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Not sure which broker to select?

You don't know if you can trust the broker they have recommended to you? We give you tips:

Many times it will happen to you that you will not be sure about whether to operate with a broker. And this is normal, since you will be investing your money with this broker and it is not easy to decide on one.

Well, on this website we will rate and give our opinion on different brokers and companies that offer financial services.

We will also allow users and traders to comment on their experiences, opinions, and rate the brokers with whom they have invested. So we will try to make a section with the brokers that you can trust, the recommended ones, and with which you should not work or invest.

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This website has been made with the aim of guiding people who want to invest or start investing and do not really know with which company to do it. Our goal is to help you find the best broker according to your needs.

The first thing to be clear about is that there is no broker that is perfect. Whether a broker is the right one for a trader depends on different factors. Logically you will want to choose a broker that suits your needs, which may be very different from those of another trader, so you should have your needs and priorities well defined from the first moment.


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Here we will mention some tips and questions that will help you a lot when choosing (OR NOT CHOOSING) a broker to start trading:

Are you a regulated broker? One of the first steps is to check if the broker is regulated. This is done by verifying the different records in which these types of companies must appear, such as the NFA and the CFTC, although there are several different entities or regulatory bodies. If, for example, the broker mentions being regulated by the CNMV (which is the financial regulator of Spain), this can be verified on the official website of the CNMV, with the broker's regulation number.


Is your broker giving you problems?

Leave a comment on our website explaining your difficulties and we will try to help you. 


Which are the commissions for each operation? This can vary greatly. There are brokers that apply low rates, others that apply flat rates, some brokers charge a minimum per operation, others charge what the bag takes and then apply theirs.

What additional resources and tools offered? Some companies offer extra services and resources to help the trader, you can usually find these on the broker's website. Some of these can be real-time graphs, related news and analysis, economic calendars, tutorials, explanatory videos, glossaries, webinars or free courses, in general educational resources, these are just a few examples.

Which Are the opinions and comments about the company? (Broker reputation) As the question says, what do other traders say about this broker? Just as you should do some research when buying stocks (or lean or not, for a certain investment), you should also do it before selecting one broker or another.

Do some research on the broker with which you are thinking of opening an account. Asking other traders (investors) is also a good idea. Think of it as when you want to buy a second-hand (used) product from a seller, it is best to buy from a seller with a good reputation and a positive rating. A salesperson who has already made a lot of sales. Investigate before if he is a good seller, if someone has already bought from him before.

Is your customer service good? There is nothing as irritating as waiting and waiting and waiting for help. A good idea is (before opening your account), check the company's customer service with a question, so you know how long it takes to respond or contact you.

Imagine being in the middle of an operation and you need customer service for a technical problem, but the broker's support does not answer you. It won't be fun at all. It is a fundamental point.

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Does it have customer service in your language?  Customer service in your language is very important, because if you later have a problem or doubt, you should use it.

The language of the platform is also important, as you will have to deal with it (and master it) while trading. If you are fluent in English, the chances are that you will have many more options to choose from when it comes to brokers.

What trading platform will I use? The trading platform, for an investor, is their entry into the markets. Be careful with this. As a trader you should ensure that you can understand and use the platform and the software. Some of the most popular platforms are MetaTrader, Ninjatrader, Sirix, or Ctrader.

Some brokers also have their own platform developed by them. A good idea is to look for explanatory videos (tutorials) on YouTube, so you can see how the platform works.

How much do you need to deposit to start operating on the internet? (Minimum initial deposit) Another very important item (for some traders) is how much the broker asks for as an initial deposit. Some traders prefer to start trading with small amounts (or no) of money, or with large amounts in order to diversify more. This is one of the aspects that as a trader you should have well defined.

Is your broker giving you problems?

Leave a comment on our website explaining your difficulties and we will try to help you. 

Do you currently have any promotions or bonuses? This is also an important factor, since sometimes we can find brokers who have some very attractive promotions or bonuses.

We invite you to leave a comment with your experience with brokers, so you would help other traders, or newbies to choose a forex broker that they can trust. You can do this in our "Opinions List“We have separated the brokers on which we have prepared a review in alphabetical order, you can select the different brokers on which we have written an opinion.

We also recommend that you read this section on Fraudulent Brokers, there you can find information on what to do in case you come across a fraudulent broker, and how to recognize a fraudulent broker.

We also want to warn you that many of the comments found on our website are from the same company, in this case to do self-promotion, and often also from a competitor broker, defaming a broker, in these cases we try to moderate the comments, but sometimes it is impossible for us to moderate them all, so we recommend that you judge the broker for yourself and use various sources to do so.

Review Rating

421 comments on «Reliable forex broker»


    CREDI FINANCIAL EXPRESS SL., NIFB87512182. Address, Paseo de la Castellana number 259, floor 18, CP 28048 MADRID, whose administrator John Freddy Villamizar, together with Elit Property Vision LTD, based in Sofia (Bulgaria), Geo Milev street number 112, Partner Floor, Office 1, and also FENIX TRADING SOLUTIONS SL and against its administrator Rezaeian
    Mohammadi Majid, are part of a network of fraudulent companies with numerous complaints for crimes of fraud, appropriation
    improper and unfair administration.
    They have a network of websites that advertise miraculous profits through trade.
    They have caused the ruin of many families. They're thieves !!
    The CNMV has warnings about the deception they carry out.

    Websites like,,,,,
    wtcinversion .com
    and many others belong to this group of criminals. They are all illegal

    • Reply

      Hello ROBBED, WE ASK ALL PEOPLE WHO HAVE INFORMATION ABOUT THESE OFFENDERS, TO ANONYMOUSLY WRITE TO OUR CONTACT FORM TO GIVE CONCRETE DETAILS OF THE OWNERS OF THESE COMPANIES, this WTCInversion broker is a SCAM, the CNMV, the financial regulator of Spain, has denounced WTCInversion for fraudulent activities, it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker.
      Many customers have complained about NOT BEING ABLE TO WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY.
      ALL positive comments from this broker are FALSEThey are made by their own workers to confuse investors.
      November 2020 update: CNMV, the Spanish financial regulator, has denounced WTCInversion due to fraudulent maneuvers.
      We recommend that all those affected try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the chat we have on the web or at the following link:


  2. Humberto Reply

    Hello I would like to know if and are scams

    • Reply

      Hello Humberto, we are working these days on a review about Sandaroinvest and Atlascryptomanagement, they are a SCAM, do not invest money with them, they will keep everything.

      We recommend that all those affected try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the chat we have on the web or at the following link:

      A greeting.


    We need to connect the dots to dismantle these criminals. They are expert and unscrupulous thieves to steal every last euro from the victims they capture with their ingenious deceptions.
    Their relatives, neighbors and acquaintances must know that they live with thieves, that what they have they have stolen they have not legally earned.
    Please provide information about these characters, phone numbers, email addresses, names ...
    wtcinversion .com
    everestbtc .com / https: //
    capitalpro-inv .com / page-trade /
    executiveprofx .com
    CREDI FINANCIAL EXPRESS SL and its administrator Jhon Freddy Villamizar
    FENIX TRADING SOLUTIONS SL and its administrator Rezaeian Mohammadi Majid.

    INCREASE THE LIST OF THESE UNAPPRENSIVE !!!! These all belong to the same plot
    they are constantly creating web pages and their deception is insatiable ...

    • Reply

      Hello, thank you for writing and following up on this group of companies that are dedicated to SCAMMING honorable PEOPLE. We are going to review these brokers and although most of us already have articles made, we will update them.

      Thank you for your support.


  4. John Freddy Villamizar Reply

    Who is behind http://www.wtcinversió ELIT PROPERTY VISION LTD?

    They have a large number of fraudulent web pages that they open and close when the fraud is discovered and once every last euro is looted from innocent people.
    Please uncover all the frameworks that you have and related companies. Some are:
    -CREDIFINANCIAL EXPRESS SL., NIF B87512182, Paseo de la Castellana number 259, 18th floor, ZIP 28048 MADRID. Whose administrator is called
    John Freddy Villamizar

    -Elit Property Vision LTD, headquartered in Sofia (Bulgaria), Geo Milev street number 112, Partner Floor, Office 1. tel. 919035021 - 932201352 - 911230749

    -FENIX TRADING SOLUTIONS SL whose administrator is called
    Rezaeian Mohammadi Majid. He has an account at CaixaBank

    Expand the list to close the loop and get these thieves to return everything they have stolen.

    • Reply

      Hello Jhon, the names are invented, they are false, as if they were an actor, in the end the goal is SCAM, this WTCInversion broker is a SCAM, the CNMV, the financial regulator of Spain, has denounced WTCInversion for fraudulent activities, it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker.
      Many customers have complained about NOT BEING ABLE TO WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY.
      ALL positive comments from this broker are FALSEThey are made by their own workers to confuse investors.
      November 2020 update: CNMV, the Spanish financial regulator, has denounced WTCInversion due to fraudulent maneuvers.
      We recommend that all those affected try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the chat we have on the web or at the following link:

      A greeting.


        Thanks for answering!
        How can you find the thread to uncover this gang of scammers?

        • Reply

          Hello, you have to know where their real offices are and report to the police of the country where the SCAMS are being committed, but it also helps a lot that they have many negative comments on this website and in others in the sector that you report this type of brokers and thus be able to uncover the owners behind these scams.



    THEY HAVE A MULTITUDE OF WEB PAGES LINKED TO ELITE PROPERTY VISION LTD and the entire network of companies under their control, WTCinversion, mmfinancialexperts, tradeprofitweb .com, capital245 .com and Bitcoinoie FinServices LTD, declare in their terms and conditions to belong to such Mountain High LTD, Capital245 FinServices LTD and Bitcoinoie FinServices LTD, richmondfx .co, tradeprofitweb .com, mmfinancialexperts .com. wtcinversion .com. The people who run this network are scammers and criminals. It is important to reveal their real names as well as the addresses where they can be reached. The Spanish CNMV has described them as fraudulent companies, there are also other European stock market companies that have launched various alerts about this mob. They are trash! There are two characters who call themselves Aldo Di Caprio (Dicastro) Tel. 919035021 [email protected], [email protected] and another Andres Pinto Tlf 93 241 80 81. [email protected], [email protected], are the biggest scammers of these scam companies.

    • Reply

      Hello STOLEN, the names are invented, they are false, as if they were an actor, in the end the goal is SCAM, this WTCInversion broker is a SCAM, the CNMV, the financial regulator of Spain, has denounced WTCInversion for fraudulent activities, it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker.
      Many customers have complained about NOT BEING ABLE TO WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY.
      ALL positive comments from this broker are FALSEThey are made by their own workers to confuse investors.
      November 2020 update: CNMV, the Spanish financial regulator, has denounced WTCInversion due to fraudulent maneuvers.
      We recommend that all those affected try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the chat we have on the web or at the following link:

      A greeting.


    WTCINVERSION is one of the many companies that are under the umbrella of ELIT PROPERTY VISION LTD.
    There are numerous international warnings about this fraudulent group that are solely web pages and not any licensed companies. They are not registered anywhere. The CNMV have numerous warnings, I invite you to do a Google search.
    There are groups of people affected by deception and continued fraud that these criminals are carrying out without compassion.

    If any person has been linked or has information about this mob, publish even the smallest detail. Names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.
    They are thiefs!!!

    • Reply

      Hello STOLEN, the names are invented, they are false, as if they were an actor, in the end the goal is SCAM, this WTCInversion broker is a SCAM, the CNMV, the financial regulator of Spain, has denounced WTCInversion for fraudulent activities, it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker.
      Many customers have complained about NOT BEING ABLE TO WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY.
      ALL positive comments from this broker are FALSEThey are made by their own workers to confuse investors.
      November 2020 update: CNMV, the Spanish financial regulator, has denounced WTCInversion due to fraudulent maneuvers.
      We recommend that all those affected try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the chat we have on the web or at the following link:

      A greeting.

  7. NORBERT Reply

    Hallo, ich möchte, dass Sie mich einem zuverlässigen Makler empfehlen

    • Reply

      Hello Neres, how are you? Thanks for saying hi.

  8. Jessica Reply

    Same dogs different collars. These bastards are changing their names like panties, they are spouting shit for every site they call, they are the same dogs as other platforms. As the police close websites, they open others with different names. They also pass themselves off as recoveries, which is more false than the name they use. They threaten their "clients" to report them if they do not pay the fees ... Don't worry, they will not do it since it is all a lie like everything they tell ... Do not invest in any platform that calls you or that you see advertised, they are all false.

    • Reply

      Hello Jessica, this broker called VirtualStocks is a SCAM, the CNMV, the financial regulator of Spain and the CONSOB, the financial regulator of Italy, have denounced VirtualStocks for fraudulent activities, it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker.
      ALL positive comments from this broker are FALSE, they are made by their own workers to confuse investors.
      We recommend that all those affected try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the chat we have on the web or at the following link:

      A greeting.

  9. Manuel Perez Reply

    For those of you who want to request the closure of the websites of these scammers, in my case it is GRANDEFEX, I explain the steps to follow:
    - Find where your domain is hosted you can do it in:
    who .is /
    Centralops .net / co /
    -When you find it in the case of GRANDEFEX it is namecheap .com you request its closure due to scam in my case I have sent an email to [email protected]
    I hope this information is useful for you.
    Manuel Perez

  10. Manual Reply

    They do not give me the money I want to withdraw, ASKING THAT YOU PUT IN MORE MONEY they are very attentive and every day they call you, they convince you, then to want to get the money they do not even bother to return it and they only tell you lies and excuses, I have been a month and They always tell me something different, the emails do not answer them and the WhatsApp has already blocked a Brokers «called» Rebecca Soto, who works at CAPITALFX.CO .. DO NOT BE FOOLED. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

    • Ana Reply

      I have invested a lot of money in a broker called everfxglobal and every time I was winning they made me take more opposition with the free margin, whenever I asked to make a withdrawal they ate my head with buts and buts, in short I had to close opposition in profits because why part of them only in losses and I did not see them happy .. the time came that I had to get money for the profits were 50,000 euros with a total invested of 9,350 euros, he tells me not to worry that in the afternoon he would call me to help me, that now I had to open more opposition so that that profit margin, the other oppositions would not take away that margin, I listened to everything, I felt like the family who came to talk to my 4-year-old girl saying that mommy would buy them a lot of toys and blah blah ... then he makes me open opposition in gold and silver in dollars and euros 12 lots like that, 3 of each one ... how weird it makes me catch the bassist when it was always going up that from there I got to win, I told him why what, give me I think I was going to see a fall, and it was my opportunity .. in the afternoon they call me, but to invest more money, I tell them how it is possible with everything I have and they offer to give me a 100% loan to invest more ... just at lunchtime I see that everything is going in losses, they tell me that I have to be calm that I am doing well is normal ... they make me close the operations in positive so that according to that it was good, it was getting worse and they forced me to invest with see that my capital was not lost, deposit more by transfer and with the hopes of 100% of the capital ... until today they do not give me anything and they do not answer me ... another called asking me to invest more so that he could give me the promised bonus and I sent him to hell, this one called Matías Argentino ... the other was Chao from China ... these operations are carried out from the Cayman Islands and how rare the transfers were destined for Cyprus ... now I have a lawyer to see where this is ...
      Just tell them not to fall for these thieves EVERFXGLOBAL, IT IS THE PLATFORM THAT THEY MAKE THEM GO ...

      • Reply

        Hi Ana, we have moved your comment to the EverFX section.

        a greeting

    • Reply

      Hi Manuel, we are working on a review about that will be ready soon, thank you very much for the information.

      a greeting

  11. Mega scam Reply

    I want to share my unpleasant experience and cruel scam by FX Finest:

    I really still do not understand how, having already been warned by the CNMV since February 2020, this group of professional scammers still has an active website and doing the dirtiest and most degrading work that human beings can do.

    It seems that they are a very well-assembled financial bar and I only hope that after the complaint and corresponding proceedings that the judicial police can find them and end this trafficking that has cheated us ALL of our family savings.
    The modus operandi is already known to everyone: they establish a friendship relationship that works for months through operations in FORES (currencies), with surprising benefits and always warning that they know that they cannot assume risk above 2% (until then all good). They entangle you and manage at will with professionals specialized in telemarketing and high frequency negotiations until you are in their networks and suddenly one day, without any prior notice, they change their operating strategy and give you the stick.
    They call themselves :
    1. Daniel Martin ([email protected]) with the mobile: 663 93 18 01 - being that Daniel Martín is a renowned broker with extensive experience in the financial world and whom I have already put on notice so that they do not have any kind of problem with these people.
    2. Pedro (no last name)
    3. Raul Álvaro or Álvaro Raul González Torres ([email protected]), whose mobile number is: 678 25 71 10
    4. Luis Martínez Martínez, with mobile number 610 649 818 (supposedly a worker from the City of London, at the prestigious British bank Barclays). He enters the game through the supposed friendship with the previous one, Álvaro Raul, colleagues from the University and specialists, the first in indexes and the second in currencies.

    I have proceeded to the corresponding police report and I hope that the UDEF will dismantle this plot with a large volume of victims and a lot of money diverted. I really don't understand how both Spain and the EU allow this type of unregulated brokers to deceive, manipulate and cheat people of their savings.

    In this way, and if any of you have been scammed by FX Finest, I request that you make the corresponding complaint to the National Police so that through the help and with the collaboration of citizens they can catch them and put them where they deserve to be: in prison for fraud, capital theft, non-compliance with the General Data Protection Law, threats and coercion so that no other person is affected.

    It is clear: earning so much money quickly is always something very strange and complicated (if not, I am sure there would be no hunger and poverty in this world).

    This GENTUZA (they have no other name) are neither professionals of the currency markets nor do they maintain that identity, but quite the opposite, they generate a relationship of attachment and submission with vulnerable people whom they manipulate at will to steal much or little that they be in your hands.

    I will tell you how the investigation is progressing and if, within the sadness and despair caused, one can still trust the professionals of the National Police and competent judges who are aware of these new crimes.

    No other matter.


    • Esteban Martin Reply

      Hi how are you! My name is Esteban Martin and I am from Argentina, province of Cordoba. I would like to be in contact with you and tell me more about your experience with that broker. I leave you if you want my whatsapp +5493516572152. Wait for your message.

    • AV Reply

      Hello Megawstafa.

      I am affected by another scam Broker like fxfinest. Some of the names you mention as Daniel M. It matches my case.

      I intend to make the corresponding complaint. Can you help me? Or advise how to start everything.

      They have stolen a lot of money and put me in a very delicate financial situation and I am not willing to let it go

      I leave you my contact 629044187

    • Reply

      Hello Megastar, we are preparing a review on FxFinest that will be ready soon.

      a greeting


    Thanks for the information about the shell companies and there are many who were scammed by them, but it is part of the risk.
    They could give information about F2 trading and Novum, since I join the team of lod off line. :).

    Thank you

    • Reply

      Hi Jose, they seem to be a fake capital recovery page, many times they are from the same company that has scammed you, to scam you again, be very careful. Can you name us the companies that have scammed you?

      a greeting

      • Jose sanz Reply

        If they are real I suppose since they have not charged me anything, they have only made me make the corresponding complaints, but they have told me if there is not a significant sum of those affected they cannot take the case since their recovery is almost impossible.
        Now I am with others seeing with others but there are some who want to charge me before and do not want to pay before recovering. Do you know any office in Alicante?

        • Reply

          Hello Jose, thanks for the information, we do not know lawyers, we are sorry we cannot help you with your problems.

          Thanks for your comments and greetings.

  13. Jose Antonio Romero Barrado placeholder image Reply

    HELLO, I'm José Antonio Romero
    IMPERIAL FINANCE GROUP (IFG) is the most fraudulent of all.
    I have it reported, but according to what the police have told me, if we got together several scammed, (there are many of us)
    we could get something.
    I leave my email here in case you want to agree and all together we will make them disappear from the map and they can not scam more people.
    [email protected]



    • Reply

      Hello Mariano, what company are you talking about?

      a greeting

  15. daniel Reply

    Good morning, I am Daniel from Peru, as everyone seems to have been scammed !!! ,, As several of the participants have suggested, we should all get together and see what action can be carried out although I doubt that the money can be recovered, but if it can be started a scam platform campaign ,,, there are some organizations that ensure this and if you can make a complaint ,,, the more people ,, more forceful !!! not stand idly by…. my wasap is +51939883130 ,, write me to give you some scopes of what we could do ,,, with your contacts we will create a group of wassap to be informed ,,,, if you think ,,, greetings !!

    • Reply

      Hello Daniel, we thank you for sharing your experience with us, but what company are you talking about?

      a greeting

  16. Mark Reply

    Hello everyone! This page is a great contribution to the entire trading community. Here is my grain of sand, LIBERTEX is a vulgar SCAM. I live in Chile and it has been impossible for me to make a withdrawal, I have been rejected dozens of times and I am not the only one to my friends, the same thing happened to him. Get away from that broker!

  17. Javier Reply

    Thanks for making this web page. Many of us will no longer invest in this company called Investing Pro and so when these ladies call us with these names supposedly, I say it because surely they are false we will no longer fall into their networks of falsehood and scam that they are committing against people who see in this a way to invest and be able to make some profit. the ladies EVA EDWARD and ERICA BROWN and all those who are not named but who are behind the phone are the biggest scammers that exist in this world, if not and I mean it by allusion that they return the money to all those affected and begin to call one by one and give explanations of why they are acting like this, DOING A LOT OF HARM TO PEOPLE WHO BELIEVED IN YOUR WORDS AND IN THEM AS PEOPLE. Personally, they have stopped contacting me and blocked the accounts the moment I told them to get some capital, it was automatic, they do not respond to any phone, wassap, emails etc ... a shame because they seemed very good people and nothing indicated their behavior until you name the magic word that is GET SOMETHING OUT OF CAPITAL. Do not invest because you will lose everything even time I have illusions to trade. This is my personal opinion and my experience ... INVESTMENT WITHOUT RETURN. My investment was 9.000,00 euros. Almost nothing.

      • Saints Reply

        I had almost doubled the amount I put in and when I asked for the rehenbolso because I needed it to eat I kept € 18 in the cta



  19. Carlos Ignacio Nauda Reply

    Does anyone know if Markets cube is reliable?

  20. Henry Villagomez Reply

    Hello, good afternoon I made some investments with 53 capital and they should have sent me my money last week a total of 161350 dollars and so far I paid all the taxes of the Mexican Ministry of Finance and they told me that between Thursday and Friday they sent me I'm calling my money and nothing they answer me, first I started with my advisor named Ernesto Barragan and then they changed me to another advisor named Omar Miravalle, please, I need you to help me and I have invested more than 30000 dollars paying taxes in London and Mexico

    • Reply

      Hello Henry, to contact other clients and for greater visibility we recommend you leave your message in the section on 53 Capital.




    • Reply

      Hi Raul, do you have the website of the company you mention?


  22. Katherine Reply

    Hello a few years ago I had an experience with turbo
    Forex. It was terrible of course they help you invest in a certain way but in the end you only get to lose all your money, request a fund rescue they never did. They stopped answering. In the end they kept all my money and closed my account

    • Manual Reply

      I also invested a little money and today they have blocked me and I do not have any answer, but I do not know how Google allows them to be on their platform, for me they are as guilty as they

  23. josé Reply

    Hello, I tried several times to invest in Capital 88, but the card was rejected, I tried another and the same step, they immediately called me on my cell phone and tried to transfer the money through another platform, it did not work there, I asked the Bank for authorization to make the transfer and incidentally inform me through this page which prevented me from continuing with the matter, but with this news it is difficult televisionnacional .website / cliquiness / news-global / index.php? sub_id2 = oblat1004a & sub_id4 = & aff_id3 = wI1GG7Q1FF6QIOAL1NEPFC4I

    everything seems so normal, the television the comments etc.


  24. Victor Reply

    I invested a lot of money in TRADEBNP, the account balance is in my favor, they do not transfer the money to my account for more than a month, finally they close my account and keep my money. the facts are reported to the police for fraud. BE CAREFUL, DO NOT INVEST IN TRADEBNP. IF YOU ARE IN THE SAME SITUATION YOU CAN WRITE ME TO [email protected]


      I invested in Forex, in 2017, and to date they have not even given me my investment

      • Reply

        Hi Esher, what company? Do you have the website?


    • Reply

      Hi Angel, do you have the website?


  25. heriberto hernandez garcia Reply

    I invested with financika and I do not have a call from them, I would like to get my money back

  26. Juan Fabrizzio Burgos Carpio Reply

    Hello, if you plan to invest in forex, do it in a regulated company, please DO NOT HAVE IT AT PT BANC, they are scammers, there is a broker named Elithabet Blanco Parker, he calls you from Italy, he offers you many things, he shows you the supposed benefits that you are obtaining, It demands that you invest more money because that way you will get more benefits, and if you try to withdraw money they put a lot of obstacles on you, and since you don't put more money they make up that you have no backing and make your money disappear from your account. So, be very careful with the PTBANC SCAMMERS, when opening a forex account. I hope it helps… ..

  27. Jhonatan Reply

    Anyone any reference to Fargo Global? It is really reliable this company please help

  28. José Reply

    Sorry, some of you will have information about the forexchief broker. An acquaintance is working on that platform in demo mode testing but has not had a real money experience yet and both he and I have doubts about them

  29. daffodil castillejos gomez Reply

    My opinion of the etoro broker is not favorable since with it I invested 250 usd to operate cryptorobot and since I deposited the money that they told me was to start operating they demanded another 50 usd more and they disappeared my money without any explanation.

    • Reply

      Hello Narciso, in that case we recommend you visit the eToro section.


    • Zunilda Reply

      Hello, I was scammed Cn herdos two months ago and I can't access my account, how can I get my money back?

      • Reply

        Hello Zunilda, for greater visibility of your message, we recommend you leave your doubts and questions in the section on Herdos.


  30. maria lucrecia herrera messiah Reply

    I am Chilean and I also invested 250 dollars but I did not want to use my card but I did a transfer. Now they call me 4 and 5 times a day but I realized that the man who called was not very trustworthy and I told him that I would not invest in their company because I did not trust them and that I found him a charlatan. So today I looked for information that will support my mistrust and I found you. My money was deposited through PayPal. I don't know if there will be any problem to withdraw it, but I still have fraud insurance with my bank and I will activate it.
    Those who used the credit card should go to the bank and ask to change it because otherwise they will use the verification code and they will steal everything they can.

    These are the data that the man who called me gave me, I don't know if they were the real ones. l
    Eduardo Rodriguez
    Senior Account Manager
    [email protected]
    +56 223683069

    • hermann franke Reply


      E-mail: [email protected]

      Telephone number: +541152175846 (Argentina), +56223683069 (Chile), +5728912442 (Colombia), +50321369013 (El Salvador), +525541708740 (Mexico), +5078337330 (Panama), +5116419561 (Peru) and +442038075460 ( United Kingdom)

    • Jorge Alfredo Orozco-Lopez Reply

      Really Capital 88 is a real fraud. First they tell you that with a $ 250 investment they are responsible for making your money perform to the fullest. Then they pressure you to submit the contract and offer you a $ 50 bonus if you submit it immediately and they never fulfill it.
      Later they call you daily to tell you that they can only work with 1,000 dollars and they pressure you very hard to deposit the other 750 dollars. If you refuse why you don't want to invest more, they tell you that then you have to carry out the operations personally. I did not accept and asked them to return my money with a man named MICHEL ALI, who told me that they would return them to me. After several messages and emails they replied that my money had been lost due to operations they did.
      They really are RATEROS. please do not invest with them why guaranteed they will lose all their money

    • ruben Reply

      the experience is not advisable to report them where appropriate

  31. Diego Hernández Reply

    Good day to all!
    I would like to have information about genesys private fund, if it is reliable or not?

  32. John Reply

    What can I do so that my broker sends me the money requested from my account, I have not been sent it for 2 weeks, my broker is marret invest

    • Jor Nahui Reply

      Hello Jhon, something similar to your case is happening to me with Marret, who creates suspicion of his actions. Be careful because what happened to me is that I had already generated double my investment and suddenly I made an operation where I lost all my money including the capital. I already found out something about this and it seems they are incurring in SECURITIES FRAUD. advise on your case

      • Juan Gabriel Reply

        Be careful, they are scam, they stole 1000 euros from me

    • Juan Gabriel Reply

      Good night, they are a scam from me they stole 1000 euros in 15 days

    • Juan Vargas Reply

      Marret Invest is a scam. I had an important account with them and at the time of requesting a withdrawal they opened an operation that in a matter of minutes destroyed the account and they tell me that all the money was lost. The person who attended me always disappears and I never communicate with him, they put another person who never gives me a solution and they pass me from one person to another without ending the chain.
      If someone has happened something similar and if you have been able to get your money back. I made payments with credit cards and transfers. All that in a matter of a month.

    • Wilfer Reply


  33. ERIKA Reply

    Hello, can you tell me if is reliable, thank you

    • Jhonatan Reply

      Hello Erika, tell me, are you working with Fargo global? How are you doing, or did you feel like it? Tell me a little more please.

  34. Yassine najarro Reply

    hello can someone tell me what you think of
    pocket options

  35. john santibanez Reply

    Someone has had the experience of working with PTBANC, I am interested because I want to work with them.

  36. idyll Reply

    I would like to know if dubaifx24 this broker is reliable since I would like to operate with them I live in Spain.

  37. Carlos Reply

    is this broker trustworthy?… fxnobels .io / en /

    • Susana Reply

      Good afternoon, I have been a user of them and luckily they have only scammed me 250 euros because they wanted to scam me 2500 euros do not make the same mistake, they do not return anything when you request it and they call you to insult you aggressively and when I have told them I was going to sue them, they laughed, telling me that they are very powerful and that my lawyer had nothing to do with them.

    • Livia Sacota Reply

      Hello, what can I say about the banking center broker who attended me, a bad, bad experience I have entered € 250 as a beginner, at first I was losing, then I started reading the stock market news and I started to recover a little until I have had € 242, I always traded with EUR / USD it was easier for me I could watch it a little, but today the broker SARA called me and asked me to leave it on my computer and there he has done the weed, he has done several operations that in 10 minutes left me the account at € 52 and then tried to force me to enter another € 250 that she would help me, but I don't know why I do not explain a bit when she had the € 242 in the account she has done it on purpose so that she forced me to deposit more money ... so I don't trust the center banking broker a hair ... apart is such a SARA she doesn't explain anything to me ... always when she called me she would enter my computer and do whatever she wanted .. as I am not very interested and I do not know anything about the bag because I played it … The only thing I can say is that SARA is your turn, DO NOT TRUST ANY HAIR

  38. Igor Reply

    Hi, I'm from Peru, I wanted to know an opinion from Marret Invest in order to open a real account.

  39. Sofia Reply

    Hello Good morning, I would like to know if the broker is safe and reliable?

  40. Andrew Reply

    Hello good afternoon.
    Which broker do you recommend for Colombia?
    I have been researching several and so far the best option is XTRADE.
    Could you please expand information on this broker

    • fetnando lewis Reply

      No broker is reliable, all of them are the same when you generate some profits they send you small sums and then when you want to withdraw a certain amount they put restriction on you, very careful, do not confess

      • Reply

        The best thing is to invest with companies regulated by a serious country, no unregulated brokers.

  41. JAVITO Reply


  42. andres Reply

    I would like to know if imarketslive is legal in Colombia and if this company is a scam or not

  43. Dayana Reply

    Please be very aware of the following scams, mr. What he contacts on Instagram is Mannix Kearny phone +15186559634, the other company is tradexpres the name of the man is Peter Leonard mail [email protected] be aware companies seem legal but are not ..

  44. Dayana Reply

    Hello, I want to warn you of some guys who are scamming everyone everywhere, one of the companies is called the man who writes called Mannix Kearny phone +15186559634 be careful with this man .. the other tradexpres the guy is call Peter Leonard mail [email protected] the companies seem conformed and safe but they are not real ...

    • Reply

      Hello Dayana, thank you very much for your comments, in these days we will add Eliteoptions to our website.

      A greeting.

    • José Reply

      They are real thieves, I have the name of some Spanish operators like Victoria López, David Matus, Diego Cazerez, Alex Crid who work for the firm stealing money from people, who manage to convince them to enter.

  45. Sandra Reply

    Days ago I tried to talk to someone from chrono fm - when I wanted to withdraw my money, suddenly no one answers the phone or the numbers are no longer active ... Someone who could get their money out of there?

  46. Fernando Acosta placeholder image Reply

    Hello friends ... beware of the "broker" is a pure scam ... I have to regret to tell you that at the time of requesting the withdrawal of my funds it was the trigger for my account to be emptied leaving it at zero ... if you find that page out there run away… I will try to share it in as many forums as possible… if someone wants to contact me and join because they were scammed by these unfortunates… they can do it at [email protected] I am trying to connect with a law firm that can represent us

    • oswaldo salazar ortega Reply

      Hello Fernando, I was also scammed in the company CAPITAL88 advised by Bob Newman who scammed me the amount of 22,500.00 dollars in October and November 2018 and to date I have not recovered a single dollar invested, I agree with you, I hope we can agree to pursue a trial and get our money back my mail [email protected] my name oswaldo salazar Mexico



    • Reply

      Hello Fernando, in that case we recommend you read the review about Stox Market.

      A greeting.

    • Reply

      Hi Hugo Arturo, we signed up with Marquet Capital and Pacific Private Bank to review them these days, but they seem to be unregulated companies, we suggest caution.

      • Hugo Arthur Reply

        Thank you very much for your information and I will be waiting for the review of both brokers that you will make


  48. jocelyn Reply

    Hello, would you know if Bitcoincode is legal, I am interested in investing my money there, but I am not sure how reliable it is.

    • Reply

      Hi Jocelyn, if it's legal, we think so, but it's a scam, it is used by brokers as advertising, it promises unrealistic profits. We believe that it is not reliable.

      A greeting.

    • Eric Reply

      It's bullshit. shit too.
      Glencoe partners Ltd shit too.
      Etherium_code. com shit too.

  49. Augusto Reply

    Hello I would like to know if Trading Pro is not a scam

    • Reply

      Hi Augusto, could you tell us about the Trading Pro website?

      A greeting.

      • Palmira Reply

        Investingpro has scammed me, can you tell me how I can join your collective complaint?

    • Reply

      Hello Jesus, could you send us the website of these companies that you mention? So we can take a look at them.

      a greeting

  50. jesus kings Reply

    Cryptocurrency is a good option to invest ...

  51. Roger Reply

    A question please out of curiosity I registered in capital 88 and one of its administrators called me, which tells me that to start investing I have to pay $ 250 and just today I was ... to do it in a BCP bank account and please I need What helps? Will it be reliable to invest in capital 88? Does it exist or is it a scam?

  52. Jeiner Reply

    Hello, only until now I can see that this means exists to clarify doubts about investment units to which we want to affiliate, my question is the following, is there an entity where you can invest that works with a policy that avoids the risk of loss of the capital and if so, please let me know what it may be and the other question, what information can you give me about capital? Thank you ...

    • Reply

      Hello Jeiner, we do not know of a broker with a policy that avoids the loss of capital ... About Capital 88 you can read this section.

      A greeting.

      • Jeiner Reply

        Hello, thank you very much for the answer, there are still things that are not clear to me, I would like you to provide me with the information of the location of the main offices to go there, that way I will have personalized attention from capital88 I live in Colombia, but for reasons Personally, I am going to Panama if some of the two countries mentioned have a better headquarters, thank you….

        • Reply

          Hello Jeiner, we believe that Capital 88 is a fraudulent broker that lies about its real location, in any case read the comments on the section on Capital 88, we believe that what you ask has already been discussed before ...

          A greeting.

  53. Michael Reply

    I have one regarding the application, if I created the account but I don't use it, and I don't cancel it either. Tab I plan to have it as an option later, do you have any charges?

    • Reply

      Hi Michael, what company's application do you mean?

      A greeting.

  54. Jose Morales Reply

    Good evening, what can you tell me about centrobanc is it reliable ???

  55. Wilmer Reply

    Good morning
    Can you help me about this broker es.ontega .com

  56. Mark Reply

    Hi… I really like the web. Could you tell me if bricksave is reliable and if it is regulated by cnv (National Securities Commission) of Argentina. Thank you .

    • Reply

      Hi Marcos, thanks for your question, can you send us the website of this company that you mention?

      A greeting.

    • America Reply

      Someone from Peru has invested in Swiss Centrobanc is reliable, they called me on my cell phone.

      • Edwin Reply

        I am from Colombia, they also called me from the central bank, can you help us if it is reliable or not?

        • Livia Sacota Reply

          Hello, I have had a bad experience .. it steals your money and makes you lose for later that you enter more .. and you have such a broker SARA that you be careful

  57. Linda Reply

    Good night
    Anyone know about the broker called Welth Generator = Now called Kuvera

    • Reply

      Hello Linda, in that case we recommend you read about the section on Wealth Generators, Kuvera's we have not made a section because we think it is not a broker ... Did you work with them? (with Kuvera)

      A greeting.

      • Henry Reply

        Good afternoon, I have heard about this Kuvera, and I would like to know your opinion about what it is (so in your answer you say that it is not a broker)… Thank you

        • Reply

          Hi Henry, could you send us the Kuvera website?


      • David Reply

        Hi, I'm David and I would also like to know if Kuvera is reliable?
        The page is
        Thank you

        • Reply

          Hi David, we don't know if Kuvera is a broker, do they ask you to invest money? Or do they work with a broker? Since we do reviews about brokers.


  58. Leo Reply

    Hi, I'm Leo, can someone please give me information about FXNOBEL? It is reliable, it is safe, information please ... thank you very much.

  59. Sharon Reply

    Please anyone know of a company called markets unlimited.


    Good! My experience has been with 24OPTION, I have started with the initial deposit of 250, it has gone very well in less than 15 days I had already more than doubled this amount when without more my account has been blocked and I could not operate again because they Data was missing, as in previous comments, I requested a refund that could not be given as explained to me by the lack of them. I was able to reactivate my gutter and it didn't go so well anymore, convinced that I had solved the document problem and that it would continue on a roll I made a new deposit of 1000 euros, it has not gone so well but after a month I had 1.237 euros, amount that until today I have not been able to recover, various allegations, unknown numbers, returned emails ...

    • Sharon Reply

      I have a very similar situation with markets unlimited,

    • CLAUDIO SALS Reply


      • Reply

        Hello Claudio, what happens when you try to withdraw your money? Can you tell us more about your experience with 24option?


      • Javier Reply

        Thank you very much, it has been of great help …. if I find out anything else, I'll stop by to drop anything that might be helpful.

  61. Yadira rodriguez Reply

    My case is the following that they call me by phone to make an account to invest and they tell me that at least it has to be € 250 and I do not want to but they insist and tell me that they give me € 250 more for a total of € 500 And that I always had the option of taking my money whenever I wanted, they asked me for photos of the documentation, I sent them several times because they told me that they did not arrive, they called me by phone and when it was not that they did not hear it, it was when I took the call It fell and so I spent months, I had a number from here in Spain to call and when I called they told me that that number did not exist at the end, while I wrote emails they called me and told them to give me my money back because I had not been able to do nothing due to lack of my documentation that was not complete and when I saw that it was impossible to contact Capital Markets Ban as read, I said that they would refund my money and they told me that it could not be because I had not delivered all the documentation and I I said that they charged without me giving documentation so that they could also enter the money, in the end I told them that I would send it to them and until today about 6 or 7 months ago I have not been able to send emails because it puts an error, I want Someone tell me in these cases what to do and if it can be reported.

  62. LUIS Reply


  63. lifter Reply

    Hello I need to be informed about A3 trading because they only ask for money and I cannot withdraw a penny. And this has me very worried.

  64. Ramon Congost Reply

    BNQCapital, the best option to get your money scammed! It has happened to me!

  65. William Reply

    Hello I have a question which broker is better hot forex or xm thank you very much in advance

      • rodrigo Reply

        hello, sorry, for interrupting I just had an unpleasant experience with capital 88, I fell into your "confidence"
        with Mr. Samuel Fernandez capital 88 .. he only asks me for money, I have not even occupied the platform, he does not let me withdraw. my money, but not for a failure, we will not keep trying ..
        query, is there a really reliable platform to buy cryptocurrencies ???
        Thank you

        • Reply

          Hello Rodrigo, first of all we recommend you leave your experience with Capital 88 at the section on Capital 88About buying cryptocurrencies, because we really do not specialize in that area, we would not know how to tell you which platform or way is reliable to buy cryptocurrencies, we recommend you ask in a forum about bitcoins (or related), there are many on the internet, you will not have trouble finding one.

          A greeting.

  66. Paola Reply

    Good afternoon. I have been working with gsi market for almost two months. I want to know if the fact that they ask me for 20% of what I intend to withdraw for interest expenses of the British state is normal?…. this has happened to someone. And they do not accept payment by debiting my own account but rather request a new deposit ...

    • JKK Reply

      Dear this morning, I deposited the 250 dollars in capital88 and they sent me a message to my email to send my personal documents, I have not even sent them my address, nothing, then what do I do? Will this money that I deposit be lost?
      Now there is a Mr. Andres Gonzales who keeps calling me to verify my account
      I can transfer this money to other brokers, please I need urgent help, I have 2 children and I was so hopeful that it would generate a profit.
      I do not know what to do now
      Thanks in advance for your reply

      • Diana Reply

        Uthola is very important to verify the identity to be able to work with them, it says in the rules there are many conditions to know if you have legal problems etc.

      • rodrigo Reply

        hello, only the experiences I have had 1 month ago with them ...
        they don't want to return my $$$
        “The executive expert does not call, he calls when he wants, then gives a round of different executives.
        mainly Mr. Samuel Fernandez capital88.

        Where can I access from another country to try to get my money back, if I haven't even used the platform? thanks

    • Mariangel Reply

      My GSI market does not let me withdraw my money, they always condition me, I am already assuming that they are scammers

  67. Michale mora Reply

    Good evening I would like to know how reliable it is to invest my capital with AG-MARKETS. Thank you, I'm looking forward for your answer.

    • Yanari Reply

      On capital 88 I can tell you for sure that they are 100% scammers. They scammed me, the one who attended me as an assistant was Marco Adezzi, the worst scammer who lost more than 4000 dollars, I never saw any profit and benefit that desperation they closed my account and stayed with my money

      • lifter Reply

        The same thing happened to me with capital 88 they are scammers, I never saw profits.

  68. Alfred Reply

    Please let me know about the iForex broker.

  69. ramon Reply

    Hello Good morning, as I see I am one more scammed, in CMB they call me insistently by phone a certain JULIA IBANOVA convinces me and with the card she charges me 250 usd (dollars) on 18-04-2017 she asks for more money and I tell her No, they say I did not ask for the return of those 250usd in November a certain MIA ADANS calls me, this convinces me again, she tells me that it helps me with 1000usd and buys a bitcoin coin at 7823 it goes up to 18 thousand and something dollars therefore I was winning I think I told him to sell and he told me that it would not be 25.000usd the question is that it starts to decrease he calls me and tells me that I had to secure my money and he asks me for 1200usd more I tell him no, no and that No, but he tells me that if I don't, I lose all my money, so I fall back into the trap, then he keeps going down and another person calls me this time, man tells me that this MIA had had an accident, and that he was losing money , which is my surprise that I entered the platform and they had sold me the bitcoin to10443,90 usd without my consent and it says that I have a balance of 2901 usd which on 01/02/2018 I order for them to transfer me immediately, an e-mail arrives that in about seven days I have it today is the day that I do not They have transferred it to me and I think they won't even send them an email and now they no longer respond I am a newbie in this I would like to know if I have really lost or won and where can I go to make the complaint I have been reading other people and Maybe it would be a way to report at the embassy in London if someone wants to contact me who can help me I would appreciate it 629-205589 thank you very much

      • Lucia Reply

        Good, he started trading with this cibfx broker, everything was going well, until the advisor who helped me made me open 3 operations in silver and all my money was lost and was negative and they say that I have to pay them that amount they can do that ??? If I was the one who lost, they never wanted me to take out my money, they just told me to wait for more because of the bank commission.
        if you can help me thank you

        • Reply

          Hi Lucia, this broker called CIBFX is a SCAM, the CNMV (Spanish Financial Regulator) has denounced CIBFX for fraudulent activities (see CNMV link), it is not advisable to invest money in a NON-REGULATED broker. It's a SCAM and does not return money to its customers.

          ALL positive comments from this broker are FALSE, they are made by their own workers to confuse investors, flood social networks with positive messages about them and it's all FALSE! and when customers ask them about our reviews they say we are from the competition, also FALSE !.

          We recommend report ad link on facebook (by clicking on the 3 dots or the right mouse button on PC) or on the social networks where they have been found, so that the campaigns are closed and they cannot scam more people.

          If they force you to pay some type of tax, legalization or something similar, do not even think about doing it, that indicates that they are a fraud since those taxes don't existThey ask for it so they can steal more money from you.

          We recommend to all those affected recover the money from the CHAT what we have on the web or in the following link: Get your money back, we are on your side.


    • PP A Reply

      Hello, my name is Pilar and I am in a very similar situation, they have also cheated me 500 euros. And they do not answer me or call me, it would be good to get together to make more force because one by one we will not get anything .my phone 62 60 14 5 48 .

      • Jose Luis Ramirez Diaz Reply

        I invested 200 dollars I am Guatemalan and I need a refund of my money the broker is called David Lucas and the one who deposit is Emerson Arriaga to help me

  70. Mauricio Reply

    Hi. I want to know about New Zealand Sentinel 1973 company

  71. LUIS ENRIQUE Reply


      • Zaheer Abbas Reply

        Hello, I am Zaheer Abbas who lost my dinairo 250 euro with cmb, enter the dinairo on January 29, 2018 but until today I do not know that my dinairo, where are you, the commercial my name is Julen Barroso and said that aye earnings and I took everything data and card details and 250 eiro capital my said to call you a broker but nobody until today I have not called and I kero my dinairo 250 euro return my contact is 0034631604918 or I think it is a company fraud

      • Zaheer Abbas Reply

        They also stole 250 euro capital from me, they say that you enter it and you have a profit

      • Zaheer Abbas Reply

        Hello, please return my dinairo 250 euro kero that they give me my dinairo 250 euro I lost with cmb is a fradulinta company

    • Carmen San Martin Ramirez Reply

      Could you tell me what to do in case of fraud? I have all the documentation and all the investment support, Bnq Capital does not respond to a single email, more than a month has passed and there is no response, I know that the first broker let me down , but if it was part of Bnq Capital, it is also responsible, I only ask what to do outside of everything already done. They are still operating so please don't trust them, they are a fraud.

      • Reply

        Hello Carmen, could you tell us the website of this "first broker" that you mention?

        a greeting

        • Carmen San Martin Ramirez Reply

          STOXMarket, it was his page; today only Capital Bnq, with other emails as to name one, [email protected], supportcenter, only the second responds to me that he already understood my message, that they will be communicating with me and that he is attentive to the phone, until now we arrive, they never call.

      • Ramon Congost Reply

        I am Ramón Congost, I regret to inform you that the same thing happens to me, they have cheated me 300 Euros, they no longer answer me and at first when I was still able to talk to them, they even called me to insult me! I beg you, if you find out how to send them, I join you in the lawsuit against these unpresentable, such scams cannot go unpunished!

  72. Fran Reply

    A week ago an executive called me on my cell phone to offer me services on this page, I had to do the procedures to activate the third key to make transfers, they called me often every day to find out if I had done it and to be able to transfer them, they asked me for 200 dollars as a deposit to get started.
    Today I finished doing all the procedure that they finally asked me to send:
    Photo of identity card on both sides
    A bill of common expenses showing my home address
    And complete a form that they sent me to the mail and take a photo of it
    Before I got the form I called because I had some doubts about how to complete it, I sent an email and they called me right away. After I have sent all emails for my broker to contact me and they do not respond to anything, they do not call me, I have sent three emails and nothing
    They helped me online to fill out forms for my bank, they saw many things they have my documents I don't know what they can do with them, I need help!

  73. emilio Reply

    Good morning,

    Someone has an information from 'investingpro'

  74. Diego Garcia Reply

    What is the minimum time to withdraw funds and under what terms

    • Reply

      Hello Diego, the minimum time to withdraw with what company? a greeting

      • heisher Reply

        They robbed me of Herdos, the terrible broker Santiago Candela does not answer. And the other Mila does not respond, they only steal that is what they do ... Stealing is not success. It's a shame

  75. Beth kys Reply

    Capital 88 is the worst scam you can fall for. I had the bad decision that I invested with them and I lost all the investment. They give you a lot of lies and when you understand them they turn their backs on you and perform operations that you do not authorize.

    I don't know how people with such bad hearts continue to exist. Anyway ... Be careful not to invest in that company. NEVER!!!!!

        • Reply

          Hello Jaroslava, can you tell us the website of the company you worked with?

          a greeting

          • Jaroslava Cibulova

            I opened a CMB bank account and told me that it prepares me to work with forex today, no one called me..the English language bank platform always opens up to me..Put my name my nothing ... I liked to invent, buy and sell. .He promised me 250eu bonus more ... and nothing ... my hotmail is [email protected]

    • Victor Reply

      They operate from the Dominican Republic, the city of Santo Domingo, they are located in the university area of ​​the UASD, Santos Thomas de Aquino Street, building number 157, since

    • lifter Reply

      Yes friend I was scammed too. And I have not been able to get my money back.

  76. Daniel Reply

    Hello with respect to my previous comment, the fact of putting the name of a person X is not to revile him, since if someone enters this type of operation it has been by his own decision, in that sense I only ask for comments regarding the reliability of the Broker, among others and if there is any experience in this regard.


    • Reply

      Hello Daniel, we recommend you read the review in detail and the comments of the Capital 88 section, greetings.

      • rodrigo Reply

        Hello, and what company is it serious to invest?
        Okay, capital 88 scammed me but not for that reason to decay .. will one be really profitable and true?
        plus 500, another ??
        Thank you

        • Reply

          Hi Rodrigo, in this same section you can read the steps to follow to select a reliable broker.

          A greeting.

  77. Daniel Reply


    I have a query about capital88, someone has had Marco Adezzi as a broker and what has been his experience with him, he is supposed to have his office in the city of London. Any comments would be appreciated. Likewise, how can I find out from any broker if it is regulated by a government entity of the financial system and if in Bulgaria there is an entity that regulates these activities such as capital88.

    • Andrew Reply

      I feel cheated by this broker, it hurts that one trusts them and thanks to this trust one falls into their game, I deposited usd 3250 and a week I already had usd 6400 without any advice, my executive was Marco Adezzi
      Seeing that I was doing well, he suggested I invest in some instruments, unfortunately I agreed and lost almost everything
      I only had usd 600 left, now I have around usd 1300 I have tried unsuccessfully to get something back but it has been impossible, the other day another executive called me Samuel Fernandez said to call himself and offered me a "gift" which consisted in that if I made a I deposit for any amount they gave me the same amount, what a wonder the offer, unfortunately this is done so that you fall back, also I asked if I wanted to make a withdrawal I had to give all the numbers of my credit card including the 3 security numbers, which is not necessary to make the withdrawal.
      In summary, this broker is a scam, do not trust them, Marco Adezzi is an executive who seems very "nice and reliable" when talking to him but be careful he is a person who is going to deceive you,

      • Reply

        Hello Andres, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Capitl 88 with us, we recommend you share it also in our section on Capital 88.

        A greeting.

        • Carmen San Martin Ramirez Reply

          They all work the same, Bnq Capital and the broker that is supposed to see mine, they disappointed me and today they do not answer a single email, a certain lady Amanda on December 18 said that mine would be solved as soon as possible, so far nothing and not They even show their faces and for the record that they are still operating, therefore they continue to "steal", please don't believe in them anymore, they work with our money and take everything, business for a troop of scoundrels.

          • Ramon Congost

            Indeed, the same thing happened to me, especially this Amanda is in charge of tying up the fraud, the scam, she is more convincing than Adam's serpent, soft voice, but a viper is not more poisonous!
            Don't trust her!

          • Juan Silva

            Good afternoon, president of this company since I do not have access to my account and they contact me

      • Adriana Reply

        Hello, what you are saying about capital 88 exactly like this is happening to me, a certain Samuel Fernández is the one who marks me and the last time I spoke with him he was upset because I did not want to make another transfer, I realized too late that everything is scam and I do not know how to get my money back or where it can be reported. If someone can advise me, I will appreciate it.

    • Victor Reply

      They operate from the Dominican Republic, the city of Santo Domingo, they are located in the university area of ​​the UASD street, Santos Thomas de Aquino, building number 157, spread it on the networks so that the scams end.

      • Reply

        Hello Victor, interesting information, can you tell us how do you know this? You can also contact us (if you wish) privately in our contact section, Greetings.

  78. omar alfonso rodriguez borja Reply

    The investment is good but not everything is good, there are good things if money love GOD above all things believe in Jesus Christ who gave his life for me love our enemies onrar father and mother love our children not everything is money ok

    • Reply

      Hello Omar, thank you very much for your opinion, greetings.

    • Reply

      Hello Nicolás, thank you very much for sharing the information with us, greetings.

    • Diego Amorin Lorenzo Reply

      Totally agree. I was advised by Paula Herrera, who asked me to invest US $ 2000 and they told me that I had gained positions, to deposit US $ 2000 more. When they said I had US $ 16000, I wanted to withdraw the money and that's when the ordeal began. The next day there was only US $ 2360 in the account. Nothing to answer my electronic messages that Paula Herrera. It happened to his boss, Bob Newman, the one who asked me for more deposits.
      I lost $ 9750 to the scam. The story seems true, true but it is nothing more than a vulgar hoax. Don't give them money because they keep it. They are major brand scammers

      • Reply

        Hello Diego, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, what company do you mean?

        A greeting.

  79. eloy chilon salcedo Reply

    I want to invest in trader clube to confirm if it operates in the forex market and if it is reliable

  80. edward Reply


    Hello everyone who can read this. DO NOT open an account with UMARKETS ( They are Legal SCAMMERS.

    I will explain how it is. I opened an account with them the day before Black Friday in the United States… they convinced me by offering me a 200% bonus or operating insurance. If I lost any trade during that day they would cover it 100%… everything seemed wonderful… 200% bonus or 100% loss insurance ?? wow ... ps accept to enter and enter with 1.000 usd and accept the bonus of 200% so now my account had 3.000 usd. But what a surprise when I started to operate Bitcoin and when the operation went against me ... because the platform took me an alert that all operations would be closed with a 100% loss ... how? did not have 2.000 usd more to resist the drop in price of the instrument? Well, after asking the "expert" advisor they say ... it turns out that the bonus is only for you to risk opening trades ... it is not to help you resist when the price turns against you, that is ... that way, it is easier for you to lose your money and they are helping you just to that ,,, that you lose your money.

    "Fortunately" my operations were always positive and after several operations and two weeks, I ended up with a total profit (free of the bonus and my investment) of more than 30 thousand USD ... I was happy ... but what a surprise ... when I wanted to withdraw only the 1.000 USD of my initial investment ... I COULDN'T ... why? because they force you to trade 200 lots (100.000 USD per lot) in order to allow you to make withdrawals. Now, so that you understand the tricks of this company to keep your money I will explain a little. Each lot corresponds to operations that move 100.000 usd that is to say that I should operate 20 million dollars to be able to make my withdrawal ... if I operate with Bitcoin, each Bitcoin is 3.300 dollars, in short, it is almost impossible to operate so much money, That is only forcing you to operate in an impossible way to manage to move those 20 million in total ... and the more you operate trying to comply with what they require of you because you simply risk losing your money, but if we talk that this is a very psychological job in the one that all the time you could be operating in fear of extreme conditions.

    In CONCLUSION Umarkets is a legal scam with all the conditions for you to operate at a loss only in order not to return anything because surely they have no way to pay any profit ... everything must be a facade to steal your money. The license they have is on paper, they don't really regulate anything and they are in a country that could be said to be a tax haven. They are going to steal your money. If after this WARNING and all the ones that you are going to find on the internet (because you are going to find them) you decide to open an account with them, then you are very silly. And you will confirm it when you have lost your money, because you are going to lose it. UMARKETS is a scam, a real SCAM.

    Wherever they speak well of them, they must be forums or people who pay them to speak well of them, because if you investigate just a little without making much effort you will realize that there are only bad comments and you will not find anyone who speaks well from them or you may have said you were able to withdraw your money.

    • Reply

      Hello Edward, thank you very much for sharing your opinion about Umarkets, you can in that case, see the Umarkets section, Greetings.

      • Reply

        Hi Sharon, why did you mention that they can be the same?

  81. George Reply

    First of all thanks for all the instructive comments
    Some of this interesting page has information and / or experience with the Broker company called INMARKET FX.
    They have offices in Alvear, Mendoza (Argentina)
    It is not regulated by the CNMV and I do not know if that is a problem, or it may not be.
    Do you have information and / or experience with this company to know if they are trustworthy and is it regulated by a reliable organization worldwide?
    Could your program be a demo and not real operations?
    I have several acquaintances who are inside and speak well but do not have enough information to fully trust them and invest?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Reply

      Hello Jorge, thank you very much for writing to us, it is interesting what you mention, this is a NON-REGULATED company, you can read here one company review (where they mention caution). We hope it helps you, greetings.

  82. Angel Reply

    Hello Goodnight. I would like to know what I need to start being a "trader", studies or whatever is necessary, since for example I have no career made. Thanks in advance

    • Reply

      Hello Angel, very good question, because it is advisable to study, and a lot, on the internet you can find many free resources and it is not necessary to pay for anything, at least not in the beginning, surely with doing some searches on pages such as Youtube, Udemy or Google you can find free rookie courses, greetings.

  83. Sergio Cubas Reply

    EXECUTING A SCAM AND THEFT AT THE INTERNATIONAL LEVEL: hello, you have to communicate to the police, Interpol, government and finance, press and television, you are running an international scam, Cms TRADER and about 40 apps in the form of platforms are the same dog with a different necklace, it is a form of pyramidal scam, I have proof, LEVERATE AND SIRIX ARE THE ORIGIN,
    I accept an interview from any broadcast medium, press and television, 627445566. How much sooner is known before we will end these crimes, they are financed by a BIG broker, they are looking for who is behind these 40 platforms, keep in mind that many platforms are based in TAX HAVENS, the organizations of those tax havens allow it because from some On the other hand, it is necessary to engineer the scams at world levels, governments that allow these SCAMS are corrupt governments, some small islands are not an excuse for GREAT EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN GOVERNMENTS. CMSTRADER IS A DECEPTION INTENDED TO ENRICH THE ARKS OF SOMEONE ALL POWERFUL BROKER WHO IS THIS BROKER WHAT IS BEHIND THIS BARBARIE. 627445566
    Executor N * one named DAVID SÁNCHEZ.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Sergio, thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us, it would be very helpful if you indicated the web pages of these apps or platforms that you mention, greetings. If you are interested in reading opinions about CMS trader, we recommend read this section.

      • Franklin de Leon Reply

        Hello, I too, like the others, is a victim of that group of scammers, they are a group of thieves, it is so so that my supposed trader is managing my account, I asked that my money be returned and I have not received anything.

        • Reply

          Hello Franklin, thank you for sharing your experience with us, if you have worked with CMS Trader and are not satisfied, we recommend you comment on your experience in the section with CMS Trader opinions, Greetings.

    • Katia Avila C. Reply

      The GMOption Company, they scam both the employees after years of work and the clients who have deposited with said company.
      I hope they find out where they deposit the money, because they have scammed me with $ 15000, apart from recovering the money they called me to tell me that I was going to recover the money to a dollar account but I had to have $ 6000 in the account. They did not deposit me, on the contrary, they subtracted from the account that amount of money in the Bank they told me that it appeared that the money was in Prime Fx. Payments.

      • Katia Avila C. Reply

        The GMOption Company, they scam both the employees after years of work and the clients who have deposited with said company.
        I hope they find out where they deposit the money, because they have scammed me with $ 15000, apart from recovering the money they called me to tell me that I was going to recover the money to a dollar account but I had to have $ 6000 in the account. They did not deposit me, on the contrary, they subtracted from the account that amount of money in the Bank they told me that it appeared that the money was in Prime Fx. Payments. They could tell me what to do if I contact them by phone.
        I would appreciate if you give me an answer

        • Reply

          Hello Katia, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, in that case, we recommend you to relate your experience in the section on GMOption, and also if you are interested in the section on Prime FX.

          a greeting

    • Desperate Reply

      Hello Sergio, one of the 40 platforms could not be FXC MARKETS? When I started trading with FXCMARKETS I had another platform and on the platform I put Leverate-Demo then they changed it for another FXCMarkets-Main

  84. John G. Reply

    Avante FX also disappointed me, I recommend submitting your complaint to the IFSC who is the regulatory authority in Belize, today they owe me more than $ 10000 usd and they don't even answer my emails. I put the data of the authority, hopefully with the pressure of all, the authority affects and we recover the money from the accounts.

    Donovan Young ([email protected]);
    [email protected];
    [email protected]

  85. SHELL Reply

    I would like to know how CMB Capital Markets Banco merges because he calls me to work with them, I have to put 250 euros and he tells me that I will receive 300 euros per week or per month and the truth is that I have no idea of ​​the stock market, someone could say something about it I hope to answer soon a GREETING

  86. macymarco Reply

    Hello, what opinions are there of the financika platform ??? It is that they have been calling me, and I do not know well what it is about…. Did

  87. David estevez Reply

    Hello, what comment could you give me about IML (International Markets Live), I know that it is not a broker itself but what do you think about it, thank you.


    Please, can you tell me which of the brokers listed as trustworthy above serve in Spanish? Very thankful

  89. Juan Manuel Saldivar C. Reply

    Hi, what is your opinion of Stack Options? broker supposedly located in Chicago, USA

  90. Greg Reply

    Someone from Mexico who has worked with Mira Capital Market, I need to know your opinion
    Reliable forex brokers on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how would you rate this broket, considering its payment service, products, services.


    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Greg, we invite you to read our two sections on Mira Capital Markets, the section on Latin America and section on MCM SpainWith you reading the comments of the clients, I think you will get a very good idea about whether you should invest with them or not. a greeting

    • Carlos Reply

      Srs. A total scam, I withdraw my capital and profits and according to them they made the transfer and the money never arrived and they simply told me that it was not their problem

      • Reliable forex broker Reply

        Hi Carlos, it's a shame to read about your situation, I hope you can expand your experience with the broker a bit, greetings.

  91. Anderson Reply

    I am from the Dominican Republic and I have done very well with Liberted, but I am afraid to withdraw; because I don't know how much the bank will charge me….
    Can someone who is from the Dominican Republic help me?


      Hello Anderson from Dominican Republic, WHAT IS YOUR MAIL?

    • Ariel Reply

      Hi Anderson, I'm from the Dominican Republic too and I'm interested in investing in libertex. As I saw that you have gone well, I want us to communicate to know what to do and what not to do.

      My email is [email protected] write to let me know.
      Thanks in advance.

  92. Alex Reply

    More of the same, I was scammed by those from Iforex. They left me lying down, they just called me to make the deposit, then they never spoke to me again and the account was empty, just like everyone, will there be none really serious? Who to trust if there is someone who gives me faith that there is a reliable one and can contact them I would be grateful

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Alex, it is a pity that you had to experience that, if it helps you, you can read our iForex review, Greetings.

  93. COUNT Reply

    In the company GSI MARKET.COM, I spent 8 months operating and when you decide to withdraw the money they tell you that you have activated an automatic program by accident, you that you have not seen in your life do not authorize those movements, for three days without Answer you and on the fourth day they call you telling you that you are going to lose all the money (the cattle and the money you put in) and that the solution is to put more to save the account. Then you investigate a little and you realize that it is warned by the CNMV.
    Conclusion, be careful with this type of company, I lost everything when you say you want to leave.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Count, we are very sorry to hear about your situation, the truth is that, before investing, the broker should be investigated, a greeting.

      • Mario Alberto PuertaCarmona. Reply

        Scammers Capital 88, they stole USD 250 from me. When I consigned them to them after 8 days they called me and told me that if I wanted to generate more profits, I should consign another USD 3000. Shameless I do not know why the prosecution does not apply to these ateopellos.

        • Reply

          Hello Mario, it is really a pity what you mention, but we recommend you to go and comment on Capital section 88, Greetings.

  94. JULIO Reply

    Hello, they told me about YFX CAPITAL I understand that it is not registered to do operations by the CNMV, of Spain, a situation that I comment, however they told me that if they are by the NFA of the United Kingdom, in fact they showed me the regulation that they had and that they are updated to operate. They also told me that they could help me from a fraud I had with TITAN TRADE, where they scammed me $ 20,000, according to them, they can investigate the financial entity for which they operated and that they could recover part of the lost investment. As a condition, they told me that in case of recovering said amount that they would keep 50% of said recovered amount to reinvest them according to them and that to carry out the entire process would have to be registered with YFX CAPITAL with a minimum investment amount of $ 200 Dollars. How reliable is this platform? It is possible that the CNMV has a bulletin warning the public not to invest because it is not authorized and on the other hand, if it is from the NFA of the United Kingdom? What comments can you make about it? I would be grateful if you would inform me and guide me on this situation. Thanks a lot. My name is Julio Bautista and my email is [email protected]

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Julio, thank you very much for your comments about YFX Capital, the truth is that if the CNMV has issued a warning against them, it is not reliable, you can also read the section with information about YFX Capital for more information about the company, a greeting.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Manuel, it is a broker with a lot of experience although we have also found negative comments, we recommend you apply the advice that you can find in this same section, greetings.

  95. esteban Reply

    Good morning, how are you friends? I have a question, what opinions do you have of TICKMILL? I see that it is not on the list, I am a news operator and I was operating with them with a capital of 1000usd real and so far everything is fine but I do not find many references, I want to make a larger deposit but I have my doubts I was also consulting to register In IRON FX, which is a broker that allows me to trade news but I did not find very positive opinions, it is more I saw that it has problems to return the money.

  96. Ruben Reply

    My Doubt is ? How reliable is libertex? If I am supposed to make a deposit in dollars already at the time of paying, it appears a 1 but according to this I understand that 1dollar then the withdrawal of earnings would be in? Mexican pesos or dollar ????

    • ismael fontealba Reply

      dollar friend. I am in libertex.
      That is why you have to have your checking account so that when you ask to withdraw your money, because you are earning in dollars, they send the dollars to your bank and your bank receives them and passes them on to you in your national currency.
      I'm from chile.
      Note that banks charge you an interest according to the tranche for receiving money from outside.
      from 25 dollars forward.
      therefore it is not convenient for you to remove from libertex or where you are. take out 30 dollars
      because surely your bank will charge you 25 to receive your money.

      I hope it serves you.

  97. Maik Cr Reply

    I would like to know what you think of etoro? Has anyone had results with this broker?

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Maik, we have not found many negative comments about Etoro, and it is a broker with a long history, although we recommend that you read this same section with tips to choose a reliable broker. A greeting.

  98. franc Reply

    Dear, good day, I see that you take the trouble to answer each and every one of the questions that you are asked, I congratulate you. Of course I have my question if it's not a bother. They just called me from the broker FXMarker (it was an apparently Spanish person). They told me that they gave me personalized training and through their page to start investing as I learn. Of course this requires effort on their part so I have to open an account with a minimum of $ 100. I do not see this broker in the list of "trusted", do you have any opinion regarding FXMarker? Thank you so much.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Franco, we do have a FXMarker section that we recommend you read, and read this same section with tips to analyze it for yourself, it is a broker, although regulated, with Belizean regulation, so we recommend taking it carefully, and if you can (and finally decide to invest with them), go telling us how you are doing with the broker to help people who want advice on the company, greetings.

      • mary jinnette Reply


        Yesterday they took my data and the transfer was made to his bank, I told him the same day that I no longer want to participate in order to get my money back, so he tells me that I have to sign a document so that I can prove that it is my card What is this, it is assumed that with my identity copy plus the rest that he asked me is enough, and this document is an authorization that I authorized to pay the US $ 250 dollars, I don't even know how this works, I am not interested, I just want myself refund my money.

        • admin Reply

          Hello María Jinnette, can you tell us the website or name of the broker? a greeting

  99. gabriel porres Reply

    Any opinion or reference of what a good option is to acquire the imarketslive robbery ???

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Gabriel, we never recommend robots or automated systems.Can you tell us how you came to find them? a greeting

  100. elvis Reply

    Good morning I would like to know about 1000 extra, if you have knowledge about this operator

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Elvis, doing a quick check on the internet, we have found mostly negative comments about the 1000Extra broker, you can check here, for example, one of the websites that we have found, a greeting.

    • Joseph Reply

      Hello Elvis, Do not trust this broker, they are scammers. Once you deposit they never return the investment and they will convince you to invest more and more.

  101. VICTOR Reply


    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Victor, thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us, greetings.

  102. Diego Gómez Reply

    Hi. I want to tell you my story. I traded with AvanteFx, I started with 500 US, and it went well at the beginning, managing to make more than double, however I did not withdraw but believing that I had already learned, because I continued trading, but I began to lose money, when the account was in about 700 US, the advisor (who is extremely kind) put a little pressure on them to lend me 2000 US, so that I could have margin to recover the trades that were at a loss (but had not closed them). I did it and I really recovered some of what I lost, paying the money they had loaned me out of my pocket. However, and I admit that it was due to my bad operations, the account went up and down until it was again in a very critical situation, in that case they suggested that they would lend me 3000US, and that thanks to an extraordinary movement that would be in a few days could recover. This did not happen, and on the contrary, the account remained critical. I must say that at that time I had earned more than 15000 US, but the operations at losses were of a similar value, so the balance was below the loans that I had made, but that money I never paid it, finally they loaned me 5000 US more and after some bad trades the account finally crashed and was closed. The nice guy calls me very sad the next day and warns me that I owe them that money anyway. I told him that I had checked with some of my lawyers and that they recommended that I not pay anything (it was not true), and that also my financial situation did not allow me to cancel them, since I was still paying the 2500 US that I did pay from my credit cards. credit (which is true !!). They have not called me again, but I have this feeling: I think my money was never deposited in a real account, but a demo, so that if I had won they would have delayed my payment, on the other hand if I lost, because they stay with my money and that's it. Why do I think like this? Well, because I can't believe that if I owe them 8000US they are going to be so excited and they won't charge me or anything. Has anyone on the forum managed to get paid a considerable amount of money from a broker? Thanks for reading me!

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Diego, of course it is possible for a broker to pay this amount, but it has to be a reliable broker, a good one, and there are good and bad brokers, we are then like you, waiting for other traders who have been with Avante FX . Meanwhile, we are already doing the section where we will analyze the Avante FX broker, in a few days it will be ready. a greeting

  103. Fernando Vega Reply

    Good morning, for Colombia which operator is good? thank you.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Fernando, in this same section you can read the tips to be able to choose a reliable forex broker, greetings.

  104. Christian Reply

    What is the broker that charges the least commission for withdrawals? And which is the lowest bank in commissions for Peru? Some very reliable broker to start investing? Cheers

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Christian, in this same section you can read the tips to follow to select a broker, greetings.

      • S.THOM Reply


  105. brick Reply

    Someone has information about fxcmarkets about reliability, I have requested several withdrawals of profits and even total capital because their customer service leaves much to be desired, and I still have not received any deposit.

    • Jhonny Reply

      Greetings to all, it is important to know about the broker with which you are going to make investments, for my part I started yesterday with real money in the Libertex broker, well I have had a bit of complications but it is understandable I only have two days on this, But I comment that a Libertex advisor called me by phone and gave me certain suggestions that have helped me, additionally, I have not tried the cash withdrawal, I hope to earn a considerable sum to be able to do it but I inform them to discuss this issue with the advisor and He indicated that there is no problem with the withdrawal of your money and he also informed me that it is 17 dollars for the amount you withdraw is 100,1000 or 10,000 dollars, the truth is I see it well but I found out in my bank and for the international transaction they charge me 37.50 I mean, my bank charges me more so I recommend you find out how much your bank charges you for that transaction since it is an international transaction. When I make some money I will proceed to withdraw it and I will tell you how it went. It's nice to have these places to make these comments.

      • Reliable forex broker Reply

        Hello Jhonny, thank you very much for sharing your experience with the broker, and for the suggestions, best regards.

    • zenair Reply

      I invested € 12650 in FXCMarkets soon after I realized that something was wrong and I asked to cancel the account and have my money returned, there was no way. Today at last a refund of € 1000 appears in my account but it has not yet reached the bank until I see it, I will not believe it and I continue to insist that they close the account and return what is left of my investment that I think is manipulated, I hope Make a mistake and get something back, but Ladry believe that we have both lost the money, if they return it to me, I will come back here to rectify it.
      Does anyone know of a law firm to guide me in filing the complaint?

      • Reliable forex broker Reply

        Hello Zenair, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.

      • Francisco Torres Reply

        they have no regulation, that money was lost. There are thousands of brokers and they go and choose the scam

  106. Carlos Reply

    Are there semi-managed accounts with a broker that is not a scammer? Or is it just a product made in scam? THANKS

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Carlos, if there are semi-managed accounts to trust, following our advice that we give here, you should be able to reach a broker that owns them ...

      a greeting

  107. Hugo Arias Reply

    Hello thanks for the opinions, for now I am investing with ig, but I will comment on you in the future ... but ps for now I saw super good.


    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience Hugo, greetings.

  108. 01001001 Reply

    Hello, how do you think about the broker ag markets ??? are they legit? ' Cheers

  109. Jonah A. Reply

    Hello everyone, what do you tell me about this TurboForex? is it to trust? They've been calling me

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello GastonRocha, very soon we will do a review of Lima Forex.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Thank you very much for your opinion Jose.

  110. peddrp Reply

    Better is turboforex if you want to lose all the money

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Thank you very much for commenting on your opinion peddrp.

  111. albert g Reply

    Hello, this is also very good to see opinions of forexpeacearmy brokers .com / only that it is in English

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Albert g, yes, we also know that site, and it is highly recommended. Thanks for your comment.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hi Juan, we will gladly make our next review about LiteForex. We will send you an email to your email account when our review is finished 😉.

      • Pedro Fonseca Reply

        Hello I have problems withdraw my money from my account and it has been 20 days still and I have not received the deposit read I ask you to please help me I need the money

        • Reliable forex broker Reply

          Hi Pedro, can you tell us a little more about your experience, and above all, with which broker have you had this problem?

          • pedro

            with libertex, it has been many days and my money has not arrived, I feel cheated, honestly I do not recommend libertex

        • Reliable forex broker Reply

          Hello Pedro, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, we recommend you contact Libertex support and ask for the withdrawal, greetings.

  112. maickol Reply

    I was working with tradersway and sincerely I did not go well, bad attention, extremely high commissions, they did not have some investment pairs available and others, in the end I ended up working with XM, an excellent broker, it is regulated, available in different languages ​​among those Spanish, very good customer service and fast, also something that I like a lot is that they have an App for your cell where you can make withdrawals or deposit, or simply view your account, I really recommend it! And it works on MT4.

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Thank you very much for sharing your Maickol experience, we will take it into account when evaluating these brokers.

      • Gladis Reply

        I would like to invest in this type of business,
        can you help me verify the legality of the MX broker suggested by Maickol

        • Reply

          Hello Gladis, can you tell us the website of the company?

          A greeting.

          • Moral deivid

            I entered Capital 88 and what I got was a great disappointment. After following the indications of an advisor who recommended me, I lost everything even though it was around 3000 dollars that inberti talbes for that advisor was nothing because he told me that I was poor and that he was a millionaire. I don't believe in capital88


            Hello Deivid, thank you for sharing your experience with Capital 88 with us, do you remember how you came to find this company in the first place?
            A greeting.

    • Gladis Reply

      Good afternoon Maickol,

      Thank you very much for sharing the information.
      How can I confirm the veracity of MX information.
      I'm in colombia.

  113. Viking Reply

    Regulators do not have the legal capacity to try to get a broker to refund money to a client who feels scammed by that broker, at most they conduct research and warnings and recommendations
    Visit this facebook page and read the publications that are published on it: facebook .com / lawyerfoundation /? Fref = ts

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Thank you very much for the VIKING comment, we will take it into account.

    • ST Reply


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