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Financial regulators explained

What is a regulator? How to choose a broker has a lot to do with understanding the concept of a regulator and knowing the best regulators, it is information that as an investor or trader we must contemplate and always take into account when choosing or not an investment company.

First of all, what is a broker and what is a trader? In a few words, a broker is an intermediary company that is responsible for providing counterpart to the so-called traders (investors) or merchants, it allows investors to invest in markets such as Forex or CFDs.

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Report my broker

Well, in this section we will focus on complaints and reports to brokers, be it a forex broker, CFDs, binary options or whatever.

The investment world is full of companies that pretend to be a trustworthy and high-level company, but that really is the opposite of this, it is a fraudulent company that only seeks to scam people and take all the money possible in the least possible time. We know that this, unfortunately, happens every day, so we have created this same section, with open comments, so you can report or comment on the problems you have with your broker, and / or investment company.