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¿It is the really reliable Chrono FM broker? Is it safe for you to invest your money with this company? In this section we will analyze the broker and its reputation as such on the internet.
We invite anyone who has experience with this company, to leave a comment with their experience and to give a score to the broker according to their experience with it.

The broker Chrono FM, is a Forex and CFD broker.

The broker mentions to be part of Pentacle Group LTD, and payment services are processed by Sanata Group EOOD.

Chrono FM is based in: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Pentacle Group LTD) and Bulgaria (Sanata Group EOOD).

If we talk about regulation, Chrono FM mentions an incorporation in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and also in Bulgaria, but no regulation, we believe that it is a NON-REGULATED broker.

Chrono FM website
Chrono FM website

We will continue to analyze the different account types that Chrono FM offers. In the case of Chrono FM, we note that it offers 4 different types of accounts: the Islamic Account, the ECN Account, the VIP Account and the PAMM Account.


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Regarding the characteristics of the account types, Chrono FM does not offer many details about the account types such as minimum initial deposit, leverage, etc.

claim money with mychargeback

The platforms used to operate are: does not specify.

Now, yes, we will go on to analyze the different resources and help that the broker provides to traders on its website: a section with financial news (in English), economic calendar, a series of educational videos, a trader's glossary, not much more. than that really.


Chrono FM broker features



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Additional information about the company


Phone number: +44 203 807 0048

Email: [email protected]


Clarification: The Chrono FM broker works in different countries, so the information provided may not apply to your country, this review is directed to Latin America and / or Spain.

* Bonuses or promotions: None by the moment



Chrono FM rating


Caution, scam broker

Caution: unregulated broker

With the information we have so far, the comments and reviews of users and traders, not this opinion is not very clear yet, we suggest caution. Why? We have found almost no comments about the broker (which makes us think it is new) and it is an unregulated broker.  

Actualización: Due to a message received proving that Chrono FM is from the same people behind Capital Markets Banc (broker with a very negative reputation) we do not trust Chrono FM, we do not recommend it. We let link for who is interested in investigating further. Thanks to CARLITO for the information.

Do you know this broker? Do you think our opinion is not correct? Have you operated with him? Leave a comment with your experience.


Are you part of Chrono FM? Are you a representative or worker of the company? Write to us here >> use this form << 


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139 comments on «Chrono FM»

  1. Ricardo Reply

    For those who have been scammed, I tried the chargeback services suggested here and it was fine. I was able to recover about 9.000 dollars, I think it is the only solution, I recommend it

    • Reply

      Hello Ricardo, what a fantastic news! We appreciate that you have told us, we know that sometimes people have doubts but we know that many times it is achieved. Our recommendation is that if you intend to invest again, first check the name on our website or if you want to ask us, we will be happy to help you.

      We recommend all those affected to try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT that we have on the web or in the following link: Get your money back, we are on your side

      Before making another investment decision, check out this link:


  2. United Victims Reply

    CHRONOFM is owned by Pentacle Group ltd and Hillsboro group ltd. They are fraudulent companies, which do not have any regulation as a broker.

    They are a group of companies and fake pages that are the group of: WANDAFX, CENTROBANC, WANDAFX, CRYPTOKARTAL, FX NOBEL and BANC MONARCH. All the money goes to the same people.

    We are a group of affected and victims by these brokers. They are the same bank accounts, same addresses, same phone numbers and it is the same people. Allyson, Hanna, Eduardo, all fake names. They are criminal organizations that are in Bulgaria and Estonia and they send the money to tax havens.

    There are already several open legal proceedings against these brokers in a Court of Madrid and others in Catalonia, and quite a few investigations by the police where all these relationships emerge.

    If you have been scammed by these people: [email protected]

    As little as you have invested, you have to get together and kill them

    • Reply

      Hello Victims, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the Chrono FM broker, in principle, how did you decide to invest with them? Maybe they called you or did you leave your information in an advertisement?

      Do you have any other information about the broker? Relevant data or information about your experience with them. If you have more information about these companies, we ask you to share it.

      a greeting

    • Reply

      Hello Reviewer, thanks for the video.


  3. Joseba Cerain Reply

    Hello to all the group of scammed in which I am also, I read in all the comments the same, good manners and persistent when it comes to pressuring you to get as much money as they can, you generate money that only they see, and you alone You lose, then after despair if you have left some money in the account, you claim it but they ignore you, we are facing an international mafia, and I hope that we are listened to and somehow we can recover what little we have in the accounts, I will continue informing me and I hoped to find some establishment that would give us a solution

    • Reply

      Hi Joseba, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Chrono FM with us… It's really a shame what you mention… If you get more information about the company, please share it with us.


    • Reply

      Hello José Manuel, it is a real shame what you mention, can you share more details of your experience with Chrono FM with us? Do you remember how you found them in the first place?


  4. Feniel Reply

    Hello, good night, the same thing happens to me with these people.

    • Reply

      Hello Feniel, thank you for your comments. How long have you been trying to contact them and trying to withdraw? Do you remember how you came to find them?

      A greeting.

      • Feniel Reply

        Hello, they took money from my bank account € 250 and it is registered
        or it is the chronofm page of sofia the bank is looking for a way to claim and this page does not answer by mail or calls they are scammers. I need to locate them

  5. George Reply

    they are scammers, especially MICKY, they do not return the money and disappear with the excuse of a family problem

    • Reply

      Hello Jorge, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Chrono FM with us, do you remember how you came to find this company?

      A greeting.

      • George Reply

        with a phone call, offering to invest 250, and little bit go up.
        when I wanted to withdraw the 10.000.- disappeared.

        • Reply

          Hi Jorge, it's really a shame what you're saying… We understand that you have been contacted by phone, but do you have any idea how they got your number? Maybe you've signed up for a Chrono FM ad or something like that?

          A greeting.

    • stefan Reply

      Still missing I can not contact them can someone tell me how to get the money?

      • Reply

        Hello Stefan, because this is the problem of these unregulated brokers, when, for example, they stop picking up the phones and their website stops working, it is almost impossible to contact them since they use false addresses and names ... Let's see if someone affected knows how help Stefan ...

        A greeting.

  6. Albert Gil Lopez Reply

    Hello. I have also recently had a bad experience with this broker. I have written it in an article. In order not to share all the text here, I leave you the link: gilfinance .es / la-scam-de-chrono-fm-orchestrated-by-iron-fx / I hope that together we can report these scams to prevent people from losing your money and be disappointed. Greetings and good trade.

    • Reply

      Hello Albert, thanks for sharing your article, but it would be interesting if you comment a short summary of your experience ...

      A greeting.

  7. MasterB Reply

    How about,
    I have read all your comments, I must ask, did anyone manage to get their money withdrawn from Chrono FM?


    • pepper Reply

      It is a scam, the money you send, you will never get it back.

  8. germamba Reply

    According to the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users of Spain):

    It is a broker that operates in the Forex market and with CFDS products.
    Certainly risky investment products and NOT RECOMMENDED for most investors.
    It is an unregulated broker, so in the event of a problem with them, the ways of claiming are limited (or non-existent in many cases). The first of these is the claim to themselves through their Customer Service, of not answering within a maximum period of two months (and I assure you that they will not answer).
    The possibility of claiming before the National Securities Market Commission cannot be answered or not satisfactory.

    In other words, that to these people NO WATER.

    I don't think it will do much good against this mob, but I am going to file a criminal complaint against ChronoFM. I have already spoken with the Liverpoool police, Interpol, the Bulgarian Police (Chronofm in theory is from there), the Mossos d'Esquadra, the National Police, the antifraud website and, above all, this website, which I know you read.

  9. germamba Reply

    Idea: What do you think if we create an association of those affected by crypto scams?
    It would be a good way for us crypto scammers to join us.
    For the record, I am not giving up my money. I'll do whatever it takes to get it back.

    Do you know any expert lawyer in this matter?

    • germamba Reply

      I've found one: maestreabogados .com / contact /

      Does anyone have references from these people?

      • germamba Reply

        Two more good friends have already contacted me, one from Madrid and one from Barcelona.

  10. germamba Reply

    If tomorrow you continue to ignore me, I am going to give you a diagram of the way Chrono FM works that I hope will help people to know how these “people” work and (not) act accordingly.

    • germamba Reply

      Here you have a description of how these people "work". As I give you contact details, bombard them with messages demanding your money.

      1. They call you and try to convince you to invest your money with them.
      2. If they don't succeed, they leave you alone and they will surely call you another time, to see if they catch you with your defenses down.
      3. If they get you to invest, you have a very good chance that you will lose your money forever.
      4. I explain their way of "working":
      to. They will fill you with good deals so that you can do business with them and if you agree they will facilitate access to a website.
      b. On this website: my.chronofm .com / (previously entering the username and password that they have provided) you will see what the money is invested in, its movements and that in theory money is made, money that will disappear in a few hours (because I suppose they keep it) and that you will never see again. They will call you, in my case they did, to comment that they have earned a lot of money, they will show you the earnings, but you will never see them again, nor the number in the history of movements, and much less as a deposit in your account.
      c. On the web, your capital will only move down when they lose money with their theoretical investments. Never up when they win, they are already in charge of not stating the benefits, much less making you part of them. I suppose they do it so as not to leave a trace of the movement of their accounts. The only movement that remains is your entry into them. There the movement of money ends.

      5. If you want to report them,
      to. Enter the website that they have provided (chronofm .com), request a refund (withdrawal) of your capital (from the section of their website that I indicate below in a screenshot), it will be registered initially, and as they will not do it , nor you will see the supposed profit again, go to the complaint website of:
      - the civil Guard:
      gdt.guardiacivil .es / webgdt / pinformar.php
      - the National Police:
      police .es / generic_form.php? orders = 52
      - For those of you who live in Catalonia (I give you an email from the Mossos d'Esquadra website): [email protected] and comment your situation there.
      - And from this British organization (I let you know that, in theory, Chronofm operates from Great Britain; at least the calls I received were made from Liverpool):
      actionfraud / reporting-fraud

      Do not cut yourselves in making any complaint about cybercrimes, yes, they are TRUE. We help each other.

      b. Make a withdrawal of money, in the same option of the previous capture, selecting "withdrawal" (withdrawal of money). Take a screenshot of your withdrawal order to keep track of it.
      c. Since it is most likely that they will erase your withdrawal order, go to the police authority in your area with the capture and the company's data and report that they do not respect your order to withdraw money.

      6. Contact: The ways to contact these "people" have been, at least in my case:
      to. chronofm .com / contact-us.html; [email protected] ;
      Tel. + 442038070048
      b. [email protected] ; Tel. +441512538829
      7. NEVER invest in any bank that is not from the list that I provide below. Before investing, consult it (you will not find Chronofm):
      bde .es / bde / es / areas / statis / Listas_de_instit / Instituciones_fi / Lista_de_instit_d45baa4af831051.html

  11. pepper Reply

    Good morning, I have received the income that I had requested. I also continue to distrust the broker until the number of positive opinions increases. I recommend caution. I withdrew part of the earnings. I don't know what would have happened if I had tried to withdraw all the money. I also recommend to those who have doubts, to withdraw small amounts until they withdraw much of the deposit.

    • pirri Reply

      Hello Pepe, how would I like you to tell me with whom you have spoken to be able to withdraw part of the capital since I am in the same situation as you but I have not been able to withdraw anything.
      as you have withdrawn it from the platform or talking to your advisor or advisor.
      Thank you

      • pepper Reply

        I already answered you a few days ago, but my comment does not appear, perhaps it is pending moderation.

  12. JJ Reply

    Hello everyone,
    Today they tell me that they will make my deposit at the end of the month, but well I'll wait on the 2nd to have the money in my account, well let's give them a second chance, I always give people more than one chance. I will give you the last vote of confidence and I hope that everything is in a communication error and we can do good business and everything works out correctly for both parties.

    I already hire you counting.
    thank you very much

  13. JJ Reply

    Hello everyone,
    They promised me that at the end of this month they would make my admission without problem, I am still waiting for it, I do not stop sending emails and nothing, the girl pretends to be Maria, but her voice is not Spanish, and also with a Spanish surname. Well, I am outraged, because I see myself without the money again, now in the account I have made 4000, but it is as if it were a demo account, because I cannot touch any money nor can I see it, it is a shame, that these types of companies that play with people's feelings, etc. but hey. The question is, if I don't have it in a couple of weeks, I'll just go to the police to report this fradulent company. I know you have to have thousands of complaints, but hey one more has not passed.
    I already know that I have signed a paper authorizing entry.
    Well, I don't know if anyone has been able to collect some money from this company, I'm not angry, I'm disappointed, and I feel cheated. This is a shame that they make money from deception.
    well your karma in the end everything returns.
    a greeting

    • germamba Reply

      I'm in the same situation than you. They promised me that on 26.03.2018 I would have my money deposited in my account and as of today they have not yet done so. I give you a few days of margin for the Easter holidays that have been these dates. In a few days I will contact you to confirm if they have done so or not and inform you of the steps to follow to legally claim our money.

  14. Jf Reply

    Hi, I have deposited 500 euro. I wanted to withdraw my money but they didn't answer. Let me know please what can I do. Thanks.

    • Reply

      Jf: “Hello, I have deposited 500 euros, I want to withdraw my money but they do not answer me, please tell me what I can do. Thank you"

  15. joan Reply

    Hello everyone,
    It is a macro scam. I am pending that they pay me what I have asked for, but they are always excuses, and excuses, he told me nothing on Monday, yesterday, nothing and today nothing, and so on for 2 weeks.
    They are the worst and they are already warming me up and I need my money, my manager told me that he would call me on Monday afternoon and she disappeared, and I don't know anything about her.
    do not put more money to these scammers will have to leave the market now !!!!
    I hope to receive the money.

    • Reply

      Hi Joan, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Chrono FM with us…

      A greeting.

  16. pepper Reply

    I made a deposit and am concerned about the comments I read. Talking to my manager, I don't get the feeling that there have to be problems. However, I have ordered to withdraw a small amount to test whether it is possible to withdraw money. as soon as I have more information, I will communicate it.

    • germamba Reply

      I did the same. My interlocutor promised to admit me on a date, and he did not. From then on, it disappeared. But not my money, I see it in the MetaTrade, and it grows little by little, but I don't know how I can get it back. I take this comment to raise the question: how can we get our money back (we see it, but we cannot operate with it)? How can I know that this money is going to my name?

      • germamba Reply

        How do you contact MetaTrade? Does anyone know? Can you refund the money to us?

        I have found this information and I do not know if it is reliable. Does anyone know?
        ifcmarkets .es / platforms / pa-withdrawal

        • germamba Reply

          The Chronofm have tried to contact me, after a few days without saying anything. I hope to fix the mess that has been created.

    • Reply

      Hello Pepe, understood, we remain attentive to your answer, greetings.

    • pepper Reply

      I am pending a deposit that they have made in my account. I'm still worried, but the treatment I receive from my agent is good. I will confirm when I have the deposit in my account. At the moment I have benefits and I make partial withdrawals.

  17. germamba Reply

    Confirmed. Is a gotcha. They have not returned my money. I thought they would.

  18. joan Reply

    Hello everyone
    I've been trying to get 1200 euros for two weeks and it's impossible, my manager no longer takes my calls and I've been unable to contact these bastards, I'm doing a good trading on the account but I can't withdraw anything this is one of the biggest cabornadas I want to be in the best trading, but let him know that they give you your money back. Someone knows of a good and reliable one, I'm going head over heels.

    thank you very much

    • joan Reply

      Hello everyone,

      Thanks guys, my manager called me, and she tells me that today I will have the money in my account.
      I already mentioned, I hope it remains a misunderstanding and everything is as it should be.
      Thank you very much
      a greeting

    • germamba Reply

      Hi Joan,

      Report it to the Mossos. I will go tomorrow.

  19. Jordi Reply

    These motherfuckers are calling me every week, I already laugh at them in their fucking face. That bitch every time she calls me changes her name, I don't know how you have fallen into that trap, you have to be a bit short to get to put money in this scam.

  20. Antonio Reply

    It's SCAM, SCAM, ETC.
    They call you, they promise you FREE COURSE, they promise you money, they promise you 5 days of trial, they give you € 50 for free, they will get you € 80 in 5 days ...
    You follow the roll, you register, and once registered you ask them about the free course / academy and they tell you that first the € 250 deposit… I tell them that only paypal…. and they do not work with paypal, I tell them that first the course, and nothing that € 250, I say no, I hang up, and they call again insisting ... send eggs ...
    The third time they called me, I told the girl (by the way, she says her name is SARA and that she is Italian, and they called first with a hidden number and then with a Madrid number) get up, look for your boss or manager and ask her by Capital Market Banc…. and cross out! MAGIC! they don't call anymore.

    • Reply

      Hi Antonio, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Chrono FM with us, do you have any idea how they got your phone number?

      A greeting.

      • Antonio Reply

        No idea how they got my number, I don't usually answer calls with a hidden number, but I had a free time to answer and I was curious.

        • Reply

          Don't you remember signing up for an advertisement or something?

    • Antonio Reply

      Very interesting about them, in English:
      forexpeacearmy .com / community / threads / anybody-heard-of-chronofm-com-its-really-a-bulgarian-company-even-though-i-claim-its-in-london.54013 /

      • Reply

        Hello Antonio, because for those who are not given English, basically more comments that mention that Chrono FM is not to be trusted, thank you very much for attaching the link Antonio.

        A greeting.

  21. Alberto enguita Reply

    Good Morning. I am a Chrono Fm customer. They contacted me and I decided to enter the minimum, 250 euros. I have tried unsuccessfully to withdraw my money. My manager, María, does not answer. I spoke to her several times but now she has deactivated her phone (Chripre number). The customer service office is unresponsive. The withdrawal cannot be executed without verbal confirmation from my manager. Email address [email protected] it does not work. Right now I give up the money. A lot of attention with these people. Has anyone successfully claimed?
    Thanks and regards

    • Reply

      Hello Alberto, thank you very much for sharing your experience with ChronoFM with us, do you remember how you came to find them?

      Greetings and we are also waiting, to see if another client can provide an answer ...

      • Ernesto zanetti Reply

        Gentili Signori di BROKER FOREX AFFIDABILITY,
        non potete aiutarci ad agire with a class action for tentare di recuperare il salvabile?
        Or at least indicate how to talk.

        rest in attesa di vostra cortese risposta.

        • Reply

          Ernesto zanetti: “Dear Sirs of BROKER FOREX RELIABLE,
          Can't you help us take a class action to try to get the money back?
          Or at least tell us how to do it.

          I will look forward for your response."

        • Reply

          Hello Ernesto zanetti, because the problem is that these companies are designed so that capital is very difficult to recover, also remember that you have “invested” your capital of your own free will. What you can do, for example, is contact the financial regulator in your country, which we assume is Italy, so it is> and explain what happened.

          We hope you find it useful,

          a greeting.//

          Ciao Ernesto Zanetti, because of the problem that this società sono progettate in such a way that the capitale is difficult to recover, inoltre ricorda that is “investito” il tuo capitale di tu volontà. Please let me know, for that matter, I will communicate with the financial regulatory entity of the country, that we will assume that Italy, for that matter. e spiegare thing è successo.

          Let's hope we find it useful,

          a salute.

      • Alberto enguita Reply

        Good morning:
        They contacted me. They had my phone. I do not know any more. I suppose they would get the data from some provider. Or they stole them outright.
        It's funny, because the platform still allows me to trade. In fact, I made some money between yesterday and today

        • Reply

          Hello Alberto, thanks for the information, yes, the problem in reality, in most of the brokers with abusive practices, are seen when wanting to withdraw the capital ...

          A greeting.

  22. YoYo Reply

    Does anyone know how we can do an action class to stop these scammers and claim our investment?

  23. Raimondo Reply

    secondo me sono collegati a capital market banc ne ho la prova non fidatevi vi fregano i soldi lo perchè gli ho teso una trappola e ci sono caduti

    • Reply

      Raimondo: I think they are connected to Capital Markets Banc. I have the proof. Don't trust you to rub the money I know because I set them a trap and they fell.

  24. Ernesto zanetti Reply

    Give a part il mio pensiero mi says meglio così at least dopo l'ennesima scrub sono certo di aver chiuso with il mondo del FOREX
    Further rest in attesa of a very successful telephony of altre company to send it to fare in c..o !!!!!!

    • Reply

      Ernesto zanetti: "On the one hand my thoughts tell me better like this, that at least after another scam I am sure that I have closed with the world of FOREX
      Now I am waiting for a phone call from other companies to tell them to take c… o !!!!!! "

  25. Ernesto zanetti Reply

    binaryoptioneurope .com / 2017/05/01 / capital-markets-bank-recensioni-trading-truffa-le-opinioni /

    This is the LINK that we showed purtroppo the quasi certa perdita dei nostri soldi with CHRONO F M.

    Fortunately, for me only € 350, because I used the FOREX with only truffe.
    Ridiculous note, ieri sono contattato dal mio cosulente that camouflaging the voce spacciandosi by a high responsibility, continues to pretend to increasei di capitale, alla mia rimostranza di verlo scoperto è stato capace di dirmi che was the phone to Farmi sembrare the sua voce uguale al suo collega (IT WAS THE STESSA PERSONA !!!!)
    Non ho più parole my rimangno only parolacce e lacrime di esserci caduto eats a FESSO !!!

    Saluti Ernesto Zanetti
    Facciamo a Class action !!! Per recuperare i nostri soldi.

    • Reply

      Hello Ernesto Zanetti, thank you very much for the link, it has very interesting information, we already have a review on Capital Markets Banc and we have hundreds and hundreds of experiences of people who lost their capital, we will update the Chrono FM review, greetings. // Ciao Ernesto zanetti, grazie per il link, has informazioni molto interessanti, abbiamo già a review of his Capital Markets Banc e abbiamo centinaia e centinaia di espeienze di persone who has not perso il loro capitale, we will proceed ad aggiornare the review of Chrono FM, saluti .

      • Ernesto zanetti Reply

        I think che siano gli stessi di Chron fm stesse procedure
        cerchiamo di bloccarli in tempo fatemi sapere grazie.

        • Reply

          Ernesto zanetti: “I think they are the same as Chron's own procedures
          we will block them in time, let me know thank you. "


            Hello Ernesto Zanetti, the truth is that we have not understood your message… Greetings. // Ciao Ernesto zanetti, the verità è che non abbiamo capito il tuo messaggio… Saluti.

          • Ernesto zanetti

            Ho detto che usano gli stessi metodi di CMB
            cerchiamo di bloccarli in tutti i modi


            Ernesto zanetti: “I said they use the same methods as CMB
            we try to block them in every way "

    • Reply

      binaryoptioneurope .com / 2017/05/01 / capital-markets-bank-recensioni-trading-truffa-le-opinioni /

      Ernesto zanetti: “This LINK unfortunately proves the almost certain loss of our money with CHRONO FM. Fortunately for me I only “invested” € 350. I have decided not to continue with FOREX, there are only scams.

      And I share something really ridiculous, yesterday I was contacted by my "consultant" who hiding his voice, pretended to be a senior manager, continued demanding capital increases, to my complaint of having discovered that he was able to tell me it was the phone to make me see his voice the same as his colleague (WAS THE SAME PERSON!).

      I have no more words, I only have the bad words and the tears of having fallen DEEP!

      Greetings, Ernesto zanetti: let's do a class action! To get our money back.

      • YoYo Reply

        ok, it seems fine to me, but how does the process of a class action begin?
        I'm all ears.
        Thank you very much!

        • Ernesto zanetti Reply

          Expensive Yoyo purtroppo not so dovrebbe aiutarci qualcuno più esperto.
          We can provide you with a permanent number.


            Ernesto zanetti: “Dear Yoyo, unfortunately, I don't know if someone with more experience should help us.
            Unfortunately, there are more unhappy people every day. "

  26. germamba Reply

    I don't know if you know that I had a bad initial experience with chronofm (largely my fault). It has been difficult for me to solve it and it has already been resolved. And I can assure you that they have confirmed to me that they are going to fulfill their end of the deal.

    If you feel badly served by chronofm (no other company), post a message that is true and they, who are awaiting the comments on this website, will try to solve it for you. It has happened to me, I give my word that it has been solved.

    I promise you that I have touched the balls until I have gotten them to keep their word.

    They are trading my money until it is returned to me (Thursday. I have already signed the orders to transfer my money to my account). As soon as I receive it, I will confirm with facts if I have won something. If you want, wait until I know the result and I will confirm if it has been beneficial for me.

    • Reply

      Hello “germamba”, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Chrono FM with us… Do you remember how you came to find them?

      A greeting.

      • germamba Reply


        I don't know how or where they got my phone number (maybe there is a database with bank customers or something like that and that's where they got it) but they called me.

        Honestly, I got carried away by my greed thinking that they were hard at four pesetas and I hooked up with them. I saw their way of working, it did not satisfy me and I commented on it (I had a few "chickens" with them, and it seems that at least between the two of us, the waters have returned to their course). I asked them to give me my money back; It has cost me but it seems that I have achieved it. They say that until Thursday they will not return it to me, and from then on I will express my satisfaction (or not) of working with them. But, contrary to what it seemed at first, things "look good."

        I hope to give you good news in a week.

        Thanks to this website. It is very legit. Word of honor.

        • Reply

          That on Thursday they will return it to you, or that on Thursday they will not return it to you? Thank you very much for expanding your experience with Chrono FM. We stay tuned to see if you can solve your problems with the company.

          A greeting.

        • Ernesto zanetti Reply

          Buongiorno Germamba,
          sei riuscita a farti restituire il capitale?

    • YoYo Reply

      Hello Grmamba, I will be on the lookout if they enter the money, it seems that after some tense conversation, I am also in a similar situation. I have an investment of € 1000 in the account and I want to cancel it but they ask me for a month of trading, then I am supposed to be able to withdraw the money.
      Does anyone know how to cancel the chronofm account?
      Thank you very much for the forum, at the moment there is nothing clear but I think that in the end we will see if it really is a broker to trust or not. Although at first I have my doubts.

      • Reply

        Hello YoYo, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Chrono FM with us, because we are waiting to see how you solve your situation, greetings.

      • Ernesto zanetti Reply

        buongiorno yoyo,
        purtroppo the vedo brutta non credo che restuituiranno niente.
        Facciamo a class action

  27. chrono fm Reply

    The only thing they want is for you to send them money, then they ask for more, then they ask for more, then they ask for more ... It sounds very, very bad ...

    • Reply

      Hello “chrono fm” thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us… Do you remember how you came to find Chrono FM?

      A greeting.

    • Ernesto zanetti Reply

      Buongiorno Chrono fm ti chiedono always più soldi anche with aggessività io not ci sono cascato and thought communque di non rivedere più neanche a € e thought di aver chiuso definitely with the forex perchè sulla mia strada ho uncontrato only always people who are lost tutto.

      • Reply

        Ernesto zanetti: “Good morning, Chrono fm, you always ask for more money, even with difficulty, I did not fall into the trap and I think I will never see a single € again and I think I will definitely finish with forex because on my way I have always met people that make you lose everything. "

        • Reply

          Hello Ernesto Zanetti, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. It will surely serve to prevent people, and for people who seek information about this company. Greetings.// Ciao Ernesto zanetti, grazie mille per aver shared your experience with noi. It will surely serve to prevent you and people in close proximity to your inquiry. A salute.

  28. Joan Subirós Reply

    It smells bad to me.
    They called me with a number +44, the girl speaks Spanish and says that she is from London and they have a Russian accent or something similar that you can't.
    Insist on € 250 …….
    Investors are not sought as well.
    I have seen in some forums that the money once invested cannot be withdrawn, they DO NOT ANSWER to the claim to withdraw the funds.

    • Reply

      Hello Joan, because we still cannot rate it since we have not received enough experiences, do you have the address of those forums that you mention?

      A greeting.

    • Ernesto zanetti Reply

      Come prevedevo not you fanno ritirare più i tuoi fondi as Joan says, sono molto aggressivi vogliono semper più denaro and non nascondo di essere anche molto worried even se 350 € non mi cambiano la vita ma mi sento imprisoned in turn che risulta peggio.

      • Reply

        Ernesto zanetti: “As expected, they make you not withdraw from your funds, as Joan says, they are very aggressive saying that they want more and more money, and I cannot deny that I am also very worried, it is also € 350 that does not change my life, but I feel teased which is worse. "

    • Ernesto zanetti Reply

      Buongiorno Joan
      Sarebbe interessante conoscere i commenti dei forum che citi sulle attività di Chrono f m.
      Riesci to indicate?
      a greeting from Ernesto Zanetti

  29. Juan B Reply

    For the record, I do not understand how these companies work.

    My logic tells me that, in theory, if you win and they win, that would have to be a perfect deal. It does not enter my head that they treat their clients so badly that they speak badly of them and the "bad reputation" leaves them on the ground. The delicacy towards your clients is not your characteristic, I will NEVER AGAIN invest in unregulated brokers. Do not trust.

    From now on, I will only work with “traditional banking”. I will earn less, but it will be clear. That "hard to four pesetas" does not exist although some of us have believed it.

    • Reply

      Hello Germamba, thank you very much for all the information you have sent us about Chrono FM, do you remember how you came to find this company?

      A greeting.

      • germamba Reply

        They called me. And, because of my greed, I lost the world and the logic of sight.

  30. Juan B Reply

    In the same way that, at the moment, I pester them, I won't mind "eating" my comments if they behave well (which I doubt).

  31. Juan B Reply

    By the way, when you make a transfer, keep in mind that ONLINE TRANSFERS CAN ONLY BE CANCELED THE SAME DAY THEY ARE DONE. If you make a transfer to them, do it at one in the morning and you have the rest of the day to think about whether you do well, and if you regret it, cancel it the same day.
    If you make the transfer, the bank you work with can cancel it after a few days if you request it soon.

  32. Juan B Reply

    I can assure you, and I think I am not mistaken, that CHRONOFM is not recommended for making any type of investment. They are extremely aggressive, they ask you to make loans for them, they do not stop asking you for money. Today they ask for 1500, tomorrow 1500 more, they try to get you to connect to your bank through Team Viewer and they take control of your account.

    Don't believe in that kind of "people". Although you like them at first, they have hidden intentions (that you send them as much money as you can, that includes asking for loans in your name),

    My advice: as soon as they call you, hang up on them.

    I was "attended" by a certain X (at least that was put in the mail, it needs to be true): X

    They may initially have good intentions, but the pressure they must receive from the company is very great. And they are fine "[email protected]" for it.

  33. YoYo Reply

    Hello Germamba, have you tried to withdraw capital?
    How has it been? I am investing with chrono fm and there is something that did not convince me.
    Do you know how to cancel an account?
    Thank you very much

    • Juan B Reply

      Honestly, and from the experience I have had, I do not advise it. Before going to a bank "of the usual" and invest in their products.

      I don't believe people had such bad faith, and I have proven it. If they had been in a good mood, I wouldn't say anything.
      The way I have found to cancel it is to ask the bank to roll back the transfers.

  34. YoYo Reply

    Hello Germamba, do you know how to cancel the chronofm account?
    What is your experience in terms of capital withdrawal?
    I am investing with them and there is something that gives me a bad feeling.
    Thank you very much.

    • Juan B Reply

      As I said before, the way to "withdraw capital" is for the issuing bank to cancel, to the extent that it can, the transfer / s that you have made. Check with them (as fast as you can).

  35. Ernesto zanetti Reply

    Sono anche io a client Chrono fm piccolo investment € 350 bonus 50% € 175 che non potrò mai prelevare (my sembra anche giusto) vogliono che increased l'investimento € 2.000 / € 3.000 devo sottolineare con molta aggresività, at that moment I do not feel it di farlo più avanti se dimostreranno professionalità ci penserò.
    Your letter ho, a good person, bravo, che mi sta facendo avere buoni risultati, ma ciò rimane your letter.
    Chissà did a prelievo parziale me faranno fare?
    attendo vostri commenti.

    • Reply

      Carlito says: “I am also a client Crono fm small investment Bonus of € 350 50% € 175 that I can never withdraw (seems correct) I want to increase the investment € 2.000 / € 3.000 I must emphasize with great aggressiveness, at this moment I do not feel to do it later if they show professionalism, I'll think about it. on paper, I have a very good consultant who is doing me good results, but that remains on paper. Who knows if I request a partial withdrawal will they let me do it? Maa…. I await your comments. "

      Hello Carlito, thank you very much for your comments about Chrono FM, because what you can do is try to make a withdrawal and tell us how you are doing, greetings. // Ciao Carlito, grazie mille per i tuoi commenti su Chrono FM, perché quello che puoi fare è provare a fare a prelievo and dirci il risultato, saluti.

    • Reply

      Hi Aleks, did you invest with Chrono FM?

      A greeting.

    • Ernesto zanetti Reply

      Bye Aleks
      prevedi che not restituiscono i soldi?

      • Reply

        Ernesto zanetti: “Hello Aleks
        Do you think they will not return your money? "

    • Ernesto zanetti Reply

      Ciao Yoyo my preoccupi saying that there is paura che ci sia qualcosa di strano quindi prevedi che non restituiscano il capitale?

      • Reply

        Ernesto zanetti: "Hello, Yoyo, I am concerned to say that you are afraid that there is something strange, so do not expect to recover the capital?"

  36. Maria Eugenia Gil-Sanchez Reply

    Good afternoon! Before activating the account with CHRONOFM, I started looking online for reviews about the reputation of this broker and I found several. I started with CHRONO FM and I was transferred to an account manager, srt Alexia Papadopoulos. I liked the course, it was quite professional and every day it passed me alerts and news. He proposed a managed account to me, but I decided to have a semi-managed account. I don't like leaving my money in someone else's hands entirely. We do operations, we have also lost because this world works like this, but in general I have gained more than I have lost. I have made a withdrawal as well. I signed the form, they approved my order and in 7 working days, the money arrived in my bank account. All in order. During those days, my manager explained the return process in detail. I have thought to put a high figure and operate in cryptocurrencies, there where the money is. I also like the percentages that this broker offers. There are satisfied customers in this company, time to express our opinion.

    • Reply

      Hello Maria, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Chrono FM with us, best regards.

    • Ernesto zanetti Reply

      Buongiorno Maria,
      what day do we have a chance to stay calm with the restitution of the capitale?
      Greetings Ernesto Zanetti

      • Reply

        Ernesto zanetti: “Good morning, Maria, so how do you say we can be sure about the return of the capital?
        greetings Ernesto zanetti "

    • Ernesto zanetti Reply

      Buonasera Maria,
      Quindi secondo te posso stare calm and increase my investment?
      A greeting Ernesto zanetti.

      • Reply

        Ernesto zanetti: “Good evening, Maria, so do you think I can feel comfortable and increase my investment?
        Greetings Ernesto zanetti. "

  37. Juanjo Martinez Ramirez Reply

    I am a CHRONOFM customer. They called me and I decided to open an account with a minimum of 250 euros. I am doing a course and they are managing my account, they have earned 46 euros so far. They have offered me a managed account of 2000 and if they win my trust I will activate that PAN or PAM account as it is called. I gave them my trust, and invested 2000 euros. So far, things are going very well.

    • Reply

      Hello Juanjo, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Chrono FM with us, do you remember how you came to find them?

      a greeting

      • Juanjo Martinez Ramirez Reply

        They called me, explained the work very professionally, and decided to give them a chance.
        So far, I am happy.
        Thank you

        • Reply

          They sound very professional, but be careful as they are an unregulated broker, greetings.

          • Juan B

            Totally agree.

            Can an investment made with them be reversed the same day? Can they charge a penalty? Do we have the right to “regret it” once we have hired something?


            Mhh, because that would already be the conditions of each broker, because in theory you should be able to withdraw your capital and cancel the account, try it and tell us, a greeting.

          • Alvaro

            Good morning,
            I also got a call from ChronoFM with a managed account and looking for information I found this comment thread.
            I apologize in advance if I am wrong but Juanjo Martinez's answer has drawn my attention since it is exactly the same answer and the same day as in another thread: Forocoin .net / threads / opinions-about-chronofm.1619 /
            with username Juan46544564. I would like to know if there is any opinion or additional information about this operator.
            Thank you very much.


            Hmmm, how curious, is he an employee of Chrono FM?

    • Ernesto zanetti Reply

      Ramirez buongiorno ho letto il tuo commento his chrono fm la mia paura and che non restituiscono il capitale bisognerebbe provare a farlo. Fammi sapere risked to ritirare i soldi.
      Hello Carlito.

      • Reply

        CARLITO: “Ramírez good morning, I read your review of chrono fm, my fear and it does not return the capital should try to do it. Let me know if you can withdraw the money.
        Greetings Carlito. "

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