Does your broker no longer answer your messages? Left your account in the red? Do you feel like you were scammed?

Hello to all our readers! We invite you to read this informative and important section:

In this section we will focus on the complaints and reports to fraudulent brokers or investment companies. Be it a Forex broker, a crypto broker, a financial advisory company, cryptocurrency investments, online casinos, capital recovery companies, binary options or whatever. It is the same, we will talk about companies that pretend to be serious and are a scam.

The investment world is full of companies that they pretend to be a trustworthy and high-level company, but they really are on the contrary to this: fraudulent companies that only seek scam people y take away all their money in the shortest possible time. We know that this unfortunately happens every day, so we have created this same section, with open comments, so you can report or comment on the problems you have with your broker, and / or investment company.

We know that many times you do not want to share your experience, or your complaint, perhaps out of shame of having fallen with one of these fraudulent companies, but believe it or not, sharing your experience is what more help people who plan to invest with that company, your experience helps that person, a new possible scammer not to fall with the company.

Remember that sharing your experience, even if it is a question, even if you feel frustrated or ashamed to do it, is something that a lot of help for people looking for information About the company. Possible new defrauders.

It does not matter if it has happened to you months or weeks ago, equally, sharing your experience with us is extremely helpful.

Report a broker
We will give you some tips if you plan to share your experience with us:
  • Always remember to name the Web page y company name.
  • Explain the situation in the way as detailed as possible. 
  • If you remember, Mention how you came to find this company. Maybe through social networks, an ad, a friend, a newspaper ...
  • Dinos when it all happened.
  • It's okay to use a nickname or pseudonym when leaving your comment, you don't need to use a real name, but it is necessary that the email you use does exist, in case we later want contact you for any reason. (Remember that your email will not be seen by anyone, and we will never share it with anyone). If you don't want to use your personal email either, you can create a new one very easily on web pages like Gmail or Yahoo!
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We tell you again: Sharing your experience will help many people! Understand that you are not the only one affected. Imagine if you had read an experience mentioning that the broker that has scammed you is not trustworthy and that it is a company dedicated to scamming.

Maybe you would have saved all your money, it would have been very good right?

Well that is precisely, In order for you to leave your comment and your complaint, your experience and report to your broker. With something as simple as a comment you can warn people who have been contacted by this company, that they are thinking of investing.

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🔹 Remember that for any other question or problem you have (or maybe you want to tell us something privately), you can always contact us through our contact section, and also remember that in our Opinion list (or using our search engine above) you can find a list with all the business reviews we have done to date.

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143 comments on «Report my broker»

    • Reply

      Hi Elisa, we don't know about this broker in our database, are you sure it's called that, check it out and confirm me to write a review if necessary.


  1. Joseph from Colombia Reply

    Hello…the gentlemen of are scammers…they teach you, they make you win, then they let you withdraw and then they ask you for at least USD15.000 so you can earn a lot of money. And from there you are trapped. When you go to withdraw they start asking you for USD2.000 to match with your account. You do it and they tell you it's not enough you need another $2.000 and they never give you anything back.

    I have the contacts of the scammers, phone numbers and photos.

    • Reply

      Hello Jose, DO NOT DEPOSIT MORE, YOU WILL NOT BE RETURNED ANYTHING. The broker they call Coinasset is a SCAM, a large number of investors have written to us criticizing Coinasset for their lack of ethics and professionalism, it is not recommended to invest in a broker WITHOUT REGULATION. If customers request a withdrawal, they do not make it.

      They harass you with phone calls and are often rude. They create FAKE positive comments To deceive investors, they say on our website that we are from the competition when in reality we only do broker reviews.

      If you see that when you request your capital they want you to pay: a tax, a legalization, a commission or similar things, Do not believe them! These charges do not exist, they invent them to steal more money from you.

      To assess your case and to recover the money talk to chat from our website or click on the following link: Get your money back, we help you


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