and investment analysis of Trading Central. Minimum initial deposit of $ 10.000.

VIP account: Minimum extension from 0 points, maximum level up to 1: 200, bonus up to 100%, customer support 24 hours 5 days a week, commission of $ 6 per lot, exclusive personal manager for your account, a weekly session with an analyst specialized market, exclusive trading strategies, development of an individual investment plan, permanent support via Skype, investment study and analysis from Trading Central. Minimum initial deposit of $ 50.000.


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The platforms used to trade are: the MT4 and MT5 platform.

Now, yes, we will go on to analyze the different resources and aids that the company provides to traders on its website: some explanations of the products that EverFX offers, an explanation of basic concepts of the investment world, some live charts, economic calendar , financial event news, pip calculator, really not much else.


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Additional information about the company


Phone number: does not have.

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: everfx.com

Clarification: The investment company EverFX works in different countries, so the information provided may not apply to your country, this review is directed to Latin America and / or Spain.

* Bonuses or promotions: None by the moment


EverFX valuation

Caution: unregulated broker

With the information we have so far, the comments and reviews of users and traders, our opinion is that it looks like a company we should be careful with.

Why? It is a regulated broker, but regulated by insecure and not very serious organizations (Cyprus, Cayman Islands and Seychelles), it is based in very insecure countries (Cyprus, Cayman Islands and Seychelles), when looking for information and other valuations about EverFX we found a great number of negative reviews

Do you know this company? Do you think our opinion is not correct? Have you operated with this broker? Share a comment with your experience.


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2 comments on “EverFX - everfx.com”

  1. I have invested a lot of money in a broker called everfxglobal and every time I was winning they made me take more opposition with the free margin, whenever I asked to make a withdrawal they ate my head with buts and buts, in short I had to close opposition in profits because why part of them only in losses and I did not see them happy .. the time came that I had to get money for the profits were 50,000 euros with a total invested of 9,350 euros, he tells me not to worry that in the afternoon he would call me to help me, that now I had to open more opposition so that that profit margin, the other oppositions would not take away that margin, I listened to everything, I felt like the family who came to talk to my 4-year-old girl saying that mommy would buy them a lot of toys and blah blah ... then he makes me open opposition in gold and silver in dollars and euros 12 lots like that, 3 of each one ... how weird it makes me catch the bassist when it was always going up that from there I got to win, I told him why what, give me I think I was going to see a fall, and it was my opportunity .. in the afternoon they call me, but to invest more money, I tell them how it is possible with everything I have and they offer to give me a 100% loan to invest more ... just at lunchtime I see that everything is going in losses, they tell me that I have to be calm that I am doing well is normal ... they make me close the operations in positive so that according to that it was good, it was getting worse and they forced me to invest with see that my capital was not lost, deposit more by transfer and with the hopes of 100% of the capital ... until today they do not give me anything and they do not answer me ... another called asking me to invest more so that he could give me the promised bonus and I sent him to hell, this one called Matías Argentino ... the other was Chao from China ... these operations are carried out from the Cayman Islands and how rare the transfers were destined for Cyprus ... now I have a lawyer to see where this is ...
    Just tell them not to fall for these thieves EVERFXGLOBAL, IT IS THE PLATFORM THAT THEY MAKE THEM GO ...

    1. Hello Ana, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the EverFX broker. It sounds very, very bad what you say, and above all, it speaks very badly of the EverFX broker.

      Do you have any other information about the broker (such as names of advisers, emails, phone numbers)?

      a greeting

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